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SAP Profitability and Performance Management Cloud: Subscription & Decommission

Hi Everyone,

Recenly I posted a blog about SAP Profitability and Performance Management going into Cloud – SAP PaPM Cloud; and now I am back to answer the question…..

How to Subscribe and unsubscribe to SAP PaPM Cloud?

I will try to answer this question as straight forward as possible but will also try my best to give our technical readers some hints and side information in a form of official SAP Help URLs to avoid that we get fully derailed of our topics.

Together with the intention to guide you, I wish to be clear that the next steps below should never be used as a replacement to the official SAP help documentation. I still encourage you to visit the administration guide of the application you want to subscribe on — in this case SAP PaPM Cloud to ensure that the steps you are performing follow the latest and up to date process.


Let us start!




SAP Profitability and Performance Management Cloud is based on SAP Business Technology Platform ‘s environment called Cloud Foundry Environment under Feature Set B. This means that in order for your company to fully subscribe to SAP PaPM Cloud, your company will need to take into consideration some prerequisites wrapped around the Account Model of SAP BTP.

To summarize all the links and pages I have read, below are the steps that I then follow and remember:


1. Purchase a Customer Account or Join the Partner Program

Global (Enterprise) Account is split into two types such as 1) Customer Account where you can host your productive applications with 24×7 support in the cloud and 2) Partner Account where your company is then certified by SAP to be an official SAP Partner.

Once your Global Account is ready, you may then proceed with the next subscription step – Subaccount Creation.

Note: SAP PaPM Cloud Application is only available to be subscribed on in NON-TRIAL Global Account. 


2. Create a Subaccount (Feature Set B)

Under your Global Account, it is mandatory to create a subaccount or sometimes called Software as a Service tenant using the BTP Cockpit for Regions EU10 and US10 for AWS, and Regions EU20 and US21 for Azure where SAP PaPM Cloud is available.

You have to be mindful that SAP PaPM Cloud is part of Feature Set B, so in the official documentation (SAP Guide) you will need to follow through the steps considering Feature Set B.

Here’s a snapshot of a Subaccount creation under a specific Global Account

Subaccount creation is pretty easy, isn’t it? Let us move to the next part….


3. Double Check Entitlements

Under the Subaccount’s entitlement, it is important to ensure that you see SAP Profitability and Performance Management Cloud as a Service. As stated in the help documentation of Entitlement and Quotas , Entitlement is your right to provision and consume a resource. In case the subaccount created is not entitled to use it, you will not be able to proceed with the subscription.

Below is a snapshot of the current SAP BTP Cockpit user interface and how I check for Entitlements, and optionally update entitlements if necessary (Step 5)



In case SAP Profitability and Performance Management is not in the list, follow below Entitlement Update process.

  1. Choose Configure Entitlements
  2. Choose Add Service Plans
  3. Search for SAP Profitability and Performance Management Cloud
  4. Choose SAP Profitability and Performance Management Cloud
  5. Choose default (Application)
  6. Optionally: choose Default Service Access and Worbook Calculation Service shall you are planning to expose the APIs to external callers
  7. Choose Add Service Plans
  8. Save the changes

Hint: To see the text better please click on the image to zoom in. 


4. Subscribe to SAP Profitability and Performance Management Cloud

Once the Subaccount has been created and entitlements are assigned, you are now ready to subscribe to SAP Profitability and Performance Management Cloud by following the SAP official guide.

Below is a snapshot of the current SAP BTP Cockpit user interface and how I subscribed to SAP PaPM Cloud

  1. Choose Account Explorer
  2. Ensure that you are in the proper Global Account
  3. Choose the Subaccount that is to subscribe to SAP PaPM Cloud
  4. Choose Service Marketplace
  5. Search for “SAP Profitability and Performance Management Cloud”
  6. Choose Action Button
  7. Choose Create


after choosing Create, below subscription screen is then to pop-up.

Hint: To see the text better please click on the image to zoom in. 


After few minutes, the subaccount is then subscribed to SAP PaPM Cloud Solution.

Just a friendly reminder, this does not mean that everyone within your organization or company can then just start logging into SAP PaPM Cloud Solution.

You or your BTP administrator still needs to ensure that users are properly maintained with proper role assignment. To know more about User Management visit SAP PaPM Cloud’s Administation Guide.




Assuming that you are wishing to unsubscribe to SAP Profitability and Performance Management Cloud, below steps are the usual steps I perform in order to delete an active application subscription

  1. Ensure that you are in the proper Global and Subaccounts
  2. Choose Instances and Subscriptions
  3. Choose the Action Button
  4. Choose Delete
  5. A confirmation screen will pop-up, choose Delete Subscription


Wait for few minutes for the unsubscription to be fully completed.

…. and you are done!


Yes it is that easy. (^^,)


Now that you are comfortable with the subscription and unsubscription process for SAP PaPM Cloud, optionally you may also subscribe to SAP Profitability and Performance Management Cloud through SAP store

where you can be guided and subscribe to SAP PaPM Cloud through 4 simple steps


I hope with the information I provided, I was able to answer the main question we had at the start of this blog post.

In case you have some blog content suggestions related to SAP PaPM Cloud that you want me or some of my teammates to write about, just comment below and we will take them into consideration.


Happy Weekend and see you in the Cloud!



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      Author's profile photo Laxmi Narasimharao
      Laxmi Narasimharao

      Hi Justine,


      When SAC is already a cloud tool having Allocation Feature , then in what way the PAPm will differ ?



      Author's profile photo Ravikant Agarwal
      Ravikant Agarwal

      SAC is having Allocation Function but PaPM is more extensive, flexible tool when it comes for FP&A department or even other use cases involving complex allocations and reportings. PaPM is a very very powerful ETL tool + Allocation Engine which can be used not only for allocation but to model any complex reporting which need extraction of data from various sources and then transformation and enrichments.

      Author's profile photo Ruediger Bachmann
      Ruediger Bachmann

      PaPM is in various respects very powerful but it is not an ETL tool and should not used in this way. Doing uploads e.g. via single set OData processing can be time consuming.

      Bulk operations in terms of extraction and load should rather be done based on the inegration capabilites of the underlying HANA Cloud database.

      Author's profile photo Thomas Boerner
      Thomas Boerner

      Besides complexity of calculation also data volume is an important indicator for deciding when SAC or PaPM would be the better choice. While there is no clear border in terms of GB or number of records, it's certainly fair to say PaPM takes over where SAC ends.

      Sometimes customers are reluctant to put sensitive data in the cloud. As PaPM also has an on-premise version, PaPM is the prefect alternative for keeping such data on-premise.



      Author's profile photo Antonio García
      Antonio García

      Is this still available in Partner subaccounts? I'm trying to add the entitlment but it is not displaying. It is a Feature Set B sub-account and the region is EU10.

      Thank you.


      Antonio García

      Author's profile photo Aristóbulo Cruz
      Aristóbulo Cruz
      I'm trying add the Profitability and Performance Management Cloud entitlement, I'm using the recommended areas, the set B and my cloud environment isn't trial, but I can't see it availability, any recommendation ?

      is this still available ? 


      Author's profile photo Yen Shen, Ben Lim
      Yen Shen, Ben Lim

      Hi @Justine Angeles, 


      Does PaPM available in BTP Pay-As-You-Go model?

      I don't see the my entitlement having SAP Profitability and Performance Management Cloud.

      Could you advise on this?