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What are Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, and a Ransomware attack?

Artificial intelligence (AI) and data science are often used interchangeably among business leaders. However, they are quite different from one another. This article is all about clearing the differences​ between the two and also introducing the Ransomware attack to your knowledge. To know more, keep reading. 

What is a Ransomware attack?

Before we discuss AI and Data Science, let us first discuss a ransomware attack. A ransomware attack is a purposely leakage of personal information by data hackers and using them against the victim to get the ransom. The perpetrator threatens to leak the personal data and other details on a website and use them against the person unless a ransom is paid to him. The attacker uses cryptoviral extortion Technology to encrypt the personal files of the person to demand money to decrypt them. The encryption leads to the files becoming inaccessible so that the person has to pay to access them. This is a serious attack that leads to leakage of confidential information of the person. Another big trouble faced during a ransomware attack is the perpetrators asking for cryptocurrencies and not the real cash which makes them untraceable and difficult to track. Ransomware attacks use a Trojan that is usually disguised as a legal file. This prompts the user to download it leading to the downloading of malware. However, certain cases witnessed the usage of some extraordinary malware that traveled from one computer to another without any kind of user interaction. Many companies have faced serious complications with this. The high level of expertise and Data hacking makes the attacker nontraceable making it difficult for the police and other cybersecurity professionals to imprison them. This is a dreaded phenomenon that has led many companies to fail. 

However, there are various security options and Software out there that offer high profiled security and surveillance to the company’s data making it difficult for the attackers to attack. 

It is high time to protect the vital data and information from getting leaked to avoid any mishappening and cybercrime happening. 


Artificial Intelligence and Data Science

The first thing to discuss here is the place where we read the above mentioned words. These words are often encountered at various places and points, such as while discussing Analytics, Machine Learning, Data mining, statistics, chatbots, NLP, Cloud computing, and many more. These words are used where there is immense use of technology. But these terms do share differences​. You would hear ransomware attacks in the high-profiled cases demanding money in the form of cryptocurrency. All these are interrelated, though all the three are very different terms. 


Artificial Intelligence

The definition of AI differs variedly. It keeps on changing from one person to another and from one source to another. When one consults a techie, the definition of AI varies largely. Some may refer to this as new and advanced technology. While some may refer to this as humanoid. This can even help eliminate stubborn diseases and other health problems. Many disabled people have benefited from the use of AI. However, the definition is quite an easy one and states that AI is the latest technology that enhances the working ability of a human. So far the definition of artificial intelligence is changing regularly. According to some elite Scientists, the definition of AI states that a machine can adapt according to the environment and improve it for a better purpose. A machine also can use the knowledge and apply it accordingly for human usage. It can be termed as a result of the Machine Learning process. Machine learning is a process involving the usage of machines and data. AI consists of first-rate kinds of records that are standardized in the structure of embeddings and vectors. The use of AI is involved in a variety of industries such as healthcare, transport, automation, manufacturing, and many more. AI makes use of an immoderate amount​ of scientific processing, indifference to Data Science that commonly entails inspecting facts and statistics.

What is Data Science?

Data Science is one of the most cited and the freshest jobs in the present time. Data Science is a fine combination of computing machine learning, scientific methods, algorithms, structured and unstructured data, and applied scientific perception and moves to extract out the overlooked meaning. This is usually done to enhance the working of a company. Data scientists occupy well reputed and high designation jobs in any company and participate in the important decision-making processes. It is evident that by the use of data science many companies have been able to take farsighted and wiser decisions as compared to the companies working on a pure hunch and gut feelings. This is an umbrella technology that encompasses various categories and eminent roles in any company. There is no denying the fact that Data Science is going to grow in the future with many job openings offering lucrative salaries. The various job roles for Data Scientists include working as Decision Intelligence, Data Science security professionals​, Data Analytics, Database​ Administrators, and many more. All of these earn a very good amount. 

Data Scientists on one hand play with Data (structured and unstructured) while on the other hand, Artificial Intelligence deals with machines and other things. Both differ a lot, though used synonymously​ sometimes. Many Scientists and B-schools advisors have tagged Data Science as one of the “hottest” jobs in the market with the craze increasing further in the future. For pursuing a Data Science course, one can opt for a degree course, provided the time is more, or certification courses, provided the time is less. Various eminent institutes are offering the courses. It is very easy to get enrolled in them after graduation or even if you are a working professional. Various certification courses enhance the capacity of an already working Data Scientist, to improve his knowledge and skills.

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