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Technology Careers for the Future

Could you imagine a day without technology? It is so integrated into all aspects of our lives that it’s becoming really difficult to remember what it was like before. Technology is improving the way we work, communicate, take care of our health, entertain and inform ourselves. So, we can only expect to see more trends related to technology taking over the careers market in 2021.

If you thought that last year was all about technology, imagine what will happen this year. As expected, there has been a rising demand for technology jobs as companies across various industries search for skilled programmers who will take their business to the next level. So, how can you prepare for this technological revolution that is reshaping our world in the past few years? 

The rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

We can’t talk about the technological revolution without mentioning one of its biggest breakthroughs  – artificial intelligence. We’re seeing a constant rise of this trend due to its tremendous impact on our lives but a lot of it’s potential is still actually unexplored. With AI, computer systems can mimic human intelligence and perform specific tasks which improve efficiency and saves time. This level of automation will eliminate a huge number of jobs but will also create new ones, especially in the field of development, programming, testing, and support.

An Overview of the Best IT Jobs

Tech Job Median Pay Projected Growth Rate
Artificial Intelligence Engineer $146,085 344%
Data Scientist $100,560 15%
Information Security Analyst $99,370 31%
Software Engineer $107,510 22%
Computer Research Scientist $122,840 15%
Data Analyst $118,370 16%
IT Manager $146,360 10%
Database Administrator $93,750 10%
Web Developer $73,760 8%
Computer Hardware Engineer $117,220 2%
Computer Systems Analyst $90,920 7%
DevOps Engineer $111,311 21%
Computer Network Architect $112,690 5%
Java Developer $103,464 19%
Tech Sales Engineer $103,900 6%
PHP Developer $86,616 13%
Python Developer $85,571
Network and Computer Systems Administrator $83,510 4%
Mobile Application Developer $73,034
Web Designer (UX/UI) $64,030


…and Machine Learning

Machine Learning is a crucial part of AI, and these two terms often go hand in hand. It programmes computers to learn something they aren’t programmed to perform. As Machine Learning is continuously developing, there are many fields of it which provide an opportunity for job seekers to specialize in one of them and focus on it more. It’s expected that the Machine Learning market will grow up to $9 billion by 2022.

Perfect argument for how technology – and machine learning in particular – can improve people’s lives, it’s RecEasy, a SAP-certified product now available on SAP’s digital marketplace, SAP App Center. Certified by SAP to integrate with SAP ERP via SAP Cloud Platform, is thereby capable of analyzing huge volumes of data and is essential for large enterprises.

Reducing repetitive tasks with Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

This is another technology based on automation. Robotic Process Automation automates processes such as transactions, dealing with data, interpreting applications, replying to emails, and so on. As it automates repetitive tasks, it allows employees to focus on more important phases of business processes. Not to mention that repetitiveness is something your customers are trying to avoid as much as possible. That’s most evident for SEO agencies working with e-commerce brands where instead of going through the same items of products you’re not even interested in, you can narrow your search and find what you’re interested in. It’s all about the experience and, luckily, RPA reduced the time a person spends on tasks that no longer need human interaction at all.

Edge computing is replacing cloud computing

A few years ago, cloud computing was just a trend but now it became a standard for the business world. The same happened with the edge. It is designed to help solve problems to avoid the latency caused by cloud computing. It can process time-sensitive data in remote locations with no or very little connectivity to their centralized location. This trend is creating new, valuable jobs mostly for software engineerings who are exploring this trend to find new purposes of this technology.

The enormous potential of blockchain technology

Blockchain technology is still one of the trending topics in the business world. With its high level of security, blockchain is an excellent asset in various industries. One of these industries is healthcare where blockchain has an enormous potential to improve healthcare systems across the world by protecting personal medical data and so much more. Moreover, it can significantly contribute to the global supply chain, so it’s really not a surprise that jobs related to blockchain are the second fastest growing job category.

Cybersecurity jobs are rapidly growing

We’ve been hearing about the importance of cyber security for a while now, which is not surprising at all considering the rising number of cyber threats. However, cyber security strategies are being developed by the majority of businesses which handle important data, and that requires professionals with the adequate skill set. At this moment, the number of cybersecurity jobs is rapidly growing. It’s also worth mentioning that these jobs are well paid and individuals can apply for the job level that suits their experience best, from assistant to the manager.

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR)

So far, we’ve heard about Virtual Reality (VR) mostly when talking about the gaming world. However, its potential doesn’t stop there. The same is with Augmented Reality. They both have the power to improve training, education, marketing, entertainment, rehabilitation, etc. The job seeking website published information that the demand for job candidates with knowledge of Virtual Reality is up to 37%.

Internet of Things (IoT)

We are living in a connected world, but it will become even more connected. Locking your front doors with your smartphone or your refrigerator letting you know you’ve run out of milk is the way we will live our lives in the near future. Some of us are already living it this way. Besides our personal world being affected by this trend, the business world is also benefiting from it. With improved security, efficiency and decision making, businesses will be able to perform much better, focus on the right things and deliver only the best. However, there is still a lack of IT professionals with IoT skills which means it will be easier to pursue a career in that field.


Technology is evolving every day. All these solutions are tremendously changing our lives and pushing us to become more open to new technological ideas on the market. Focusing on any of these eight areas will increase your chances of finding a job, but you will need to invest a lot of time and effort into learning. As all these technologies are relatively new, it’s up to you to find adequate courses, books or any other sources to understand it better and start earning from it.

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