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YOU CHOOSE the next SAP Community Call: Tell us what interest you most!

The last couple of months were crazy full of interesting and diverse community calls and I can imagine that you might have missed some. From members of the executive board at SAP Thomas Saueressig and Chief Technology Officer Juergen Mueller answering your questions, to celebrating with and learning from the SAP Conversational AI tutorial challenge winners, see yourself in our replays corner and catch the calls you missed.  

If you’re not familiar with SAP Community Calls – these are virtual expert sessions with an SAP expert presenting about a topic or SAP product, often including a live-demo ending with a live Q&A with you, the community. I had the pleasure to be part of many community calls. In the past years, I had also been organizing SAP Community Talks at SAP TechEd where you could submit your own sessions. And from both formats, I like the “caring spirit” the most, where speakers share their experiences, tips and tricks with the community, but where the attendee is center of interest, ensuring that open questions are answered. Now, we’d like to bring the best of both formats together.  

So if you’re new to an SAP technology or product or would like to exchange with experts and peers on your thoughts and pressing questions, I can very much recommend joining an SAP Community Call or even suggesting one that could be helpful for you!  

Now, it’s your turn – tell us your topic preference for SAP Community Calls in the comment section below. Depending on the comment likes counted on July 25th, we’ll work on your most liked suggestion and plan with an SAP expert to have your requested SAP Community Call scheduled in August/September for you! So either comment, like a comment or do both to influence future SAP Community Calls. I recommend to follow this blog post to be notified about new comments / suggestions. 

We’ve been planning and planning, here’s a selection of community calls coming up in July: 

  • Making the Intelligent Enterprise a Working Reality by Focusing on Adoption, with Eva Zauke – Senior Vice President and Global Head of SAP Enterprise Adoption (see details here) 
  • Low-code/No-code development with SAP BTP, with Eric Solberg, Chief Architect SAP Extension Suite (see details here) 
  • Enabling Your Workforce for Success, with Kerry Brown, Head of Transformational Change & Future of Work, Global Customer Success (see details here) 
  • SAP Analytics Cloud – Overview of Recent Innovations, with Holger Handel, SAP Analytics Cloud Product Manager (see details here) 
  • Explore SAP’s Integration Reference Content for your End-to-End Business Processes, with Carsten Puschke, Director, Cross-Product Architecture Product Manager (see details here) 
  • Introducing the New Business Content for Workforce Planning with SAP Analytics Cloud, with Holger Handel, SAP Analytics Cloud Product Manager (see details here) 
  • How to Consume SAP AI Business Services using Cloud Integration Content, with Satheesh Ilu, SAP AI Business Services Product Manager (see details here) 
  • SAP HANA Cloud Overview, with Thomas Hammer, SAP HANA Cloud Product Manager (see details here) 
  • SAP HANA Cloud, Data Lake Overview, with Jason Hinsperger, SAP HANA Cloud Product Manager (see details here) 
  • Optimize procurement with intelligent integrated Source-to-Pay processes, with Sourabh Kothari, Sr. Director, Solution Strategy – SAP Procurement Solutions (see details here) 

You can see dates and details of each call on this page:  

I am looking forward to your suggestions for future SAP Community Calls!

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  • How about a session to put the various tools or services like "Cloud Foundry", "BTP", "Kyma", "Fiori", "Neo", "SCP", and (many!) more into context? As I only work in NetWeaver environments (750 EHP8) I always have a hard time knowing what these many options are used or needed for and get confused even while trying to work through some of the developer tutorials at the beginner level. I often feel that I "don't really know where I am, why I need to be there, and what to do there". Possibly others feel similarly lost, so a session to put things into perspective - to get the lay of the land - would be helpful in general and not just for me.



  • Hi Mynyna! For those not on Twitter, this is what I shared yesterday:

    To elaborate beyond the tweet's character limit, the SAP Community call seem to be missing the Community. They're basically turning into webinars about SAP products. Yes, we get a chance to ask questions in the end but quite frequently the important questions get dodged or are misunderstood. And then it's like "thank you, next".

    What I would like to see more is conversations with the actual Community members who are not SAP employees. E.g. if Bärbel was interviewing someone (and it could be both another community member that specializes in the subject and an SAP representative too) asking them to ELI5 what do we need Cloud Foundry for and such, that would be of more value than top-down SAP product presentations IMHO.

    • Hi Jelena! Thanks for your feedback! I always love hearing from the community - that's why I enjoy the SAP Community Talks at SAP TechEd so much 🙂  Do you have suggestions on who you'd like to hear speaking?

      • Pretty much anyone without a "trapezoid"? 🙂 What would be really cool is to hear from some new voices in the Community. It's been pretty much the same group of "influencers" and they are great, don't get me wrong but where are the next generations?

  • Hello - How about following topics:

    1. Demo on how to connect SAP business workflow to Workflow Management - process visibility

    2. I have mostly seen "Custom Fields and Logic" app from Key user extensibility concept. How about Form templates? It will be very interesting

    3. Lets promote event driven architecture by talking about connecting to S4 to event Mesh..More importantly, it should become a hands on exercise for the BTP bootcamp series.

    4. What I have recently understood that Pass through integrations can be replaced by using API Management instrad of building iFlows. We have elaborate session about this very specific use case for API Management it will be helpful.

    5. I have not searched for it, but I have a feeling that there needs to be more adoption of usage of REST clients like Postman. May be a session on this for various use cases can help. May be this topic doesnt fall in SAP space, but anyway.

    6. Since we are moving towards API driven world, the authentication mechanism for Odata calls is becoming important. May be a call to talk about it will help.


    Thanks & Regards

    Srinivas Rao