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Analyzing Fiori Launchpad Issues – Content Manager Part1

This blog is a part of Master blog Tools to Analyze Fiori Launchpad Issues, where we looked at different tools available to analyze the issues in Fiori Launchpad and Launchpad Designer.

In this blog, we going to cover the usage of Launchpad Content Manger tool for analyzing the content relates issue which typically include issues like:

  • Differences on the configuration and the customizing scope of the catalogs.
  • Unresolved tiles and target mappings references.
  • configuration issues of tile and target mapping.

We can make the client-specific changes (/UI2/FLPCM_CUST) to the cross-client catalogs (/UI2/FLPD_CONF) for example, changing the catalog title or adding tiles and this creates a copy of cross-client catalog in the customizing scope with Catalog ID remans the same. The Catalog in the customizing scope gets decoupled from the Catalog in Configuration scope and that means any changes (except changes of texts in tiles or target mappings) in configuration catalog will not be reflected in the catalog in customizing scope.

These issues can be analyzed using Fiori Launchpad content manager. Analysis can be done at two levels:

  • Catalog Issues
  • Tile and Target Mapping issues

Catalog Issues

The launchpad content manager indicates if the state of a catalog differs on the configuration and the customizing scope.

Procedure to check

  • Open the Launchpad content manager in customizing mode ( Transaction – /UI2/FLPCM_CUST ) and Open the Catalogs tab.

  • Filter the Scope column for Customizing.

  • Check the value of the Status in Current Client column:


Below can be the Status values:

  • Value



    The catalog was created in the current client and does not exist in the configuration scope (/UI2/FLPD_CONF).


    The catalog was created in the configuration scope and changed in the current client using the launchpad designer, which means that it is now decoupled from the original catalog on the configuration scope. If the original catalog is now changed in the configuration scope, these changes will not be reflected in the current client.


    The catalog was created in the configuration scope and changed in the current client using the launchpad designer, which means that it is now decoupled from the original catalog on the configuration scope. The original catalog was then changed in the configuration scope. The catalog on the current client is outdated because the changes in the configuration scope are no longer reflected. If the catalog is now changed in the customizing scope, its status will be set to “Changed” again.

What are the Options?

Below are the options to deal with these issues:

  • Update the catalog to the latest changes of the configuration scope.
  • In the launchpad designer, you can reset the outdated catalog. This also works if the outdated catalog contains originals. Changes made in the customizing scope will be lost.
    • Select the Outdated catalog in Launchpad content manager and click on Open in Designer

    • The Outdated icon will be visible in the Launchpad with a hyperlink in right panel “outdated”. Click the link.

    • A pop to confirm the catalog reset will appear. Click OK to sync catalog with Configuration scope catalog.


  • If the catalog does not contain any original tiles or target mappings, you can use the launchpad content manager to delete the client-specific catalog in the customizing scope.
  • Continue working with the existing changes of the customization scope. In this case, you do not receive the latest changes provided in the configuration scope.

We will see in the next blog, how to analyze issues from tiles/target mapping level and the possible correction steps for the same.

Keep Learning and Keep Sharing!!

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  • Nice one, thanks Vijay. How do we fix "Changed" catalogs in the customising scope to make it reflect the same catalog in the configuration scope?

  • Thanks for sharing this knowledge.

    1. As I am viewing  standard catalog in Fiori content manger. What should we do if  standard Tile and  standard target mapping is missing in standard Fiori catalog , but Fiori app is visible in Fiori app reference library for S/4 HANA 1909 version.
    2. What is meaning of red border around tile with in custom catalog in Fiori launchpad designer?
    3. What should I do if I am view message  can not load tile in Fiori Home page?
    4. I am getting 500 Error when I am trying to view webdynpro app, What could be possible reason for this issue.  SICF services are active.



    • Thanks Vipin!

      there is no straight forward solution to issues you mentioned. There could be different reasons like incorrect configuration in Launchpad designer, error with the tile or the navigation, Broken linkage with reference tiles etc.

      You will need to analyze which one it is and for that you can start with tools mentioned in this blog.

      For missing standard till in catalog, you can configure one if you get all the config details in the app library else you can raise SAP incident.