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SAP Web Dispatcher and wildcard (asterisk)

Hello colleagues.


You may face with a task when you need to add all particular url prefixes to SAP WD profile (wdisp with SRCURL parameter).

SAP documentation describes  SRCURL like “SRCURL=/sap/;/myapp/ means: Requests whose  URL starts with “/sap/” or “/myapp/” are forwarded to this system.” and doesn’t give information about possibility to use wildcard (asterisk).

First of all you need to catch all url prefixes. The log files (access_0_log-<date>) contain information about all url prefixes which are used via SAP WD. The powershell script below will help you to find all GET request and write it to a separate file. After that you may delete identical rows via Notepad++ (Edit -> Line Operations -> Remove Duplicate Lines) and find unique url prefixes.

Powershell script:

# - START - Param
$location = "C:\Users\zaytsev.ayu\Desktop\wd\Log\"; #folder with logs
$name_result_file = "!result_get_70_file.txt"; # name of folder 
$result_file = $location + $name_result_file; # saving point
# - END - Param

$array_dir_name = Get-ChildItem -Path $location -Force -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue | Select-Object Name;
$n = 0; #starting point
Write-Output ($array_dir_name.Count); #count of files in $location
while ($n -lt $array_dir_name.Count)
    $current_file = $location + $($array_dir_name[$n].Name);
    Write-Output ($current_file);
    if( Test-Path -Path $current_file -PathType Leaf -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue ) {
        $lines = Get-Content $current_file;
        foreach ( $line in $lines ) {
            if ( $line -match "GET (?<content>.*) HTTP/1.1" ) { #regular expression for matching needed content from row
                #Write-Output ($matches['content']);
                Add-Content -Path $result_file -Value $matches['content'];

    #if ($n -eq 100) {
    #    break; #stopping point

For example:

Found url prefixes Possible final mask for SRCURL

And as result you can add the final mask (url prefix) to SAP WD profile file:

wdisp/system_1 = SID=<SID>, MSHOST=<FQDN Message service (MS)>, MSPORT=<port of MS>, SRCURL=/;/irj/

It means that “/<url_prefix>;”  works like “/<url_prefix>*;

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