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Author's profile photo Reinhard Ernesto Herbst

Integration ByDesign and Digital Payments

This blog describes how SAP Digital Payments add-on integrates payment service providers to SAP Business ByDesign.


Please read this note to avoid confusions.

SAP Business ByDesign has been supporting point-point integration with very few payment service providers until now. This will be replaced by the SAP Digital Payments add-on which provides a central add-on, supporting multiple payment service providers out of the box, granting more flexibility and choice. Also, as SAP Digital Payments is integrated with many SAP products, there is only one central integration with the payment service provider.

Setting-up point-to-point integration with Computop will not be possible with the deprecation from the February 2023 release of SAP Business ByDesign.

However, for customers productively using the Computop integration there will be no changes. They will still be able to use the scenario and accept credit card payments via Computop point-point integration.


With the integration between SAP Business ByDesign and SAP Digital Payments add-on ByDesign will be able to support out of the box the connection to a bunch of payment service providers.

So far, ByDesign did support only point-point integration with very few service providers. With SAP Digital Payments add-on SAP offers a central add-on supporting many different payment service providers out of the box.

For more details concerning SAP Digital Payments add-on please use this link. Here you will find more details as well as links to the official product page, product videos, the SAP Help Documentation and more.

In addition to this blog you can also take a look into this video

To use the Digital Payments add-on, you need to subscribe Digital Payment first.

To make the integration work and for being able to register credit cards, perform authorizations and settlements you need to do the following steps:

  1. Configuration of your Digital Payment Add-on
  2. Business Configuration (Scoping and fine tuning in ByDesign)
  3. Creation of the Master Data in ByD (Clearing House, Clearing House Accounts)


Configuration Digital Payment

Please refer to the Digital Payment Help Documentation

Business Configuration

  1. In business configuration you need to scope the Integration with Digital Payments Add-on. Only then you will be able to access the configuration tasks.
  2. In the business configuration work center go to the activity list and then fine tuning.
  3. Search for activity Integration with SAP Digital Payments Add-on.
  4. Select DIGITAL_PAYMENT and click on Register Client.
  5. Enter the OAUTH Client Credentials. You get them from the Service Key in your BTP Account. You need the Client ID, the Authentication Server URL and the API Server URL.Mapping
    Key Server Field              ByD OAUTH Client Settings

    Clientid                              Client ID
    clientsecret                        Client Secret
    url                                      Authetication Server URL
    uri                                      API Server URL

Master Data in ByDesign

  1. Create your Clearing House. Go to Work Center Liquidity Management, Work Center View Clearing Houses
  2. Create your Clearing House Accounts. Go to Work Center Liquidity Management, Work Center View Clearing House Accounts. The Clearing House Account contains the Merchant-ID you get from your payment service provider.


Transactional Data

You can now start registering credit cards for your customers and performing authorizations, Settlements and fetching clearing house statements.

How to handle transactional data does not really change with the integration of Digital Payment. It stays the same as it is handled with the point to point integration.

Only difference is we can now automate the fetching of the clearing house statements. For this we do have a new run called Digital Payment Advice Run.




Registration of Credit Cards

While maintaining your accounts you will see the button “Register with Digital Payment”.

A window will pop-up. Here you need to enter for which company and which clearing house account you would like to register the credit card. The field Custom Parameter refers to the merchant-ID you would like to use.

After clicking “ok” you will be routed to the credit card registration screen (service) from your payment service provider. In ByDesign we do not store any credit card numbers. The payment service provider will provide ByD with a token. The token is an encrypted credit card ID.


Authorization for sales orders and manual customer invoices

  1. In the sales order click select the payment method credit card.
  2. Select a credit card
  3. Click on Check Authorization
    The authorization status will change from pending to authorized.

The same steps you can use for a manual customer invoice.


Settlement (capturing) of credit card transactions

There are 2 ways to settle credit card transactions.

  1. The Credit Card Settlement Run
  2. Manual Credit Card Settlement

With the Credit Card Settlement Run you can automate the settlement of credit card transaction. You can access the Credit Card Settlement Runs subview from the Payment Management work center under Periodic Tasks.

