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Get Certified: C_SAC_xxxx | SAP Certified Application Associate – SAP Analytics Cloud

In this blog post you will find some suggestions about how to get certified as SAP Certified Application Associate – SAP Analytics Cloud.

This exam is available, with regular updates, as of 2019.

For the sample questions, see

About braindumps and cheat sheets, see

For a bit of background about the product, see

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Once you passed the exam, you will receive a digital badge from Credly (Acclaim).

See the FAQ for more information


About the Exam 

Associate Level

Information about the exam is published on the SAP Training website. This is also where you can book the exam (or get a Certification Hub subscription).

SAC is the code for SAP Analytics Cloud. The C_ stands for the associate (consultant) level type exam.


Previous versions of this certification are

You can check the validity of the certifications at

For the certification FAQs, see

SAP Certification Hub

To take the exam visit SAP Training and select Access the Certification Hub.


Topic Areas

Exam Page

Information about the topic areas covered is listed on the exam information page together with the corresponding SAP training cours, a single one in case of the C_SAC exam.

Note the small print: “SAP reserves the right to update the exam content (topics, items, weighting) at any time” make sure to check the exam page before applying.



Sample Questions

On the exam page, there is a link to a trial exam with 9 sample questions which closely resembles the real exam experience.

If it is obvious what the answer should be for all questions, you are ready to take the exam. If you have no clue, you might want to study some more.


How to Prepare

SAP Training and SAP Learning Hub

SAP certifications are based on SAP training courses and although not formally listed as a requirement, it will be challenging to pass the exam without taking any classes (be it in classroom or e-learning format).

The topic areas are covered in the following courses.

If classroom training brings you bad memories, consider a SAP Learning Hub subscription. There is a trial edition available for you to try it out.

Included with the training is access to a test environment with exercises.

Learning Journey

The learning journey shows a visualisation of the courses to take. You can logon and mark your progress.

Note that the journey includes two certifications: for SAC and SAC Planning. You can take either one or both, there are no prerequisites.

The tiles for each of the courses show the available formats: classroom and e-books. When subscribed to the learning hub, you also have access to a training system for hands-on exercises (Live Access).


Additional Resources

Data & Analytics Solutions in the Cloud

There are a large number of tutorials available from a microsite dedicated to SAP Analytics Cloud, SAP HANA Cloud, and SAP Data Warehouse Cloud (earlier bundled as SAP Cloud Services, now SAP HANA Journey)

SAP Press

There is no SAP Certification Success Guide for the C_SAC exam (yet) but there is one book dedicated to SAP Analytics Cloud which covers most topics.

For more detailed coverage, beyond the scope of the exam, see also

SAP Help Portal

Although most material covered in the training courses is also documented “somewhere” in many of the product guides on the SAP Help Portal, trying to pass the exam on documentation study alone is not very realistic. However, doing some extra study by searching for some key terminology and relevant parts in the guides might be helpful.

SAP Community

Make sure to visit the topic area on the community for the latest blogs, questions, video tutorials on YouTube, and LinkedIn group.


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      Author's profile photo Jenifer Ranjani
      Jenifer Ranjani

      Hi Denys van Kempen,


      Thanks for the blog. A quick query...This certification ("SAP Certified Application Associate – SAP Analytics Cloud" C_SAC_2107) doesn't exist anymore?




      Author's profile photo anita dhale
      anita dhale

      This exam is still available.

      Author's profile photo Jenifer Ranjani
      Jenifer Ranjani

      Hi Anita Dhale,

      Thanks for your response. But, I couldn't find that exam (C_SAC_2107) in the below link...

      Could please share with me the link to book the exam?

      Best Regards



      Author's profile photo anita dhale
      anita dhale

      hi Jenifer, i still see this exam when i login with my user as I have attempted earlier last week. But you are right when i check it under  Valid certifications its no more available.

      Author's profile photo anita dhale
      anita dhale

      Hi Jenifer, check again the list of valid certificates, C_SAC_2107 is showing up there again .



      Author's profile photo Denys van Kempen
      Denys van Kempen
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Jenifer,

      Last year, there were four updates for the exam. It is likely that there will be updates this year as well. You can search for "C_SAC" on the SAP Training shop for the latest edition.

      The C_SACP exam references the planning version.