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How to optimize screen loading times in the Compensation Module

In this recording I give 2 main tips (and an optional one) to optimize screen loading times in Executive Review or planners’ worksheets in the Compensation Module of SuccessFactors.

Even though there is no perfect solution to this question since loading times depend on many things among which :

  • the speed of the internet access
  • the number of requests or scheduled jobs from other modules already running on the SuccessFactors server
  • the priority given by the client’s server to SuccessFactors requests (I was once in a meeting room at a client office and was able to access Executive Review 3 times faster than my clients’ computers so they reached out to IT which confirmed that SuccessFactors requests were given a LOW priority on their internal security checks and changing it to MEDIUM and HIGH fixed the issue)

…there are still things that can be done to maximize chances of good performance.

After the recording I realized there was one last idea which could help shorten the screen loading times : in the template admin tools under Plan Setup > Advanced Settings, find the settings called “Select the maximum number of records displayed (1 to 100) per page of the compensation form” and choose a relatively low number such as 15 or 20 / a lot of customers chose values of 30 up for this setting which increases the loading times too. A functional discussion may however need to happen on what’s more important : faster loading times by a few seconds but as a drawback having several pages to navigate through for the planner to finalize all recommendations VS waiting longer and having everyone on the same page.





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