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Statistical Sales Condition in Margin Analysis


In the area of margin analysis there is a requirement to calculate and post statistical information along with sales order which can be made available via standard reports/Apps. With this functionality, we can transfer statistical sales condition types (i.e. Warranty and Cash discount) to financial accounting. We can also view financial data using analytical apps from the extension ledger. There is an approach available to calculate and post statistical information to costing based COPA (Controlling profitability analysis) whereas this functionality is now available in margin analysis to calculate and post statistical  information to financial accounting which can be  reported against an extension ledger via Fiori Apps.

With this blog post I would like to walk you through the process of set-up and transfer of statistical condition type to Financial Accounting.


  • Statistical condition types which are relevant for account determination. s
  • Account key for statistical condition type.
  • GL account assignment against Accounting key and Sales organization combination.
  • Extension ledger and Ledger group to post statistical condition type.
  • Ledger group to the processing of statistical condition type.


Process -Sales Order Accounting with Statistical Condition Type.

Step 1: Sales Order

Sales order creation along with two statistical condition types  – DCD1 and DCD2.

Revenue – 17.55

COGS – 8.54

Statistical Cash Discount  – 0.35 + 0.35 = 0.70Sales%20Order

Sales Order

Step 2 : Post Goods Issue

 Post good issue with Internal Price condition type – PCIP using 601 movement type for Delivery/PGI.Post%20Goods%20Issue

Post Goods Issue

Accounting Entry posted during PGI

Inventory gets credited and Cost of Goods sold gets debited with Internal price based on price control in material master.PGI%20-%20Accounting%20Document

PGI – Accounting Document

Step 3 : Invoice

Cash discount entry posted during Invoice verification to the extension ledger ‘0C’.



Invoice entry posted to ledger ‘0L’ with revenue posting.

Receivable account gets debited and Revenue account gets credited during invoice processing.


Invoice – Accounting Entry for Revenue

Cash Discount entry posted to extension ledger ‘0C’ from the statistical condition type.


Invoice – Accounting Entry for Statistical Condition types

Step 4: Fiori App

Statistical condition gets posted during invoice verification. This will reflect in extension ledger ‘0C’ in Sales Order- Actuals Fiori app. These entries are statistical in nature and will reflect in the extension ledger.


Sales Order – Actual Fiori App

Business Benefits

Posting of Statistical condition values during invoicing will help business to analyze statistical costs at sales order level without impacting Financial book of accounts (leading ledger ‘0L’). These entries are also available at financial statement version at extension ledger level.

Reference SAP Best practice: Scope item 34B.

Thanks for reading  this blog post. I would like to see your comments and  would like to  answer questions which u can post  at Q&A tag area :

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      Author's profile photo Vikrant Sood
      Vikrant Sood

      Concise and clear. Well Penned !

      Author's profile photo Raman Rana
      Raman Rana
      Blog Post Author

      Thank you very much!

      Author's profile photo CHANDRASHEKHAR TIPRE

      Great insight on the topic with limited posts available on the community.  Thanks for sharing !

      Author's profile photo Raman Rana
      Raman Rana
      Blog Post Author

      Thank you!

      Author's profile photo Stefania Dumitrescu
      Stefania Dumitrescu

      Yet what happens when the invoice is paid?