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SAP implementation partners leverage consulting expertise from SAP

  • Are you working with an SAP solution, innovation, or new technology you have not taken live before? Would you benefit from guidance from an SAP expert?
  • SAP Services now offers inexpensive timely access to remote expert consultants to help with specific questions or to provide weekly proactive advice for your projects.
  • SAP expertise applied when you need it can reduce project risk and delays, help you avoid pitfalls and protect your margin.

This blog covers the most frequently asked questions partners have about partner mentoring and partner coaching services.

What is Partner Mentoring?

A single experienced mentor from SAP builds a relationship with the partner consultant(s). The partner mentoring service typically includes a one-hour remote meeting every week for three months. The schedule can be adapted e.g. 6 weeks of two-hour calls. For each one-hour call, the mentor is allocated more than one-hour for preparation/follow-up. You can choose mentoring support from the following roles: Project Manager, Solution Architect, Technical Architect or Integration Advisor. Partner mentoring is available for all SAP solutions.

What is Partner Coaching?

We have a sister service called Partner Coaching. This allows you to talk with different coaches based on your topic as and when you need them. The service covers a wide set of topics including technical, functional, integration and project management questions. You have ten 30-minute remote slots to use over six months. Slots can be combined for longer, more in-depth questions. For each 30 minutes request, the coach is allocated more than one hour for preparation/follow-up. Partner coaching is available for SAP S/4HANA, CX, SuccessFactors and Ariba.

How much do they cost?

Prices vary by country: as an example, Partner Coaching is less than $6,000 in the USA and Partner mentoring is less than 7,000 EUR in France. These low-cost services can be used across multiple projects for various customers.

What is the difference between Partner Coaching and Partner Mentoring? Which one is right for me?

The table below summarizes the differences.

Partner Mentoring  Partner Coaching
Regular weekly one-hour virtual meetings for three months. Request 10 x 30 minute virtual meetings when you need them. Use at any time during 6 months.
Mentor has more than one-hour to prepare/follow-up for each call. For each 30 minutes request, the coach has more than one-hour for preparation/follow-up.
One designated mentor. Choose a Project Manager, Solution Architect (for functional advice), Technical Architect or Integration Advisor. Sessions can cover functional solution, configuration, integration, technical or project management questions.  Coaches vary based on topic.
Language of your choice. Language is English or Chinese.
Any SAP solution. Available for SAP S/4HANA, CX, SuccessFactors and Ariba

How do I share the advice with my customer?

This is for you to control. You can keep SAP behind-the-scenes and use our advice in your own consulting process or you can explain that you are working with SAP and share advice directly with the customer.

How much time do we get from the SAP consultants?

In partner coaching, for every 30 minutes contact time with the coach, the coach has more than one hour to prepare and then follow-up. In partner mentoring, for every hour contact time with the mentor, the mentor has more than one hour to prepare and then follow-up. With a little notice, calls can be combined to provide advice on larger and more complex topics.

What happens if very little preparation time is required for a call?

The coach or mentor may extend the duration of your call if they do not need to do much preparation. We have time put aside for preparation and some requests take more than the average time while some take less than the average time. If time allows, multiple topics can be covered in a single session.

What is the fastest way to buy?

In some countries you can buy immediately online in the PartnerEdge Partner Benefits Catalog. For details, search with the keywords “Mentoring” or “Coaching” at (An S-user login is required). Alternatively, just contact SAP by email at

How can I buy online or find my country specific price?

To buy, click on the Buy Now link which takes you to a page in SAP Store. Prices are available for many countries by clicking on the Buy Now link. (If it is your first time purchasing through SAP Store you will need to create a support request to become an “authorized buyer”.  We will turn this request around quickly).  If your country is not listed, email

Can I see the details of the scope and contract and any exclusions?

For many of the services, you can click on the link in the Partner Benefits Catalog to see the scope for buying online. Contact us at if you need an adjustment (e.g., a different SAP solution), a longer duration, or meetings every two weeks rather than weekly for partner mentoring.

What are the common use cases for these services?

For partner mentoring, here are the use cases we see most often:

  • Your team is new to an SAP solution or topic. You have done the training but would value the opinion of a consultant who has taken the solution live multiple times.
  • Your team needs to enhance your capabilities or need to address a gap in knowledge.
  • You need support for a newly recruited consultant or asking a trusted consultant to implement a new technology or function.
  • Your team is encountering gaps and tricky design choices during the Explore phase. You need a second opinion before you sign off the design.
  • You want to reduce risk on a specific project or proposal that includes a new consulting topic.
  • Your customer needs reassurance.
  • You want to advertise to your customer that you are supported by SAP experts.

For partner coaching, here are some common use cases:

  • Your team has encountered issues in your previous upgrade and migration projects. You want fast access to an expert for issues on your project’s critical path.
  • You provide Application Management Services and sometimes need additional assistance.
  • You want to reduce risk on a specific project or proposal that includes a new consulting topic.
  • You are at an impasse with a specific issue or design decision.
  • Your customer needs reassurance.
  • You want to assure your customer that you are supported by SAP experts.


Can any SAP solution be covered?

Partner mentoring is available for any SAP solution and only depends on the availability of the right mentor who can speak your selected language.

I don’t have an S-user and cannot access the Partner Benefits Catalog. How can I find out more about how the services work?

Have a look at this regularly updated Blog.

What are the commercial arrangements?

Services are bought on an SAP Professional Service Order Form referencing the standard SAP Services General Terms and Conditions. Services are fixed fee and billed in advance. Partner mentoring will start within four weeks of purchase. Partner coaching can often start immediately. Your end customers are not mentioned in the contract.

Can I extend the service or use them together?

Yes, if you purchase via an order form, we can extend the duration or number of coaching sessions. Partner coaching and partner mentoring services can be used together to get a combination of deep spot advice for issues from a coach and on-going proactive advice from a mentor who is familiar with your project.

Are there any testimonials from other partners?

Yes. See our reference slide and a reference video. Blueprint Technologies in India used project coaching for SAP Customer Experience. They needed specific guidance on how to implement SAP Commissions.

What if a topic is too complex for one session?

The SAP consultant may feel that the topic is too complicated to be covered adequately and requires more context or detail. For less complex issues, requests can be combined e.g. to have a 90-minute call. Or the consultant may offer separate spot consulting through a separate order form or change request.

What countries and regions are the services available in?

Partner coaching service is available for all regions and all countries. Partner mentoring is subject to availability of local SAP consultants.

Can we buy using Market Development Finds (MDF) or Business Development Funds (MDF)?

Talk to your Partner Business Manager about using Business Development Funds (BDFs) to purchase the service. The services cannot be purchased with MDFs.

Are there any pre-requisites?

For Partner coaching service, your participating consultants must have completed training and, preferably, are certified. Partner mentoring is typically used to support a newly certified consultant, but an exception can be made to support just-in-time learning.

Will SAP need access to systems?

No. SAP will guide your team but will not directly do any hands-on work. Details about the system (e.g. configuration) can be shared by email or via screen share in the call.

For more information on partner mentoring service or partner coaching service, visit the Partner Benefits Catalog (search use keywords: coaching or mentoring) or email us at:

What if we need hands-on help from SAP?

If you have a mentor in place, we could expand the scope of the engagement with a change request.

Can we use the service for more than one end-customer?

Yes, one Partner Mentoring or Partner Coaching service can be used for multiple end-customer projects.


I hope you found this blog informative

Amin Hoque

Amin Hoque
Application Architect at SAP Services UK

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