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How Social Media is More Powerful Than SEO and Paid Marketing

If you’re a business and you don’t have a social media presence, It’s like you’re invisible. Competitive companies are all on social media so you need to be there too and to discover why some brands are focusing more on social media than on SEO.

Reaching audiences wherever they are

There is no doubt that both social media, paid marketing and SEO have their unique strengths to get customers to discover your brand. 

Most marketers know that social media gets your content out there faster. Every business knows that it has to reach an audience wherever they are, and you can’t find a better place than social media sites such as Facebook and YouTube.

With social media sites, you can be connecting with billions of active users. Social media helps you promote your brand and get it out there in front of potential customers who would never have otherwise found you.

The younger generation choose social media

More recently, there are debates raging as to whether social media or SEO is the best strategy to use to grow online businesses. Certainly, the younger generations rely on recommendations from their friends on social media to influence their purchases. 

The marketing channel you choose is only really effective when you target a specific audience. So with people between the ages of 18 and 26, it would be important to use social media. 

It’s easier to target an audience on social media as opposed to using organic SEO. But of course, once you find the ideal audience, you can use SEO to attract them by making use of the appropriate keywords.

Social media a valuable marketing strategy

By advertising on social networking sites such as Facebook, advertisers can check out the user’s demographic information in order to target their advertisements accordingly. 

Having a social network allows you to communicate with existing and potential customers and there is really no better way than a social media channel to announce new products or services. 

Businesses have to do all it takes to satisfy customer needs, and by making use of social media, you can find out exactly what your customers want through questionnaires and surveys.

We need social media and SEO

Social media networking is growing all the time, enabling more and more people to reach you. Setting up social media channels for marketing can certainly go towards improving the company’s image and making it more real and trustworthy. 

You may have always relied on traditional marketing channels for business so it can be hard to know where to invest between Pay Per Click Advertising, SEO and Social Media Marketing. 

Each one depends on the kind of business, products, services, and customer base. The truth is you need both social media and SEO. Both of them are needed to get more traffic and more sales. While SEO will make sure your content is readable by search engines, social media gets your content out to the world.

Buy credibility for your business

Social media is a crucial part of your business marketing strategy and it’s a brilliant way to connect with your customers. It can positively influence a company’s revenue. 

Facebook and Instagram are massive social media platforms and if your business is there, ‘likes’ are telling people that there is something credible to look at with your offerings. The benefit of buying followers on your social media site is that it makes your brand appear more popular than it actually is.

With Goread, you can buy quality likes and a following so that you enjoy more credibility and visibility. You can get your brand solidly established as an authoritative source in your field.

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