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Can not connect to a SAP BTP Trial ABAP Environment instance

In this blog I will collect error messages that you may see when you try to connect to your SAP BTP Trial ABAP Environment instance.

  1. “The uaa credentials of the service key used to create this project are no longer valid. Please create a new project using the ABAP Cloud Project Wizard.”I received this message when trying to open an ABAP Cloud project that pointed to a trial instance that I had deleted.The error message given is misleading in this case since you can only create a new project once you have created a new instance of the ABAP environment in your trial account as described here:Create an SAP BTP ABAP Environment Trial User | Tutorials for SAP Developers

    The message content is not acceptableThough this error is not really a connection problem it turned out that it occurs when a user tried to publish a service binding using an outdated ADT installation.

    Installing the latest version of ADT tools solved the issue.


    You get an error message that contains the follwoing
    As described in this blog we only support the latest versions of Eclipse to be used with the latest ADT plugin.

    Make sure that you configure the update sites of both Eclipse and ADT so that they point to the latest version.



I will continue to add additional error messages once I stumble across one.


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  • Hi Andre,

    Thanks for sharing the error scenarios.

    I am getting one message as 'Uh Oh Something went amiss' while I am trying to logon to ABAP trial environment from Eclipse ADT. I was able to log on to the system till yesterday.

    Can this be a system maintenance issue?



      • Andre Fischer


        @MD ALAM now we can access. no more this error Uh Oh Something went amiss