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How to optimize screen loading times in the Compensation Module

In this post we will look at the possible reasons for slowness when opening Compensation worksheets or accessing Executive Review screens in the Compensation Module of SuccessFactors.


Possible reasons for performance issues from an external standpoint :

  • the speed of the internet access.
  • the number of requests or scheduled jobs from other modules already running on the SuccessFactors server.
  • the priority given by the client’s server to SuccessFactors requests (I was once in a meeting room at a client office and was able to access Executive Review 3 times faster than my clients’ computers so they reached out to IT which confirmed that SuccessFactors requests were given a LOW priority on their internal security checks and changing it to MEDIUM and HIGH fixed the issue).


Possible reasons for performance issues from a compensation module configuration standpoint :

Too many employees on worksheets (we recommend a maximum of 100 employees for EC integrated templates and 200 for non-EC worksheets) is the #1 reason for slowness but any of the setups below combined with too many employees on worksheets can dramatically increase performance issues :

  1. Too many guidelines entries (>10k) in the template. (As of 2H 2021 standard guideline tables will allow custom fields attributes that are calculated or editable on the worksheet which will help in keeping guideline tables short).
  2. Guideline tables using UserId as main assignment criteria.
  3. Lookup tables by UserId or with large number of entries (>5k).
  4. Very complex hard-coded formulas in custom columns (long formulas with many AND or OR conditions).
  5. “Employees per page” (Plan Setup > Display Settings) set to 100 (leading practice is 20). This has more impact on individual forms performance than on Executive review. 


On top of adjusting the configuration of the template to correct the above-mentioned items (which requires mass relaunch), what can be done to optimize chances of good performance if forms are already launched ?

  1. Purge deleted worksheets (please see recording below) – DOES NOT REQUIRE FORM RELAUNCH.
  2. In the template Admin Center under Plan Setup > Advanced Settings, check the box called “Only reload user data on mass update” (please see recording below for explanations on what it does) – DOES NOT REQUIRE FORM RELAUNCH.
  3. “Select the maximum number of records displayed (1 to 100) per page of the compensation form” (Plan Setup > Advanced Settings) set to 100 (leading practice is 20). This has more impact on Executive review performance than on individual forms. – DOES NOT REQUIRE FORM RELAUNCH.




Thank you !




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