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Upscale Commerce: SAP’s E-commerce Solution Now Available for ByDesign Customers

E-commerce is hard. We have Amazon to thank for that. With an increasing complexity in commerce, customers expect top tier customer service, online shopping experiences, same-day delivery, and a wide array of products. How can small to midsize e-commerce businesses who have far less resources than the giants like Amazon compete in today’s online marketplace? SAP Business ByDesign Upscale Commerce is SAP’s new e-commerce solution that just might be able to help with that.

Customers don’t care that you’re small. It’s a harsh reality for many SMBs out there and with online purchasing increasing exponentially over the last few years, the demand for a more sophisticated integrated e-commerce solution has also increased. Think about it like this. Would you run android software on an iPhone? Would you run Windows software on a MacBook? I’m sure there are a few people who actually do that and for good reason, but if you have an SAP ERP system already, why wouldn’t you use an SAP built e-commerce store? It just makes sense. It’s what I like to call, plug & run. That means that the integration is fast and most importantly, seamless.

 Let’s talk customer service. This is often reserved for B2C discourse but it’s just as important if not more important in the B2B world. When your E-commerce solution stops working, who’s to blame? Your ERP or the shop provider? I guarantee if you ask both of them, they’ll blame the other. In a world where customer satisfaction rules, your e-commerce store needs to be up and running at all times. With Upscale, your e-commerce shop and ERP are running through SAP. Finding a solution to any potential errors will be that much easier.

Imagine this scenario. Your e-commerce shop is growing and you decide to expand, except the process to upgrade your shop caused a few days of downtime, losing you revenue and potential customers. That’s a nightmare for a company who’s trying to build customer loyalty. Downtime is the worst-case scenario for growing small to midsize businesses. Although somewhat unavoidable, it’s probably best to try and circumvent it when you can. Upscale offers unbeatable scalability for growing SMBs. Expanding your e-commerce shop could mean downtime for multiple days at a time. With Upscale Commerce, upgrading from the digital engine to the enterprise engine is simple, with no downtime to your web shop necessary. As you grow, your e-commerce shop can grow with you!

We’ve all seen the countless lawsuits. We understand now that we need to protect customer data, not only for them, but to also protect the business. Conforming to today’s GDPR standards is complicated and confusing

Customer’s want to feel secure making their purchases and want to be assured that their data isn’t being used incorrectly or stolen. Considering that Upscale Commerce was made for Business ByDesign, you won’t have to worry about conforming to any GDPR standards as both solutions were built with those in mind. This is the base level for many consumers. If you can’t provide a secure experience for them, they will go somewhere else.

It just makes sense. To give customers the experience they demand, you not only need good products or services, but a seamless, secure online shopping experience as well. Upscale Commerce can be a good solution to offer everything your customers need while giving you the most headache-free e-commerce solution available. At the end of the day, other excellent providers exist, but running windows software on a Macbook is a pain and SMBs need solutions that save them time and resources, so they can focus on the things that really matter to their business.

If you’re someone who’s interested in learning more or you have a specific question about your own business, I’d recommend dropping it here. You’ll be able to find answers from other people involved in SMBs just like yourself.

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      Author's profile photo Aleksandar Filipovic
      Aleksandar Filipovic

      If anyone has any useful links for Upscale Commerce demonstrations, please let me know. I just witnessed an SAP Business ByDesign demo today and I was impressed, would love to see what it looks like when integrated with Upscale Commerce. Actually, I'd love to see the full back-end process of setting up an Upscale Commerce based web store and running it 😍