From the Account Monitor you can manually trigger a settlement for a credit card transaction.

  1. Go to Work center Account Receivables
  2. Go to Work Center View Customer Accounts and select an account
  3. Select an open item and click on Pay Manually by credit card
  4. Click on Post.
  5. In Work Center Payment Management select the work Center View Payment Monitor.
    Here you should be able to find the settlement transaction (payment transaction) for the open item you have selected in step 3.
    Click on Settle.

    The status of the payment transaction will change from Ready for Transfer into In Transfer.


Fetching Clearing House Statements

You can access the Digital Payment Advice Run in Work Center Payment Management under Work Center View Periodic Tasks.

With this run you can periodically fetch clearing house statement transactions from your payment service provider via Digital Payment.

You can then view the clearing house statements in Work Center Payment Management under Work Center View Clearing House Statements.


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      Author's profile photo Alex urieli
      Alex urieli

      Hello Reinhard,


      Thanks for the helpful information.
      In video I saw a short list  of payment service providers - Is it the full list?
      If not - could you please update about full list?

      In addition - we work with customer in the Far East and we would be happy to connect to SDP Payment service providers  from that area.

      What is the best way to promote their connection to the service?



      Alex Urieli


      Author's profile photo Reinhard Ernesto Herbst
      Reinhard Ernesto Herbst
      Blog Post Author

      Hello Alex,

      I saw that you are already in contact with Martin trough this blog. This is the right source for questions related to Digital Payment itself. Also if you are looking for PSP that are not yet integrating with Digital Payment.



      Author's profile photo Alex urieli
      Alex urieli

      Thanks, I will follow their



      Author's profile photo Jayasankar Goud
      Jayasankar Goud

      Hi Reinhard,

      Good Day!!

      Could you please guide me how to send data via RFC from S4HANA On-Premise to BTP. We completed the DigitalPayment configuration in BTP and are attempting to create an RFC destination to obtain an OAUTH token (Prefix: /oauth/token) and the RFC connectivity is failing, as well as am confused what host details are required to create a second RFC. In the first RFC call, we used the clientid and Clientsecret to call the URI:

      I am successfully receiving an OAUTH token via Postman (using the URI: type=client credentials), but I am not receiving the next step in postman.

      Could you please show me how to set up this connection... Please help me. Thank you for your help in advance. If you have any documents, could you please share them with me (


      Thanks & Regards,




      Author's profile photo Sagar Surve
      Sagar Surve

      Hello Reinhard,

      I really appreciate the blog as it provides the exact information from an implementation consultant point of view. As Alex has mentioned, we are also looking to use the addon for the customer based in the UK. They are currently considering using as the PSP, and it will be great to know if we can promote the digital payment addon functionality to the customer? Also, I am eagerly waiting for the following videos in this series as mentioned by you, any expected release date for the new videos?




      Author's profile photo Reinhard Ernesto Herbst
      Reinhard Ernesto Herbst
      Blog Post Author

      Hello Sagar,

      this is the official blog from my colleagues form Digital Payment Add-on. On the top of the blog you can see a picture showing PSPs already integrated with Digital Payment. In your case the first step would be to integrate with Digital Payment. Once it is integrated with Digital Payment it works for ByDesign as well. I would recommend to get in touch with my colleagues of Digital Payment via the official blog. Maybe they are already in contact with I will anyways contact them from my side and make them aware of your query.

      I hope this helps. Let me know.


      Author's profile photo Sagar Surve
      Sagar Surve

      Hello Reinhard,

      Thanks for your kind response. I have sent my query on the official blog post suggested by yourself in your comments and I did get a response and now waiting for the response from the right SAP contact to speed up the process of using the DPA feature.



      Author's profile photo Sean Barbera
      Sean Barbera

      Hello Reinhard


      Could you let me know who could provide the most up-to-date list of payment processors and gateways integrated through the add-on?

      Would you be the best point of contact to understand the details of how the add-on integrates with SAP Business ByDesign?

      Thank you in advance