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Label printing at A4 using Adobe forms

Efficiency mostly depends on experience, especially depends on recent experience. I will forget what I’ve done even several months ago, but doing one summary will strengthen my memory and keep the experience refresh for quite a long time.

No matter how many people write how many times on some specific topic like the label printing, that’s not mine.  After finish this blog I will recall everything immediately even one day forget some details 😀

1.Overview of Master pages

At the master pages view, there’s no content at the header as Logos& company addresses will be shown repeated per label instead of per page. So no need to put anything in the traditional Header area for me, may add a page number per whole label page. Create the first contents area which will be the main area as all binding will happens only at this content area.

The key setting is the Pagination of Label page, select ‘Go to Next Content Area’ which will make the label print sequence following the sequence of contents area created. With the loop of the tables, each entry will be filled per contents area following this sequence. If all areas been filled, the next page will be triggered.

2.Overview of Design pages

At the design view, all fields finally printed at the label (wrapped in Subform) are binding to table fields at the first content area only. All the rest of the area contents are blank without any binding.

The SubForm here contains all the fields is ‘Flowed’, but sub-forms for address lines and rest fields are divided into two separated forms which are ‘Positioned’ to help align the position.

3.Overview of the Binding

The interface only imports one internal table IT_ITEM and no item lines here in the first contents area like normal forms which has table& items. Should cover all the main points to recreate brand new one label.

Sometimes when I google something, I thought I could achieve this function in 1 hour, up to 2 hours~ then 1 day past… Perfectly fit this 900 years ancient poem:



Added at 2021-July-7

If the output has an extra balnk page at the end in the Adobe form only when no. of items reaches the limit of the number of contents area per page. Check the following points:

  1. Check-box of  ‘Allow page breaks within contents’ at pagination been ticked for all subforms?
  2. Check-box of ‘Repeat subform for each data item’ at Binding of the label being ticked?
  3. Any extra object/data binding below&outside of the label form?
  4. Check adobe help with those buttons.
  5. Try change ‘Go to Next content area’ to ‘continue filling parent’.
  6. Still not works till now~ maybe using javascript code to hidden the page like this.

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