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What Is SAP Mobile Start?

Let’s have a closer look at the key features, business benefits, and technical details of SAP’s new native entry point.  

Mobile is becoming the predominant workstyle across industries. Spanning all generations, professionals use their smart mobile devices to stay up to date, on top of business activities, and ahead of their competition by being able to take actions immediately on the go. In order to do so, business content and tasks need to be accessible easily and intuitively in one place – no matter where they are or what time of the day it is. The user experience needs to feel personal, relevant, and frictionless across all devices – just like you would expect it from using apps in your private life.

With SAP Mobile Start, we launch a new native mobile application for all SAP users that addresses those needs, tailored to your tasks and workstyle.

Let’s dive a little deeper into four of the features:

  • Never miss a business critical situation: Native notifications and business widgets
    Be up to date on latest information from your business systems, to ensure that you do not miss any important task and to enable you to directly take action – anywhere and anytime. SAP Mobile Start supports you with native notifications and business widgets right on your phone’s home screen. You decide on how many and which widgets you prefer. SAP Mobile Start leverages the SAP BTP notification service (part of SAP Launchpad service) that can federate notifications from various solutions, so that they can be presented to you in one uniform list.
  • Find your apps immediately: Native Device Search
    Instead of spending time on searching for the right app, SAP Mobile Start allows you to even search and open your native and web-based SAP apps directly through the native device search, such as the Apple Spotlight Search. It indexes your web-optimized apps and then leverages to device search capabilities.
  • Get the app you need right away: Most important apps and content at your fingertips
    On the start screen, you can see your latest notifications, monitoring tile updates, and news feeds. SAP Mobile Start promotes apps that might be relevant for you, based on your usage patterns. The idea of this first screen is to provide you with the apps and content you require most, so that you have easy access to your most important business needs.
  • Get all your business in your pocket: Application screen
    In case you need access to further apps, you get a full list of your apps on the application screen. This screen presents all your relevant native, but also web-optimized app like SAP Fiori apps, news feeds and web links to you. Also, apps from your app catalog can be searched and started right from the in-app search. This easy and performant access to mobile apps allows you to spend your time on getting your important work done in an efficient way, instead of spending time on searching for the right content. By providing relevant news feeds to you, your company can help you to stay up to date regarding your company, industry, or business domain.

Architecture wise, SAP Mobile Start leverages SAP Business Technology Platform services.

On the server-side SAP Mobile Start integrates with SAP Mobile Services, SAP Launchpad service, and SAP BTP notification service.

  • SAP Mobile Services acts as the single https endpoint and is used as authentication and routing server.
  • SAP Launchpad service is the strategic entry point for web-based applications provided by SAP’s product technology stacks (SAP S/4HANA, SAP SuccessFactors, SAP Concur, etc.).
  • SAP BTP notification service exposes enterprise notifications from SAP products like SAP S/4HANA on sites available via SAP Launchpad service.

SAP Mobile Start retrieves most required data from the SAP Launchpad service, like the federated business application metadata for the user, which contains all relevant information for the client, including the list of applications for the user.

Customer IT administrators can choose to either federate content from various backend or to create it manually in the SAP Launchpad service site manager. Native applications can easily be added and assigned to the relevant role. Content is presented in SAP Mobile Start with so-called tiles. A tile has as minimum a title but can also have subtitles, a count number, and an icon. SAP Mobile Start Version 1.0 supports basic launch tiles, monitoring tiles, news feed tiles and native tiles.

Finally, let’s have a quick look how you can get SAP Mobile Start. SAP Mobile Start is provisioned automatically with the SAP Launchpad service. All SAP Launchpad service customers can use SAP Mobile Start immediately as of now. With the SAP Mobile Start toggle in the SAP Launchpad service site manager, it can be disabled/ enabled. To onboard your mobile device to SAP Mobile Start, you just download the app from the Apple App Store and scan a registration barcode from your SAP Launchpad service settings and you will be guided through a simple three-step on boarding process what only should not take longer than a minute.

Now, you can use SAP Mobile Start and enjoy the SAP’s universe on your mobile device.

SAP Mobile Start version 1.0 is available for iOS iPhone and iPad as of September 2021. An Android version is planned. You can download the app from the Apple App Store and explore it with the build-in demo mode.

Post your questions or feedback about SAP Mobile Start in the Q&A area. Start by visiting your SAP Mobile Applications community page and click “follow”. We’ll be publishing more informative blog posts. Want to be notified? Check your profile settings to ensure you have your settings activated.

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      Author's profile photo Jeroen Vanattenhoven
      Jeroen Vanattenhoven

      Thanks for the information. Look very promising.

      As a customer, do you need the SAP BTP Launchpad service, or can you also use SAP Mobile Start just with an on-premise FLP (S4).

      Author's profile photo Murali Shanmugham
      Murali Shanmugham

      Hi Jeroen, SAP Mobile Start requires subscription to SAP BTP Launchpad service. This is documented in the System Prerequisites of the SAP Help documentation.