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Step by step procedure to establish CPI to SFTP server connection


The objective of this blog post is establishing the connection from CPI  to SFTP server and adding user credentials and connectivity test.


To connect with SFTP sever we have 2 option

  1. CPI to SFTP via Cloud connector
  2. CPI to SFTP via internet.


If you are connecting via cloud connector, we need whitelist cloud connector IP. In case without cloud connector we need whitelist the CPI tenant Public IP range.

If you are connecting via cloud connector adapter we need to provide location ID and proxy should be On-premise


Cloud Connector Configuration

Here backend system SAP HANA system to access AL11

Back end type: SAP HANA

Protocol: TCP

Virtual host: any dummy ip address which same need to use at CPI and Cloud connector

Virtual port: 22

Internal host: sftp sever IP

Internal port: 22

After this, CPI tenant level need to add user credentials and Know Hosts


Below are the steps, how to add SFTP and FTP Credentials:

Monitoring —>Manage Security —> Security Material —> Add —> User credentials

>Name: SFTP_Credentials (Same name you need to use in the SFTP adapter)

>Type: User Credentials

>User and Password

Click on Deploy



SFTP Connection test :

Monitoring —> Manage Security —> Connectivity Tests, Select SSH for SFTP server connection.


Provide your Host, Port (By default 22) and Authentication as None and Click on Send. You will see the Response message from SFTP server as Successfully reached host, and it will generate Host Key.


SFTP  Host Key file upload:

Monitoring —>Manage Security —> Security Material —>upload

Copy host key file upload at shown below.


To check directory folder access and folder permission.

At directory level provide /



I hope this blog post helps you to understand whitelisting and connection test .

Hope this blog post will help for beginners.

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      Author's profile photo Vivek DM
      Vivek DM

      Thanks for sharing !! It was very Helpful 🙂

      Author's profile photo Joseph Williams
      Joseph Williams
      Thanks for the step by step tutorial. Works like a charm, very thankful and hopeful!     indigocard
      Author's profile photo Sabareesh Panchakshari
      Sabareesh Panchakshari

      is there any open source for sftp connection

      Author's profile photo Joel Langoyan
      Joel Langoyan

      would this setup work with S/4 hana cloud from CPI as well?

      Author's profile photo Jayashree Venkatesh
      Jayashree Venkatesh

      Hi Shaik!

      I did follow the same procedure as in the blog but I end up with this response. What could be the reason

      Response  - com.jcraft.jsch.JSchException: Auth fail

      Author's profile photo Rohini Kumari
      Rohini Kumari

      Hi Shaik,

      Getting this error even after establishing the right sftp configuration, as I also cross checked in my SSH key. Have any idea why is it coming?