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How to troubleshoot failing Variable Pay Employee History or Bonus Calculation Jobs


Please find below useful techniques to troubleshoot failing EC Employee History Jobs or Bonus Calculation Jobs in a Variable Pay template of SuccessFactors.

First things first : when these two types of jobs starts failing unfortunately the logs we get from Admin Center > Monitor Compensation Jobs will not provide any information (I believe the Product Team has a plan to improve this in the future). The only useful logs we can get (and they can be very useful) are in Provisioning > Monitor Jobs (towards the bottom of the main page) :

There we can filter on Status = Failed then click on Details for the latest job that ran :

For EC-VP Employee History Jobs and Sub Jobs we will see something like this :

And something like this for Run Bonus Calculation :


In these logs we need to try to find anything useful as per the examples above (any text that could point us to what could be a potential root cause).

If you are a customer administrator and don’t have access to that screen please create a ticket to SAP support requesting this log or ping a consultant who has worked with your company previously and still has provisioning access.

If we can’t find anything that makes sense in the logs then we can follow the techniques below.


Troubleshooting EC-VP Employee History Job Failures

  1. Make sure there are no mappings to EC string-fields (only EC numeric fields are allowed) defined in Plan Setup > Set Bonus Calculation > Bonus Calculation Equation > Field Mappings. See example here.
  2. Make sure there is data in EC for the fields mapped to the VarPayEmpHist background element columns (mappings can be checked in Plan Setup > EC Employee History Field Mapping)
  3. Reselect every value in fields tied to a dropdown list in the Records eligibility rule and Filtering rule if there is one (see recording).
  4. Remove the mapping to EC fields for your Employee History columns until the job is working again then adding them back one by one to single out the problematic mapping (see recording).
  5. Find out with a report which employees have a Termination Date before the effective date of their first Job Info record (see recording)

Please note that this recording’s intent is to help troubleshooting employee history jobs that worked correctly before they started failing and NOT jobs that are still being built as part of a new implementation. In that case many more things can create failures : fields incompatibility (if we mapped a text field from EC to a number field on the employee history for example) OR if we are incorrectly using the reserved fields : startDate, endDate, vfld5 (varPayProgramName), vlfd14 (currency), ffld1 (basis), recordType.




Troubleshooting Bonus Calculation Job Failures

  1. Check that each Bonus Plans has an eligibility rule tied to it (whether EC Business Rule or Legacy Business Rule).
  2. Check your business goals configuration. Make sure there is no business goal of type=Step for which you haven’t provided all mandatory scale points. This can happen if you upload Business Goals via CSV. If you think business goals are the issue (based on the logs or because the failed jobs started happening right after you uploaded new business goals by CSV), then delete all business goals and start with one business goal that you manually create. Once Run Bonus Calculation is working again (after you created that one goal), export that successful business goal to CSV and use its pattern/structure from the CSV file to rebuild your full import file.



We need patience and a structured approach to fix these issues. They are not easy however it’s easy to panic when all we need to do is slowly revert back to basics until it works again, then build again slowly.

I will update this blog every time I come across potential new root causes that are not yet documented.

If you are a Variable Pay administrator or consultant looking for more insights and tips on the module, you will find additional recordings here :



All the best,


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