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Exploring SAP BTP ABAP Environment

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  • In this series, we will explore the new SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) ABAP Environment – formerly known as SAP Cloud Platform ABAP Environment.
  • Quick introduction to SAP BTP ABAP Environment  and Hands’ on sessions with HTTP Service in Eclipse
  • Create few end-to-end example to illustrate the various features present within cloud-optimized version of the ABAP programming language.



  • In this series, we will start with Eclipse Setup
  • And the necessary plugins to get started with ABAP development on Eclipse
  • Then We would Access SAP HANA Trial and create ABAP trail. Will create Service instance as well.
  •  We would later create our SAP ABAP Cloud Project and then Create and configure Simple HTTP services
  • Then we will create another HTTP service with a different variant by taking input from HTTP service input parameter, Later integrate with ABAP standard class.
  • Finally in last part we will access SAP API HUB, Use an existing API : SAP S/4 Hana API (Country) and then integrate with the HTTP Service we build earlier.


SAP BTP ABAP Environment Building Blocks (Our focus would be on HTTP Service)


Step-By-Step Hands-On Video Tutorial

🔴 Part #1 Eclipse Setup (video – 2 min)

  • Install Eclipse
  • Add ABAP Plugin

🔴 Part #2 BTP Setup and ABAP Trial Access (video – 4 min)

  • Access SAP HANA trial
  • Enable account for ABAP Trial
  • Successful Creation of service instance

🔴Part #3 SAP ABAP Cloud Project & BTP HTTP Service Creation (video – 5 min)

  • ABAP Cloud Project
  • BTP Cloud Foundry Connection
  • Create and configure Simple HTTP services
  • Test HTTP Service

🔴 Part #4 Create HTTP service with Input Form parameters (video – 7 min)

  • Create Another HTTP Service
  • Take input form parameters
  • Integrate with standard class
  • Test Service

🔴 Part #5 SAP BTP ABAP Environment: HTTP Service Integrated with service from SAP API HUB Example (video – 10 min)

  • SAP API HUB Login
  • SAP S/4 Hana API (Country)
  • Create new Class for HUB API Call
  • Integrate with API HUB Sample Service
  • Test Service



  • These series of videos should give you some idea on how to use the SAP BTP ABAP Environment for creating HTTP service and how to integrate & call API from SAP API Business HUB
  • Please list them down below and I will be happy to answer If you have questions or comments.


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      Author's profile photo Sachin Artani
      Sachin Artani

      Hi Pavan,

      Thank you so much for sharing all this wonderful information. I see you used the Eclipse Oxygen version and I am using the Neon version of it and it looks like the SAP Cloud Integration part is taken out from Eclipse for the latest versions.

      Could you tell me how could we run ABAP cloud project with Eclipse latest version?

      Author's profile photo Pavan Golesar
      Pavan Golesar
      Blog Post Author

      Thanks Sachin Artani

      Step 1. If you are on any older version simple doing 'Check for updates' in Eclipse can get you latest copy and there is no need to re-download/re-setup.

      In 2018, Eclipse dropped the celestial bodies naming convention and moved to quarterly releases with a YYYY-MM version name and platform number.

      If Step 1 did not work then, download latest eclipse from SAP Development Tools here (under procedure they have giving detail steps for setup) you can follow them and continue with rest parts of this series.The current stable version for Eclipse at the time of writing this comment is platform 4.20 / version 2021-06.

      If still you face issue there are couple of good blog here on community for setup of eclipse for ABAP development.

      Hope this helps. 🙂



      Author's profile photo Jelena Perfiljeva
      Jelena Perfiljeva

      Hi Sachin! You can always visit the SAP Developer Tools page to find what Eclipse versions work with which tools:

      SAP won't keep supporting tools for the old Eclipse versions. Neon version came out in 2016, time for an update. 🙂

      Author's profile photo David Coiro
      David Coiro

      Hi Pavan, hope you are well and safe, can you please explain me in which case I should use abap environment. For example in my actual project I create an html 5 application where I put different information to finally create a purchase order in SAP S/4 as my backend system. For this purpose im invoking an odata service (to execute standard Bapi) trough sap gateway using cloud connector and destination configuration but my question is if this architecture decision is fine or I should be using abap environment for this purpose ? Thanks for your help.

      Author's profile photo srinivas SRINIVAS
      srinivas SRINIVAS

      hi pavan,
      nice tutorials helped me very much to know about the next steps
      i want to connect a api from eclipse to btp and the input session has to be entered from the console
      how can we connect the connectivity and console environment


      Author's profile photo Vinit Jain
      Vinit Jain

      Hi Pavan,

      I am not able to create abap booster, please check the screenshot attached.

      Author's profile photo Pavan Golesar
      Pavan Golesar
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Vinit,

      I was able to replicate the error and resolved it too. You can find the steps in my blog below explained:

      SAP BTP ABAP Environment and ADT Troubleshooting Guide | SAP Blogs


      Hope it was helpful!

      Pavan Golesar