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Improve Business Augmented Analytics with SAP Analytics Cloud

SAP Analytics Cloud is increasingly the best cloud data visualization from SAP. It offers complete solutions when it comes to various strategies required for business intelligence. SAP Analytics Cloud is available in SaaS mode, and it has the most appropriate ecosystem to boost company processes.

To functionalities of SAP Analytics Cloud are used for business intelligence, augmented analytics, and enterprise planning. The features are built on one platform powered by the SAP HANA in-memory database. You can find all the capabilities on the SAP Business Technology Platform. Also, the processes are extended to any device for proper functioning and use.

Augmented Analytics Capabilities

Businesses can now enjoy perfect AI-powered analytics with the use of a button. There is no data science training required, and anyone can use these capabilities for their augmented analytics. These analytics operate through smart processes where the business is confident in the types of decisions they make. They have data-driven insights from the analytics of data in their systems to predict the best possible outcomes. You can ensure all these processes are effective without relying on IT or data and analytics experts.

The top analytics possible for companies include:

  • Conversational Analytics: this feature is incredible for automation and the use of natural language for analytics. Here, users can ask questions like they are involved in a normal conversation. You will get instant replies using your natural language, and all the answers are explained further for proper comprehension.
  • Automated machine learning: the self-service machine learning models in the systems build a better platform for business. These machine gets information automatically and uses them to perform functions required without further instructions. It helps primarily to increase and manage data while generating actionable insights to boost business presence.
  • Intelligent predictive analytics: the current digital atmosphere is very dynamic. Businesses need to automate their analysis with these sophisticated predictive analyses coupled with machine learning algorithms. It is simple to predict future outcomes and also generate further forecasts with a click.

SAP Analytics Cloud Augmented Analytics Features

SAP Analytics Cloud has various features that businesses can use to enhance their processes effectively. There are multiple features like natural language processing, prediction, and AI-powered data discovery. You will also achieve top business goals using the SAP Analytics Clouds BI and planning workflows. These features are used to democratize analytics and ensure everyone has insights into action in seconds.

Some of the insight highlights for the augmented analytics include the following.

Search to Insight

Natural language processing and query mark the era of real-time data insights while using machines for possible answers that require explanations. The search to insights features allows users to chats with their data embedded in their systems using AI and the natural language processing abilities known as NLP.

Also, the natural language query (NLQ) provides search options and analysis of data through a series of tailored questions. Therefore, it works similar to any search engine or digital personal assistant that you can use to search for data. You don’t need any sophisticated knowledge to perform this series of processes. You don’t have to know digital languages like SQL, R, or Python. The best part of the search to insight feature is that it will instantly offer insightful answers to your questions. It also has personalized visualization systems tailored to cover your business needs.

Smart Insights

Getting real-time explanation and instant context is inevitable to run your business more effectively. The smart insights let users get deeper into the data visualization without any manual input. All the top contributors and partners to variances, factors that enhance business KPIs, and more processes are available at a click. These sophisticated algorithms will also offer additional visualizations that you can use to add up to your story. They come with the text explanation and content automatically generated by using natural language in AI.

Smart Discovery

Use automated insights and data storytelling to create compelling stories and enhance the business processes with the smart discovery feature. It is also effective for automating machine learning middles needed to reveal relationships and all the hidden patterns in specific data sets. Formerly, you needed to have data scientists working tirelessly to improve these abilities, and the results still had errors due to human bias. The features reduce all these business by using automation to generate data visualization that is comprehensive. You can create up to four-page data stories with appropriate insights, trends, key influencers, and all available outliers. The data stories are highly interactive ad enable what-if simulation.

Smart Predict

Imagine having all analytics tools with one click. The smart predict features allow the prediction and generation of the forecast by the push of a button. The predictive analysis uses three various types of machine learning to ensure the predication is insights is reliable and correct. Therefore, it applies machine learning algorithms like classification, regression, and time-series analysis. They effectively automate all the processes required to automate the predictive analysis and augment the BI experience while increasing your data and insight. Still, you can find predictive planning enabled through seamless integration of time series to provide an efficient way to create more accurate and detailed plans for the business. These plans are executed faster with more efficiency due to automation.

Launching Augmented Analytics in the Business

All these real new features are helping businesses to be more self-sufficient and reveal better insights for improved performances. There is no sophisticated knowledge or data science training needed to launch and operate using these analytics. Therefore, you only need the automation processes, and you will start exploring your data with a focused course of action.

The world of analytics by the use of augmented features is applicable for businesses using AI. SAP Analytics Cloud offers a complete and contextual decision-making solution for all types of companies. It is used at any point since it is available for all kinds of devices. Users van evaluates their options and moves forward with confidence while making necessary decisions for future success. Augmented analytics introduces features of machine learning through various business intelligence and planning workflows for the company. You will therefore have a platform for more features that will increase interpretation of data automatically.

Search for insight on SAP Analytics Cloud

Users don’t need any specific measures to get their insights as required. You will type the question that will address your need for the data. The systems are designed to offer instant and relevant responses within the data relationships and trends. After the successful search, you can also look for specific data to find further insights to support the decisions.

All the responses are up to date and are immediate. Furthermore, after getting the top-level answer, you can look for more questions that will help with data visualizations. The answers to such questions increase the ability to identify products, people, and processes that the business is operating with at a given time.

You can do a personalized search by using specialized algorithms that are relevant to your needs. Also, you choose to add any or all to your story that occurs with the natural language on the systems.

Automated Discovery for Patterns and Trends

Getting deeper data exploration is the second stage that businesses get from the use of SAP Analytics Cloud. It is effective for grouping data in clusters, discovering previously hidden patterns and trends in your data.

The cluster groups are effective for various groups such as your customers, employees, and products. All these groups will have similar properties in the data set that you have for your business. You have a myriad of options to make and customize using these clusters.

Another fundamental level in the SAP Analytics Cloud that you can use is to uncover insights and other relationships in your data without any assistance. The machine learning model will generate your stories effectively and let the data speak for itself. You will also investigate correlation and tradeoffs effectively among the various dimensions in your data.

Increasing Competitive Edge with Automated Prediction

It is the final sage for using the augmented analytics. Prediction effectively extends all the business intelligence and planning capabilities by learning all the historical business data. It also helps to predict the outcome in the future.  SAP Analytics Cloud increases the ability to classify forecast algorithms. You can trust these features to create better and reliable models that are effective in delivering deeper insights.

SAP Analytics Cloud is also bringing more power to AI business users by automatically using machine learning algorithms to handle sophisticated data science procedures. Users can now quickly reveal the following events and focus on using the knowledge to augment business intelligence and planning workflows.  These features further help the organization to sharpen its competitive approaches and boost its profits exponentially.

The new insights you will get from using three types of algorithms will let you evaluate the quality of predictions received on the SAP Analytics Cloud. It will allow you to select the most appropriate data sets that you can tune to use with your models and high confidence for profitability. Enjoy these trustworthy insights, and that will affect the overall performance of the business effectively.

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