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Author's profile photo Jagmohan Singh Chawla

Add new Project roles in SAP Cloud ALM

In this post I would like to explain

  • How to add a new custom Project role
  • How to use the newly created Project role in a Project team
  • What access will be given to the new Role


How to add a custom Project role

As you already know that SAP Cloud ALM comes preloaded with list of roles from SAP Activate methodology , we decided to give you the flexibility to extend it

Go to Manage Projects , you will see a new Tab called roles

You can navigate to this and click to create a Project role , you can also give a Description and save

in this example I just call it “My Custom role”

after saving , the role appears in role list with a special icon

You can delete it if you wish

How to use the newly created Project role

You can navigate to the desired Project , go to team setup and you will find the newly created role

You can just assign persons to it and use it as other Project roles in the system

What access is given to the person assigned to custom Project role

At this stage all custom Project roles are mapped to the Project member authorisation role

Next steps

We plan to create multiple blog posts on multiple topics, therefore, please ensure you follow the tag SAP Cloud ALM .

If you are specifically looking for some information, feel free to leave a comment and we can create topic based blog posts on demand.

For questions about SAP Cloud ALM, please post in the Q&A area.

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      Author's profile photo Lukas Roschi
      Lukas Roschi

      Hi Jagmohan


      Im pretty new to Cloud ALM and i was reading your post mainly about authorization roles, combined with project roles. and what i understand so far that there is only those 4 authorizations roles with the default "permissions". what i am interested now is, i really want to create own authorization roles, mainly because we want to differ between the permission to import a feature into QUA system and the permission to import a feature into Production.


      is such a thing possible? sorry i didnt find any fiting so far, thats why i text you here.


      thanks a lot for your feedback and best regards


      Author's profile photo David Cassel
      David Cassel

      Hey there Lukas, just a heads up for you, SAP now added in the "Change Manager" and "Deployment Manager" roles under the "Change and Deployment Management" grouping. This is for the standard Cloud ALM roles that you can assign in user management. Change manager lets you import features to QA and Deployement manager lets you do the same for prod. For people to create transports/release them in the first place, they need project lead. Actually im trying to figure out a way to seperate out the create/release transport functionality from this project lead role, but its a work in progress for sure!