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Author's profile photo Vijay Sharma

Fiori Launchpad Checks (/UI2/FLC)

This blog is a part of Master blog Tools to Analyze Fiori Launchpad Issues, where we looked at different tools available to analyze the issues in Fiori Launchpad and Launchpad Designer.

In this blog we look at the Standard Fiori Launchpad Checks report and how to analyze the issues with the same.

The report Fiori Launchpad Checks (transaction /UI2/FLC) is available to check the consistency of delivered and customized content created for use with SAP Fiori launchpad.


Start Transaction /UI2/FLC (Fiori Launchpad Checks) in Back-end system and the Landing screen will be like as shown below.

Like any other SAP standard report, it has multiple filter options:

  • Adaptation Layer
    • Configuration: This can be selected to Analyze the Launchpad content at configuration level (client independent)
    • Customization: This can be selected to check the Launchpad content at customizing level (client dependent) and to see if the configuration level content is not overwritten at client level.
  • Additional Filters: Under this we have option to further filter the content for analysis based on:
    • Catalog ID: Filter content for the Catalog ID to be reviewed
    • Group ID: Filter content for the Group ID to be reviewed
    • Package: Or review content for a specific package(s) with the option to include sub packages in the analysis.
    • Analyze Role: this checkbox need to be checked in case we have role, for which we want to verify the content instead of Catalog or Group ID
    • Role: Pass the Role for which content need to be checked.
    • Only Role Assigned to User: So, in case, we want content for all the roles assigned to specific user, we need to check this checkbox.
    • User: this will have the user whose roles will be referred for content filtering.
    • Bypassing Cache: As the name suggest, bypass caches while feting the content to be checked.
    • Only Error Messages: To see only the error messages in the report output.

Let’s say we want to verify the content for all custom catalogs (Z*) and also we want to see only the ones with errors.

Pass Z* in Catalog ID field and check “Only Error Messages” checkbox on the selection screen and execute.

The Output will show all the error in content from all the custom catalogs as shown below.

In the Output, we could see details related to the error records, like:

  • Type of Objects (Tile, Target Mapping etc.)
  • Catalog ID, Group ID etc.
  • Test ID: This will give you the error code.
  • Message: this show the error description

We can analyze the error in Message column and take corrective action. For E.g. in current case, we can see invalid semantic object “TestALP”. For invalid semantic object error, we need to check if the semantic object is maintained in transaction /UI2/SEMOBJ (custom semantic object) or /UI2/SEMOBJ_SAP (SAP).

Open Transaction /UI2/SEMOBJ and check semantic object “TestALP” and I found same missing as shown below.

Maintain the same and re-execute the report .The error should be gone as shown below.

Below is the typical list of errors and where to look for issue resolution:

Test ID Category Message Where to Fix?
CAT01 Error Catalog does not have software component assigned

To be fixed in SAP Fiori launchpad designer

CAT02 Error Catalog does not have package assigned
CAT03 Warning Catalog does not have tiles
GRP01 Error Group does not have software component assigned
GRP02 Error Group does not have package assigned
GRP03 Warning Group does not have tiles
GRP04 Error Tile in group has an error
GRP05 Error Application launcher in the corresponding catalog was a reference to an original but the original application launcher was deleted. Therefore, the reference is broken.
TM01 Error Semantic object used in target mapping does not exist
TM02 Error Action is not defined for target mapping
TM03 Warning Target mapping action does not start with lower case
TM04 Error Launchpad
TM05 Error When specifying the navigation target in the target mapping definition for SAPUI5-based SAP Fiori apps, the SAPUI5 component was not entered correctly.
TM06: Error Target mapping was a reference to an original, but the original target mapping was deleted. Therefore, the reference is broken.
TM07: Error Issues regarding the system alias that is referenced in the target mapping configuration

Check for System Alias related checks

AP01 Error Semantic object targeted by application launcher does not exist

To be fixed in SAP Fiori launchpad designer

AP02 Error Application launcher has empty action
AP03 Warning Action used in application launcher does not start with lower case
AP04 Error Application launcher does not have valid target mapping for object or action within the same catalog
AP05 Error Application launcher was a reference to an original, but the original application launcher was deleted. Therefore, the reference is broken.
LP01 Error Unspecified error in launchpad

To be fixed in transaction (LPD_CUST)

LP02 Error Additional info field of launchpad definition must contain ‘SAPUI5.Component=’
LP03 Error System alias in launchpad definition is not empty
LP04 Error System alias in launchpad definition is empty
LP05 Error Target app parameters field is empty for launchpad definition with additional information equal “SAPUI5.Component=factsheet”
LP06 Warning Encoding of target app parameter is invalid


Now, we know how to Analyze the Launchpad Content issue with /UI2/FLC, what are the different error messages and where to fix each one of them.

Keep Learning & Keep Sharing!!



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      Author's profile photo Vipin Nagpal
      Vipin Nagpal

      What is impact on accessing tile if Semantic object is missing? Is sematic object mandatory in S/4 HANA 1909 SPS02?



      Author's profile photo Varun Biswas
      Varun Biswas

      Hi Vijay,

      The Catalogue and the Group ID fields are inactive in the first screenshot. Then in the second screenshot, it is not. How did you make it happen? Are these two different transactions?

      Author's profile photo Vijay Sharma
      Vijay Sharma

      Hi Varun,

      In the first screen shot there were error for semantic object and after maintaining the semantic object if you re-execute the transaction , the error was corrected and that's why not shown in errors list.





      Author's profile photo Silvio Frenzel
      Silvio Frenzel

      Hi Varun,

      this is due to the default selection when accessing /UI2/FLC. Upon transaction execution, both selection fields, "Catalog ID" and "Group ID" are grayed out since flag "Analyze Roles" is set enabling selection field "Role".

      You can enable "Catalog ID" and "Group ID" by changing the "Adaption Layer" or deselecting flag "Analyze Roles".

      Best regards,



      Author's profile photo BHARANIDHARAN S P M

      Hi Vijay Sharma :

      Only below columns are found upon running the tcode /n/ui2/flc . There is no message and Test ID columns found in the report.


      Status Type Software Component Package ID of a Catalog Catalog Title Group ID Group Title Semantic Object Action Tile or TM Title Subtitle Tile Information Main WD Config Key Property WD Config Key Launchpad Role Launchpad Instance Launchpad Text Key Title of Navigation Target PFCG Role PFCG Role Description PFCG Role Assigned


      Bharanidharan S P M

      Author's profile photo Pranav Kumar
      Pranav Kumar

      Hi Vijay Sir,


      when i open the GL Master data in Public Cloud GL Master data creation getting below error

      Calling UI5 transaction F0731A in web browser, message no. /UI2/UI/START003.


      Thanks & Regards

      Pranav Gupta