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Author's profile photo Yasin N

Experience SAP IT Services Management (ITSM)



SAP IT Service Management (ITSM) is ITIL based, compliant & certified software for improving and managing IT services support and operation activities for corporates.

Am sharing in this blog some of my experience with SAP ITSM software from one implementation project also as an IT services manager.

Main SAP ITSM Features 

  • IT Requests Management
  • Incidents Management
  • Problem Management
  • Knowledge Management
  • Change Management (ChaRM)
  • IT Analytics
  • IT Service Desk.



The IRT (Initial Response Time) represents the calculated point in time between the creation of the incident message and the first reaction by the processor contracted in the SLA.

The MPT (Maximum Process Time) represents the calculated point in time between the creation of the incident message and the total processing time of the message contracted in the SLA

Service Level Agreements


Define SLA Categories 

You can define SLA categories as per customer requirement for example: 

Sr No  Priority  Response Time  Completion Time 
1  VIP  3 Hours  8 Hours 
2  High  8 Hours  12 Hours 
3  Medium  10 Hours  16 Hours 
4  Low  12 Hours  24 Hours 

Define IT Services & Incidents Categories

Define your IT Services / Incidents categories for example:

Category -1 Category -2 Category -3
SAP Basis SAP Access User ID Creation
SAP Basis SAP Access User ID Deletion
SAP Basis SAP Access User ID Authorzation Modify
SAP Basis SAP Access User ID Lock
SAP Basis SAP Access User ID Reset Password
SAP Basis SAP Access Others
IT Hardware Request New Monitor
IT Hardware Printer not working
IT Hardware Keyboard Replace
IT Hardware Mouse Replace
IT Hardware Others
IT Software Software License Expired
IT Software Antivirus Installation
IT Software Antivirus Update Problem
IT Software Antivirus Port Unblocking
IT Software Others
IT Email Creation
IT Email Deletion
IT Email Suspend
IT Email Reset Password
IT Email Others

1000+ categories were created as per the customer requirement.


Define IT Support Team Members:

  1. Log on to ITSM as Administrator having modify config. authorization
  2. go to: Service Operations –> Organization Model
  3. Edit
  4. Insert Employee


Authorization matrix and Roles (Basis)

You need minimum three basic roles to be created on your solution manager server. 

  1. Role for your IT team (SUPPDESK_PROCESSER) (without any configuration)
  2. Role for the Administrator with all Config Access
  3. Role for Normal End users and employees  (Ticket Creator)


Raising Service Request (End user)

  • Login to your SAP ITSM
  • Raise service request or incident and follow your screen
  • save.


Responding to Service Request (ITSM Manager)

All IT Service Messages (Service Requests/Incidents) will follow below Statuses:

Whenever there is new Service Request/Incident raised by anyone the IT services manager should follow the below steps to assign it to correct message processor

Open the ticket, assigned it to Message processor.

  • Logon to ITSM
  • Edit the ticket –> Assign ticket to correct message processor

you can select message processor from the dropdown list or by entering his employee id.


Responding to Service Request

  • Current Step Status: New
    All Service Requests/Incidents will be assigned to “New” Status as soon as it is created.

  • Action Required by Message Processor (Ticket Processor)
    once message is assigned it to Message processor.

  • Status Change in this step: None 


  • once message is assigned to one of message processor he/she will receive email notification, Message processor should logon to the ITSM, change the status of message to “In Process” Initial Response to avoid breach of response time SLA…


  • Change Message Status to “Customer Action” is optional which is only required if you need any information from requester.


  • Change Message Status to “Proposed Solution“. if the issue solved or solution provided .


ITSM Monitoring and Reports 

Everything can be exported to excel where you can do your own analytics also standard ITSM Monitoring tool can be used to create Pie, Bar diagrams

For example: create pie diagram present all incidents which are in status: MPT Warning 

  1. Login to your ITSM system
  2. Select Incident Management from the side menu
  3. Click on Incidents within the Search section 


  1. Start incident search with certain parameter: Status = MPT Warning, click Search 

    5. Click on Open Chart button to display the result in a pie or bar 



You can export search result to excel:


Add/Remove Fields – user interface 

  • Log on to ITSM as Administrator having modify config. authorization
  • Navigate to the page you want to modify (Create service Request).
  • Click the configuration button



You can move fields Right – left, add/ remove fields…




For companies running SAP ERP, need IT helpdesk solution no need to go for for third party software or vendor they can implement SAP ITSM faster (less the one month in our scenario), more efficient and at lower cost.



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      Author's profile photo Sharath Vuppula
      Sharath Vuppula

      Hi Yasin,

      Great blog!

      Just thought of highlighting fiori part of ITSM. Fiori tiles like

      • Requester,
      • Resolve and Dispatch Incidents and
      • My incidents

      make users feel welcomed and make them feel friendly. We also have dashboards like

      1. Incident and problem dashboard
      2. Incident and change dashboard
      3. Service Order Dashboard
      4. Incident Dashboard and
      5. Service request Dashboard.

      for analytics and reporting.




      Author's profile photo Yasin N
      Yasin N
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Sharath,

      Thanks for your valuable comment about ITSM Fiori tiles and dashboards.



      Author's profile photo Cristiano Procacci
      Cristiano Procacci

      hello Yasin N

      I wanted to understand with your help how to insert the suspended item in the tt status field

      Thank you


      Author's profile photo Bushair Alkatib
      Bushair Alkatib

      Thank you for the blog. I wanted to know if ITSM in SolMan fully ITIL ccompatible and certified ?

      Author's profile photo Yasin N
      Yasin N
      Blog Post Author


      Dear Bushair

      Yes SAP ITSM is  ITIL Compliant but am not sure is it is certified.


      Author's profile photo Mohammed Adeel Khan
      Mohammed Adeel Khan

      Dear Yasin,


      We are using ITSM for Create incident and problem.  Now I have to  add service request option in ITSM CRM dashboard. What roles and authorizations are need for that. I have customized role for ITSM which includes Incident and Problem.


      How can I add service request in the below.




      M. Adeel Khan


      Author's profile photo Leonardo Valderrama
      Leonardo Valderrama

      Hello, interesant blog. Do you know wich is the ITSM solution roadmap? i'ts replace for ALM cloud?  thanks!

      Author's profile photo Yasin N
      Yasin N
      Blog Post Author

      Hi, it is different from ALM cloud. however I recommend you to go through the bellow blog