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Good to Know- Enable easy create from object detail view ( + QCButtonMenu)

Hi All:

If your clients need some shortcuts or reduce some clicks to create a register from related object so you need to know the Quick view functionality. Quick view displays a concise overview of an object, providing a way to get information quickly without needing to navigate away from the current screen.This functionality is available since 2002 version.

How can you activate?

SettingsCompany Settings — Enable New Quick View

Follow the sequence in the figure below. (1, 2, 3, 4 “optional”, 5)


List of Objects that support the New Quick View
No.  Object Path
1 Opportunity Sales → Opportunity
2 Sales Quote Sales → Sales Quotes
3 Sales Order Sales → Sales Orders
4 Leads Sales → Leads
5 Employees People → Employees
6 Accounts Customer → Accounts
7 Contacts Customer → Contacts
8 Individual Customers Customer → Individual Customers
9 Appointments Activities → Appointments
10 E-Mails Activities → E-Mails
11 Phone Calls Activities → Phone Calls
12 Tasks Activities → Tasks
13 Visits Visits → Visits
14 Competitors Competitors → Competitors
15 Competitor Products Competitors → Competitor Products
16 Products

Products → Product Administration

Products → Products

17 Contracts Contracts → Contracts
18 Tickets Service → Ticket
19 Chats Activities → Chats
20 Memo Activities → Memo
21 Installed Base Installed Base → Installed Base
22 Installation Points Installed Base → Installation Points
23 Registered Products

Product → Registered Products

Installed Base → Registered Products

24 Assignments Resource Scheduler → Assignments
25 Maintenance Plans Installed Base → Maintenance Plans
26 Stock Stock
27 Time Entry Time Recording → Time Entries
28 Time Report Time Recording → Time Reports
29 Social Media Message Service → Social Media Messages
30 Partner Partner → Partner
31 Partner Contact Partner → Partner Contact
32 Product Lists Product → Product Lists
33 Org Structures Administrator → General Settings → Org Structures
34 Premise Utilities → Premise
35 Contract Account Utilities → Contract Account
36 Sales POD Utilities → Sales POD
37 Promotion Sales Campaign → Promotion

Scope of key user tools for the new quick view

  • Adding new tabs

  • Adding new sections to tabs

  • Adding extension fields (to sections on the views as well as to the new quick view header)

  • Adding PSM fields from underlying main business object (to sections on the views as well as to the new quick view header)

  • Adding HTML formatted explanation texts to existing tabs

  • Reorder tabs

  • Reorder panes of a view

  • Reorder fields (in sections of views as well as in the new quick view header)

  • Reorder columns (if there are tables or chunk views modeled on a new quick view)

  • Move fields across sections and facets

  • Move fields from sections to header region and vice versa

  • Show/hide fields, columns, buttons

  • Set fields and column invisible, read-only, mandatory in master layout, as per key user rule and dependent on a page layout

  • Sort and group lists

  • Set of visible rows to lists

  • Set display mode and sort order of code list fields

How can you see if the Quick view was available


Finally, you can customize which object relationships you need to be available. For example in the Account view you can hide some one them.


How can you hide some object?

In the Adapt mode you can make visible or not the object that you need. Follow the sequence below to make easy a set up.




That’s all… Easy right? 🙂

Importants links:

1. What’s New in SAP Cloud for Customer


Specials Thanks to @luisMiguelAlvarez and @AlexAedo




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      Senthil Kumar

      Hi Diamila,

      Thank you for sharing this good to know information.



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      Diamila Rosa de la Teja
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      you´re very welcome!