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Harness the power of brand enthusiasm among your consumers with Mention Me

Mention Me’s global referral marketing platform helps brands turn their customers into their biggest advocates


Today, when consumers are looking to make a purchase, social proof is king. Recommendations from friends (and even strangers — think influencers!) are key in creating consumer trust and influencing a consumer’s decision to buy. While more and more brands are experimenting with referral marketing, many find themselves locked in to simple referral systems that do not deliver. Looking for a referral marketing platform where brands can turn their customers into their most powerful marketers? Enter Mention Me.

Mention Me creates a deeply data-driven program based on the context and behavior of buyers, helping brands identify each customer’s likelihood to refer, and at which point in the lifecycle referral is most likely to succeed. How does it work? Referral programs incentivize existing customers (referrers) to introduce a brand to their friends (referees). Ultimately, everyone wins: Rewards (think discount or free gift) are given to referrers for successful introductions that convert new customers, and are also given to referees when they make their first purchase. Mention Me’s Referral Engineering™ outperforms ‘simple’ referral systems, increasing customer acquisition by up to a third. The proof is in the pudding: Mention Me has delivered over $1 billion in revenue for clients, and over 22 million customers have shared their referral programs.

Referred customers spend 11% more on their first order and are 5x more likely to refer others.

Some 90% of referrals happen in person, and Mention Me is the only platform that equips marketing teams to bridge the gap from offline to online referrals. Mention Me’s unique Name Share capability allows brands to capture offline conversations. Over Sunday brunch, a referrer can just tell their friends to use their full name as a referral code at check out, as opposed to combing through emails to find a complicated link or code to share. Once again, the referee gets a discount applied to their order, and the referrer gets rewarded as well. With Mention Me, brands see an increase in customer acquisition by up to a third, a doubling of customer lifetime value, and an average of a 25% increase on a customer’s first order.

“Working with Mention Me means the system, the behind the scenes, and the people we can trust to take care of our customers. It is so quick and easy to navigate, it makes the whole process of introducing a friend to a brand so much easier.”

— Ben Bathurst Digital Marketing Executive Berry Bros. & Rudd Ltd

With access to Mention Me’s sophisticated referral engineering platform, SAP customers can harness their consumers’ enthusiasm for their brand to drive acquisition, increase customer lifetime value, and boost AOV. Mention Me will help SAP customers leverage this unique 1st party into their tech stack to improve performance across other marketing channels and create highly personalized experiences.

Mention Me participated in SAP.iO Foundry Tel Aviv’s Consumer Engagement cohort and is an SAP PartnerEdge Integrate Partner. Mention Me’s solution works with SAP Emarsys Customer Engagement, and is currently building an integration with SAP Commerce Cloud.

Read more about SAP.iO Foundry Tel Aviv’s Consumer Engagement cohort here.

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