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SAP Ariba Integration | Hands-on Video Tutorials

Tahir Hussain Babar (Bob) from the SAP HANA Academy and the Partner Innovation Lab just uploaded a new series of hands-on video tutorials about SAP Ariba Integration.

In this blog post you will find the videos embedded with references and additional information.

For an overview about Intelligent Spend Management, SAP Ariba solutions, documentation, training, and more, see

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Hands-On Video Tutorials

What You Will Learn

In this tutorials series about SAP Ariba integration, we are introduced to the Ariba Procurement and Ariba Network interfaces for creating purchase requests and invoices and learn how we can interact with this data programatically using the SAP Ariba APIs. For this, we can use Postman or the Swagger interface of the SAP API Business Hub. In addition, Bob also addresses, again using Postman, how we can interact with cXML.

On the menu

  • How to create a requisition in SAP Ariba Procurement (Buyer)
  • How to create invoices as buyer and seller (SAP Ariba Network)
  • How to create an application and obtain the application key, OAuth client ID and OAuth secret. required to access SAP Ariba APIs
  • How to obtain an OAuth access token (using Postman)
  • How to call the API using Postman
  • How to call the API using Swagger (SAP API Business Hub)
  • How to manually import and export data
  • How to post and retrieve transactions using cXML

YouTube Playlist

To bookmark or directly access the playlist, go to

For more in depth coverage about working with SAP Ariba API’s, see


To follow along, you’ll need access to an SAP Ariba Procurement tenant (buyer), SAP Ariba Network (supplier), and the SAP Ariba support portal to search the knowledge base.

Read the Docs

For the documentation, visit

For the API’s, go to


Overview, Resources, and Highlights

Video Tutorial

In the first video we learn about SAP Ariba, integration, the topics covered in this video tutorial series, documentation, creating requisitions and invoices, SAP Ariba Connect, SAP Ariba Developer Portal, the SAP API Business Hub, data importing and exporting, the Integration Toolkit (ITK), and miscellaneous topics like cXML postings.

0:00 – Introduction

2:10 – Documentation

3:30 – About the video tutorial series

4:30 – About SAP Ariba Connect and Developer Portal

5:30 – About importing and exporting and the Integration Toolkit (ITK) 

6:45 – Miscellaneous topics like cXML postings


Creating Requisitions in SAP Ariba

SAP Ariba Procurement

In the second video, we get a brief introduction of the SAP Ariba Procurement and how to create a requisition.

0:00 – Introduction

1:00 – Navigating SAP Ariba Buyers

2:50 – Catalog

4:40 – Shopping Cart and approval flow


Creating Invoices in SAP Ariba

SAP Ariba Network

In the third video, we switch to the SAP Ariba Network, create an invoice, and learn about the different options.

0:00 – Introduction

1:00 – SAP Ariba Network

1:50 – Create invoice as supplier

5:50 – Create invoice as buyer


SAP Ariba APIs

SAP Ariba Connect, SAP Ariba Developer Portal, and SAP API Business Hub

In this video, Bob discusses SAP Ariba Connect, the SAP Ariba Developer Portal, and the SAP API Business Hub.

0:00 – Introduction

0:30 – SAP Ariba Connect (support)  

3:25 – SAP Ariba Developer Portal

5:10 – Discover APIs

6:30 – Manage applications

7:30 – SAP API Business Hub


Creating Applications

SAP Ariba Developer Portal

In this tutorial, we learn how to create an application, required for API access to SAP Ariba. The procedure results in an application key, OAuth client ID and OAuth secret.

0:00 – Introduction

1:40 – Create a new application

2:30 – Request API access

4:50 – SAP Ariba Customer Support

6:00 – Generate OAuth secrets

7:00 – Application actions


REST API – Authorization using Bearer Tokens

Oauth Access Token

In this tutorial, we learn how to work with SAP Ariba APIs (as documented) and how to use Postman to call SAP A

0:00 – Introduction

1:30 – Discover API

2:30 – API documentation

3:50 – Obtain OAuth access token using Postman 

5:15 – Create POST request

6:00 – Add API key and Content-Type in the Header

7:00 – Authorization

7:20 – Access token

For the API documentation, see


Retrieving Orders data via an API

Ariba Network Purchase Orders API

In this video, we learn how we can can an API endpoint using Postman and using the SAP API Business Hub (Swagger).

0:00 – Introduction

0:50 – Call API using Postman

2:00 – Bearer access token

3:20 – Add endpoint

4:05 – Result

5:25 – Call API using SAP API Business Hub (Swagger)

For the API documentation, see


Manually Importing and Exporting Data

SAP Ariba Site Administration

In this video, we learn how to import data and work with the data dictionary.

0:00 – Introduction

0:30 – Site Manager (Ariba Spend Management)

2:25 – Data Import/Export

2:50 – Data Dictionary

5:30 – Import

6:20 – Documentation

For the documentation, see


Posting & Retrieving Transactions using cXML

Video Tutorial

In this video, we learn how we can post transactions to the SAP Ariba Network using cXML posting.

0:00 – Introduction

1:00 – Ariba Network, Supplier

2:35 – Send Purchase Order as cXML using Postman

3:15 – Create invoice

4:00 – Ariba Network, Buyer

4:55 – Retrieve invoice as cXML using Postman


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