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SAP Global Partner Summit 2021: Intelligent Enterprise for SME

Automation. Sounds familiar right? You might remember the series of blog posts we posted  few months ago on the topic. Following on our promise we continued executing and delivering on the vison of hands-free ERP for SME and we were ready to speak about it during the SAP Global Partner Summit 2021 in a breakout session on the Intelligent Enterprise for SME. I thought it might be useful for you all in the community if I shared that video and gave you a brief summary!



Intelligent Business Document Processing

It’s a baker’s worst nightmare. The small, monotonous, time-consuming, administrative tasks that never seem to end. Invoices, purchase orders, travel expenses, proof of deliveries. These documents normally end up in your inbox as PDFs. You then have to open, read-thru, and manually input all of that data into your ERP. But what if you didn’t have to? What if you could free yourself and your employees from these tasks which are taking time away from the things that are critical to your business?

Let’s use Mary, a successful baker, as an example. Her business is growing. Most of her employees are bakers and her small administrative staff is starting to become overwhelmed by the enormous amount of paperwork required to keep her system up to date. Intelligent Invoice Scanning in combination with an automation bot can help solve that problem. What about all of those receipts she and her sales team got when they joined the food fair last week which now need to be added to her travel expense report? The Intelligent Mobile Scanning does it manually for her. Along with the Intelligent RPA bot, Document Information Extraction service, and many more bots coming in 2021, Mary now has the time to focus on the aspects of her business that really matter to her.


The Numbers Speak

I get it, you’re a numbers person. The example might be nice, but you want to see exactly how much money this solution can actually save you right? If I said a conservative 47,000 Euros to an optimistic 242,000 Euros, would that grab your attention? You’re probably asking how exactly we came to those numbers. Along with user studies and market research, we simply just asked our customers and we invited one of them to be the Customer Voice: Alan White – VP Information Technology from SEF Energy was speaking about how Intelligent Invoice Scanning feature was helping his company during the challenging Covid-Pandemic time and about the business benefit provided by this service. Along with that, you should see another blog post quite soon which will go over that in more detail.


Adoption Speaks also

Not only the customers are speaking up about the value of the new intelligent technology for SME, but also the fast adoption of these services as we release them. For example, in the first 7 months after the release of Intelligent Invoice Scanning (statistic as of end Q1 2021), there are already 260 customers from 20 countries and 6 languages. In total, there are 160,000 total documents scanning with a progressive monthly growth reaching already 35,000 documents /month scanned by our customers in March 2021. Also, let’s not forget to mention that this comes at no extra cost for the SAP ByDesign customers! SAP Business One customers will also get the integration of the service included into their ERP so out of box usage with no implementation effort is available, however as SAP Business One is a OnPrem solution the customer will need to procure the Cloud license for Document Information Extraction from their partners or SAP Store.


Wrapping Up

The proof is in the pudding. Intelligent Business Document Processing is a powerhouse to improve the overall efficiency of your business. That’s not just marketing talk. The customers who have already adopted this are saying it too. Stop wasting time manually imputing data from pdf after pdf and get back to doing what really matters!

Keep a look out for a blog post coming soon which will talk more about real customer examples and statistics. I’ll make sure to link it here, once it’s released.

Is there anything else that you’d like to hear about this solution? Drop your questions and thoughts below!

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      Author's profile photo Aleksandar Filipovic
      Aleksandar Filipovic

      As they say, time is money, and from what I see, using the Intelligent Business Document Processing technology can lead SME's to substantial savings in both. What I find just as important is the fact, this time can be devoted to other activities, which can bring in more money as well. Hopefully, many SME's will pick up on these new evolutions soon and this way. The sooner, the better, as implementing the technology can lead them to not only remain competitive but to leave the competition which fails to recognise the value in the dust.

      Wonderful article Simona and I really enjoyed the video as well, though to be honest the part of the video I enjoyed the most was the brief demonstration. I generally enjoy those a lot. I know your schedule must be incredibly busy, but if you ever find a moment and would be willing to give me a short demo and share some of your knowledge with me while doing it, I'd appreciate it a lot.

      P.S.: Now I also know where Justin gets all his wonderful metaphors for. They enhance the reading experience a lot, even though, even dry language would make these readings exciting.