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SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation | Employee Probation Expiry Notification | Integrating Outlook with Deployment in Cloud factory


Managing a new employee’s probation process can be tricky. In this blog post I would like to share how we can automate such processes by SAP IRPA.

Prior sending notification through outlook Bot will get manager details by executing function module and fetching the data from PA0105 table.

Post that it will generate a report consisting Employee details and then will send the notification to their respective mangers.

Understanding Employee Probation Workflow in SAP: 

Task Monitoring : Set Reminder date & Task types and execute.

Task Monitoring_1 : Get employee details like ID, First & Last Name.

Function Builder : Execute RH_GET_LEADER & set 4 parameters ( PLVAR , KEYDATE , OTYPE , OBJID).

Data Browser : Access table PA0105 & fetch “USRID LONG” Field Value to get Manager ID.

Outlook : Send Notification through Mail.

Designing a Workflow :


Let’s Start:

Step 1: Go to File > Create New Project or press “Ctrl + N”.

Step 2:  Fill in the mandatory details in the pop-up, I have maintained below details for my project and then click on save.

Step 3: Go to File Tab. Select Edit Project. Click ‘Libraries’. Select ‘SAP GUI Scripting’ and outlook integration checkbox.

Step 4: Add Application. Choose Technology- ‘UI Automation’. Click on ‘SAP Logon 760’. Then Save and Capture Page.

Page 1 : ( pWindowSAPLogon76 )

Select the target system and click on logon button.

Page 2 : ( pSAP )

Enter user credentials(Username-password) and also enter a target T-code in command field.

Page 3 : ( pTaskMonitoring )

Click on get Variant button & Select a Dynamic Variant to set field “Release Date” with current system date and then execute it.

Page 4 : ( pTaskMonitoring_1 )

Get the Employee details like ID , First , Last name and store it in context array.

Page 5 : ( pFunctionBuilder )

Set function builder field value = “RH_GET_LEADER” and execute it.

Page 6: ( pTestFunctionModule )


Set Parameters ( PLVAR, KEYDATE, OTYPE, OBJID ) with values (01 , System Date , S , Employee ID) respectively.

Page 7 : ( pSaveTestData )


Enter any comments if you want, rest field values will get populated by default.

Page 8 : ( pDatabrowserInitial )


Set Table name as “PA0105” and click on table contents.

Page 9 : ( pDataBrowserTableP )


Set Field PERNR= Employee ID & SUBTY = “0010” and execute it.

Page 10 : ( pDataBrowserTableP1 )


Click on button to select all row and then display it.

Page 11 : ( pTablePA0105Display )


Get value of field USRID LONG (Manager ID) and store it in context array.

Page 12 : ( pWindowInboxAman )


Open Outlook and click on New Item.

Page 13 : ( pWindowuntitledM )


Set the Mandatory fields like TO , CC , Subject , Mail-Body by context array in which values was stored and click on send button.

Finally Click on build button to build the scripts.

Execution & Deployment:

Select your workflow for the execution.

In order to Deploy your project, export it from desktop studio in Zip format.

Cloud Factory Dashboard:

Go to Packages  ~>  Import your compressed project folder.

Once Project is successfully imported go to Environment Tab and select your environment or create it then deploy your package.

Select your package and continue.

Your Intelligent RPA Bot is now successfully deployed on Cloud Factory.

References : Cloud Studio Guide



To conclude, this blog post offers just a high-level overview of what can be achieved to support your company’s probation process using SAP Intelligent RPA. We have seen an End-to-End Demo from creating a Project in Desktop Studio to Deploy the same in Cloud Factory including workflow designing & scripting.

Stay curious for further blog post on SAP Intelligent RPA 2.0! Happy bot building!


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