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Author's profile photo shailesh mishra

Sending HU information to S/4 Delivery after Packing from SAP EWM- A workaround Solution


When you are building solution to integrate SAP EWM, ECC with a third party shipping and planning system, it is imperative to send Handling units information just after packing much prior to GI for shipment planning, and generating tracking number from third party system, example XPS shipping system.

Also, lot of customers have requirements to have HU packing information directly to be sent to S/4 after packaging is completed or after loading confirmation.

Though SAP triggers PPF after GI /SCWM/MSG_PRD_SEND, there are some standard workaround to trigger this PPF after packing or after loading completion.


Step 1:There is a setting in process profile for Final delivery, activate it.

This setting supports a handling unit (HU) update to Logistics Execution (LE) when the outbound delivery is created from EWM and HU information or changes are directly sent to ECC when OD is created by pushing IBGI message. 


Step 2: Create OD after delivery is picked and Packed or loading is completed


OD is created


Step 4: Push IBGI message from FD.


Step 6: Check ODO status and PPF which is triggered.



Note: IBGI triggered PPF which sent HU information to ECC.( Transparent table /SPE/IBGI_IND, /SPE/HU_UPDATE) prior to Goods Issue


Step 7: Check S/4 delivery, HU information is sent to S/4 for parcel tracking.

HUs are updated in S/4 without Goods Issue.


Delivery Status-


Note: No IBGI additional settings are required, just the document type activation in EWM if this embedded version. In decentral version on S/4 HANA, the setting of IBGI is by default on, no other settings are required. Just HU update in process profile of FD.

Delivery items will have no IBGI indicator’s, it just we are pushing PPF with IBGI after packing or loading completion.


Hope you liked it.

All testing is performed S/4 HANA 2020 Embedded EWM sandbox system


2914912 – PPF /SCWM/FDO_MSG_SEND not triggered



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      Author's profile photo Adi Mogilevsky
      Adi Mogilevsky

      How could you know the inventory of the packaging materials, which are part of HU? If you have returnable pallets and they part of the HU, how will you know how many are available and how many are on the way to customers?

      Author's profile photo Ganesh Navale
      Ganesh Navale

      Hello Shailesh,


      HU Update & Qty. Update option not available in SAP 1909. Is there any note or Function code or Business Function available to activate this configuration check?


      Process Profile


      Author's profile photo Nitin Shukla
      Nitin Shukla

      I have the same issue. Did you ever find a solution for this on 1909?

      Author's profile photo Manuel Grämer
      Manuel Grämer


      thanks for the explanation.

      Do you also have a solution that triggers this PPF automatically?
      E.g. after packing on /SCWM/PACK is complete (Button HU Step complete)?

      Regards, Manuel Grämer

      Author's profile photo Nitin Shukla
      Nitin Shukla

      Hello Manuel!

      Did you find a way to trigger this PPF automatically?

      Author's profile photo Manuel Grämer
      Manuel Grämer

      Hi Nitin,

      we implemented an own logic in the BAdI /SCWM/EX_WRKC_UI_AFTER_SAVE. We check if all HUs of the deliveries are closed and then create the FDO, which then triggers the HU transfer to ERP automatically (with the mentioned customizing).

      I was hoping that this Z-logic would not be necessary with new S/4 functions.

      I got the information from SAP that with S/42022 FPS1 (Q1 2023) there will be a new option in /SCWM/MON to set a new status "Ready for Shipping", which will then trigger the HU transfer without generating an FDO. But with our current release (S/42022 FPS0) this function is only usable with Advanced Shipping and Receiving, so I was not able to verify if it will work. Need to wait until our system is upgraded to FPS1.

      Regards, Manuel

      Author's profile photo Kevin Easaw
      Kevin Easaw

      Hello Shailesh,

      Good day !!

      Will this HU update will pass Expire date (VFDAT)  as well and in standard goods issue we are not receiving VFDAT against HUs.

      Author's profile photo Wojciech Walczak
      Wojciech Walczak

      We managed this by executing z function module to create a message with all neccessary data EWM->ERP.


      How did you handle VEKP-EXIDV -> does it get unique number range?