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Quality Certificate Check at Goods Receipt


This blog will help to implement receipt of certificate at the time of “Goods Receipt”. The process can be implemented to validate receipt of quality certificate or any other mandatory document at the time of GR, so that necessary actions can be taken by quality department.

There are 2 approaches considered in this blog:

  1. Restrict GR creation, if certificate is missing.
  2. Allow GR creation, if certificate is missing.



To achieve this, QM control key with “Cert required” checkbox active is required. SAP Standard control key “0005 – Delivery release, certificate” is used here.

Config Path : Quality Management -> QM in procurement -> Define Control Key

Configuration Required

One of the important configuration required is Certificate type. Certificate type will decide how system should behave in case of receipt or missing of certificate. Setting “Control without certif” is a key parameter which will decide the behavior at the time of GR.

The certificate type “QCGR” used here, is a custom certificate type.

Config Path : Quality Management -> QM in procurement -> Define Keys for Certificate Processing -> Define Certificate Types

Below are the options available under “Control without certi.” option. In this document below indicator are used:

C Without lot: Error message, with lot: Status

D Without lot: Error message, with lot: Error message


Master Data

Following are the master data used in the process:

  1. QM View of Material Master (MM01/02/03).
  2. Quality Info Record (QI01/02/03), applicable as per the control key used.


1.  QM View of Material Master

In QM view, maintain Procurement Data & Activate inspection type ’01’, as shown in the images below:


2.  Quality Info Record

As per standard control key “0005” settings, quality info record is mandatory.

Make sure under “Insp. Control  => 1 Inspection Active Regardless of Supplier Certification” is active as inspection lot to be created in the process & “Release Until have future date” (as per business requirement).

Note: Quality Info Record creation can be excluded, if “Release Required” indicator of the QM Control key is unchecked.



Scenario 1 : Restrict GR creation, if certificate is missing.

For this scenario, “Control without certif => D Without lot: Error message, with lot: Error Message” is applicable in certificate profile.

A. GR Creation

Under tab “Purchase Order Data“, it is mandatory to select value in “Cert. Enclosed?” else system will not allow to create GR.

If Selected ‘No’, System will not allow GR creation, as it is selected to display error message in certificate type config.

In this case, GR can be created only if  ‘Cert. enclosed’ selected ‘Yes’.

GR creation is successful. Also, system will create inspection lot with status “CROK”.


Scenario 2 : Allow GR creation, if certificate missing.

For this scenario “Control without certif => C Without lot: Error message, with lot: Status” will be applicable.

A. GR Creation

At the time of GR creation,, system will ask for confirmation of certificate receipt & based on the input given, system will update the necessary status for inspection lot.


i. Cert. Enclosed = Yes.

In this case, system will allow the GR creation & inspection lot will have status ‘CROK‘ i.e. ‘Certificate receipt confirmed‘ & usage decision can be taken.

a. GR Creation

b. Inspection Lot Processing

ii. Cert. Enclosed = No.

In this case, system will allow the GR creation but the inspection lot will be created with status ‘CTCM‘ i.e. Certificate conformation missing & usage decision can’t be taken till status changed to ‘CROK‘.

a. GR Creation


b. Inspection Lot Processing

So, in this case system will not allow to post the UD, till the ‘CROK’ status is updated to the inspection lot.

c. Confirming Receipt of Certificate

As the inspection lot is in CTCM status, system will not allow to take the UD. To perform the UD, it’s required to tell system that certificate is received. This can be done in 2 ways:

  • From Inspection Lot

Use below path:

Inspection Lot Number => Edit => Confirm Receipt of Certificate =>Save

  • From Quality certificates 

There are two transactions which can be used for this i.e. QC52 and QC55, but the process to change the status remains the same.

QC52: This transaction is used for single record processing

QC55: This transaction is used for work list processing

Here, transaction QC55 is used.

Based on the input parameter, system will display the record/s.

Now, select the record & click on button “Change Certificate Data“.

In field “Cert. status“, there are multiple options available. Select status as  “2 Certificate received” to update inspection lot status as CROK & Save.

Now, system has updated inspection lot status to CROK & usage decision can be taken for the same.



  • By implementing this process, quality team can have control over receipt of necessary certificates at the time of GR.
  • In this document only two approaches are explained, but based on the option selected in the field “Control without certif.” of certificate type more scenarios can be mapped as per requirement.


Note: Any suggestions or modifications are always welcome, so that it can be included in the blog.


Happy Learning!!! 🙂

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  • Hi Akshay,


    Very Good Document.

    But i just have one query. In real time how to check if we have received the quality certificate from the Vendor.

    I know that we set the status to CROK during UD, but is there a place to view the actual certificate sent by Vendor. If so then how does the vendor attach the certificate.

    Could be a basic question but im not sure how it happens in real time.



    • Hi Aditya,

      I am glad that found the document useful.

      To answer your query, I can suggest couple of approach:

      • If you have SRM system in place & you are using ASN approach, you can ask supplier to attach the certificate to ANS. You can then develop a logic at the time of GR, which will fetch the certificate attached in ASN & assign it in GOS for the Procurement certificate created in SAP.
      • If there is no scope of using above option, then simple approach can be attaching scan copy of document in GOS of Procurement certificate created in SAP post GR.

      Using GOS is the only option available for the attachment. Usually you can use "Create Attachment" option in GOS for it but this option have drawback of increasing load on SAP database, as it's stores attachments SAP standard tables. If you have DMS(Document Management System) configured, activate document attachment provision to business object BUS2117.

      The documents attached to the procurement certificate created in SAP, can be accessed easily from QC52/53/55 or from Inspection lot with below path:

      Usage Decision => Environment => Inspection lot origin => Procurement Certificate => GOS

      Hope I'm able to answer your query.




  • Hi Akshay,


    Thanks a lot for your detailed explanation.

    SRM system is not in place but i can surely try the 2nd option and test the results.




  • Hi, good information regarding certificate.

    if possible, can someone address this query which is related to certificate. GR was done without certificate and the status of the inspection lot is CTCM. item did not meet specification and defect was raised and the item to be rejected. But system does not allow to perform UD as CROK status is missing. How to address this without confirming the Status of the certificate… thanks