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SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation 2.0​ What’s new 2108 ​-Upcoming Release

Hello Community, 

With the SAP Intelligent RPA 2108 release available, this blog post will highlight some of the new release features available for you.

You’ll discover the new exciting Cloud updates including the execution performance improvements on SAP Web GUI, some new automation editor productivity improvements, the redesign of the look and feel of some sections in cloud factory and many more cloud functionalities.

Finally, we’ll finish with the SDK Packages updates including the new activity lifecycle, as well as updates in our EXCEL sdk package and new activities for SAP UI5 connectors and web connectors.

Release Agenda – What’s new 2108

Cloud Components

Cloud Studio

  • Execution performance improvements for SAP Web GUI
  • Automation editor improvements
  • Range criteria restriction in Web application
  • Date pickers in User task editor

Cloud Factory

  • Cloud Factory tabs UX improvements
  • Agent Group mass registration updates
  • Trigger expiration management

SDK packages

  • Updated activities’ lifecycle
  • Improved Excel SDK
  • New activities for web connectors
  • UI5 file uploader activity

Cloud Components 

In our Cloud Studio, you can easily build automations with a low-code/no-code approach. To further enhance this capabilities, we’ve done the following…

Improved execution performance on SAP Web GUI

Test and run SAP Web GUI recorded automations in batch mode to run faster execution and improve performance

Automation editor productivity improvements

In continuation with the Automation editor improvements we’ve implemented in the previous releases, we have now 3 new updates.

  1. You can now annotate any step of the automation by writing some comments in the advanced panel of the parameters of each step of an automation.
  2. You can now quickly create sub automations by extracting steps from an existing automation to create a new sub automation

Finally, another improvements is the duplication of automation steps between automation artifacts whether you want to duplicate a step in an other automation inside the same project or across other projects. This is done by using the copy / paste feature between the automations.

Range criteria restriction in Web Application capture

  • Replaced the ‘range’ criteria for collection element declarations on web captures with the ‘nth child tag’ criteria
  • Previous captures using this range property will now have an error message to indicate you should change the element declaration

Date pickers in Cloud Studio User Task editor

Add Date, Time and Date Time pickers components when designing your user task and bind the I/O when using them in your automations

Simplified agent group and environment management

Converted Agent Group and Environment overview tables in Cloud Factory for better user experience :

  • Better visual harmony and structure
  • Easily find information
  • Search and sort results on columns

Facilitate agent management in Cloud Factory

Improved overall look and feel when managing the agent overview section :

  • Multi select agents to facilitate actions on a large number of selected agents
  • Color coded statuses
  • Owner property displayed

Agent Group mass registration updates

  • Create a registration to generate a token from the cloud factory and target specific agents and agent groups for job distributions
  • Edit properties of an existing registration including the name and the target agent group selected

Trigger expiration updates in Cloud Factory

  • If a trigger has been expired for too long, the trigger expiration date can be exceeded and the notifier Expired event will not be supported anymore
  • Capped expiration date of a trigger to a maximum of 30 days when creating new triggers

SDK Improvements

Introduction to new SDK Activities’ lifecycle

Prepare for the upcoming status of activities following the new activities’ lifecycle and visible in the tools panel according to the filtering

Excel activities improvements

New activity for web connectors

Select an element in a list or in a combo by its text

  • New for web page elements but already available in other technologies
  • Available using Get selected and Select element activities

File uploader activity in automations on UI5 screens

  • In SAP UI5 captures, the Browse File button doesn’t support the SAPUI5 click method call
  • New activity added to browse file from file system and is available in both V1 and V2​.


Public Store

235 Bots in on our Public Store including new 2.0 content


Thank you and stay tuned, the release of this version will happen very soon ! 

What’s New  

What’s New 

To learn more about other SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation enhancements, please refer to the What’s New page. 


For more information on SAP Intelligent RPA 

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      Author's profile photo Taseeb Saeed
      Taseeb Saeed

      Thanks for sharing.



      Taseeb Saeed

      Author's profile photo Carina Sorrocher
      Carina Sorrocher

      Hi Rosa,
      Thanks for the information!

      What are the steps to deploy the new 2108 Upcoming Release?
      Should we something be run from the Business Technology Platform, or IRPA Factory?

      Best, Carina

      Author's profile photo Thierry GOURDIN
      Thierry GOURDIN

      Hi Carina,

      You can subscribe to IRPA through BTP platform, please follow this link.

      If you have already subscribed, your IRPA tenant is automatically updated (Factory, Cloud Studio). It will remain up to you to update your automation projects with new SDK and install manually the new version of Desktop Agent on your machine performing the automations (online documentation)