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Author's profile photo Jakob Marius Kjær

Pair programming in Abap

Hello all.


It’s been a while since my last blog. But thought I’d share a cool find with you.

Last year about this time, I was looking at ways to share an Abap code base between users. I had preveiously looked at tools like CodeTogether and Liveshare. But back when I looked at it last, none of them supported remote file systems. However I noticed an update from CodeTogether taht they now supported this, and I was encouraged to check it out.

I opened an issue  because it wasn’t working yet. I’m happy to say the team from CodeTogether did pick up the issue and we now have the first release with Abap pair programming support.

But what is CodeTogether exactly? Well according to their own web page it’s

Live share IDEs and coding sessions.
See changes in real time.

So with this we can now easily share a common codebase with other users, and yes we can do this if all developers are connected within the same network. However with CodeTogether, we can now even work on the same methods.

The plugin works with both Eclipse and VSCode. albeit a bit buggy still, but remember it’s still early days. I’ve installed the plugin in Eclipse via the Marketplace (just search for CodeTogether).

Once installed you can open up a new sharing session.


In the video below I’ve joined my codetogether session in VSCode and as you can see I can edit the same code from both Eclipse and VSCode.


I think this is really cool. Please help the folks at CodeTogether to make this product better. It’s possible to use for free so it can really benefit everyone. Give it a test drive and report any bugs.

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      Author's profile photo Lars Hvam
      Lars Hvam

      I guess LiveShare works in VS Code, with any of the abap extensions?

      Author's profile photo Jakob Marius Kjær
      Jakob Marius Kjær
      Blog Post Author

      As far as I know it doesn't support the remote Filesystem. At least it didn't last time I tried. Also code together is across both eclipse and vscode.

      Author's profile photo Andrew Barnard
      Andrew Barnard

      Thanks for sharing this Jakob Marius Kjær . Just what I needed to get yet another developer out of SE80 into ADT.