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Author's profile photo Simon Lyng

Link datasources in the model in SAP Analytics Cloud

When you build a story, and base your story on 2 datasources, you can link the datasources directly in the story.

But in order to ensure that the link is done properly, if by example regular business users are to use the models oftenly, you can actually do the link directly in the model, so the users do not know that tha data is coming from different datasources.


Start by creating a model on one of the datasources, and press the button “Combine Data” when you want to add the extra datasource:Model

Once the new datasource has been added, you have to link the dimensions in the datasources:

Now the datasources are linked, and it now looks like it is only one datasource, when you see it in the modeler:

owever, you are able to see the datasources, in the Data Management view:

Now the users are able to use the model, as if it was a single datasource:



This is very useful when working with datasources, that need to be linked in order to obtain the correct business insigth. Especially when working with SAP SuccessFactors or other Cloud datasources where data is not available in a query from the backend, but rather organized in different tables.

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      Author's profile photo Sandeep Neelam
      Sandeep Neelam

      Thanks Simon.

      I don't see this option in the current version. Is this planned for Q4 2021 release?



      Best Regards


      Author's profile photo Simon Lyng
      Simon Lyng
      Blog Post Author

      No, it is working in the current version 😀 As you see in my screenshots 😀 I will post a video very shortly, to show you how this is done 😀

      Author's profile photo Sayed Zubair D
      Sayed Zubair D

      Hi Simon Lyng ,

      Something similar I was looking for.

      Once we have the blending done in Quality tenant built on Qual DB , when me move to Prd then how can we repoint this to the Prd DB?

      Have raised a similar questions for this, any suggestions would be helpful.

      Thank You


      Sayed Zubair

      Author's profile photo Anita Dhale
      Anita Dhale

      I couldnt do it my existing model but  only  when i tried creating  classic model ( i have tried only with excel based model)

      Author's profile photo Anita Dhale
      Anita Dhale

      Hello Simon,

      Many thanks for this Blog, really very well written. I tried using this  and was able to create a model with  two   excel files  and combine the dimensions at model level. However, i had to upload the data again and then  there was no option to combine the two excel files .

      do we have to the prepare a single source with dimensions and measures from both excel and then use that as  source while importing  data again?



      Author's profile photo Simon Lyng
      Simon Lyng
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Anita

      You are not able to refresh a model with new data, if the model is based on Excel-sheets. You will have to connect to eg. SAP BW or other source systems.

      However it is possible to upload you Excel-sheet into Google.Drive, and base your model on Google-sheet - Then you are also able to refresh your story, read about it here:



      Simon Lyng


      Author's profile photo Martin Kunzmann
      Martin Kunzmann

      Hi Simon,

      thanks a lot for your blog.

      I used this functionality often in the classic model to combine f.e. Success Factor Data with SQL Data.

      But now moving more and more to the new model, I do not find the combine functionality in the new model? Will this come in future or is it somehow hidden?


      Kind regards,


      Author's profile photo Lennart Bischoff
      Lennart Bischoff

      Dear Simon,

      Thanks for this. I used to link models via the story linking different dimensions, but your solution is way more elegant. However, I also would be curious how to use this functionality for the new model type.

      Also I recently had the case where I was trying to combine two models in a story but got this error message. I was also using two models based on the new model type. Are there any further restriction that I am not aware of when linking models? Or do you see any other explanation?

      Thanks for your feedback.

      Best regard,


      Author's profile photo Sergius Dosch
      Sergius Dosch

      Hi Simon, thanks for sharing that function. It seems for this demo you used the classic model.
      ​Do you know if this function to combine data would also be available within the new model?
      If yes, in which release?