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Process Management API — Branch Content timeout


BranchContent represents a “Read API” to the branch elements. BranchContent is modeled as a media resource which exports the binary data in the internal JSON file format containing branch elements. Usually if the whole Brach is very large, a response with timeout will be expected. The purpose of this article is to show the solutions.



1)  Increase the timeout setting.

see step 1 in 2527822 – Troubleshooting for SAP Enable Now – Solution Manager Sync.


2) Using scope. The API has scope as input parameter.

Create a few scopes in the Solution Documentation UI and assign them with different node structures.


3) Use the filter option mentioned in 2715447 – Filter options in Process Management API.

Property CategoryId supporting query option $filter to enable clients to optimize requests.


4) BranchContentImporterSet takes too much time.

If you have many Scopes defined which are used in the Test Suite, then the Test Suite notification BADI checks if the new created element are part of test plans scope. If many scopes exists, this leads to a performance issue.

see 3114855 – Creation of SOLDOC element is slow



As the branch content may grow with time, it is strongly recommended to use a combination 2) and 3).

An example could be

lt_ScopeSet = SolutionSet(‘SolutionId’)/ScopeSet
loop lt_ScopeSet into scope
BranchContentSet(ScopeId = scope) ?$filter=CategoryId eq ‘EXECUTABLES’
BranchContentSet(ScopeId = scope) ?$filter=CategoryId eq TESTCASES’


Please share your feedback with these solutions so that the behavior can be improved further.

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