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How to find the component of the OData service when creating a ticket?

Update 2021-June-07: Fiori Apps Library approach added

Update 2021-June-14: What to do if the Service Implementation button isn’t responding

You might face an issue with an OData service where you get stuck and want to open ticket as written in KBA 1296527 – How to create a support incident (contact SAP Product Support) – SAP ONE Support Launchpad

At one point you have decide where to open the case. There are two general approaches:

  1. Open it for the SAP Gateway Framework (component: OPU-GW-COR)
  2. Open it for the particular service component.

This Blog is intended to show how to find the service component of the problematic service.

If you want to open it for the service these steps should be followed to find the right component:

  1. Open the Gateway Hub/ Fiori Front-end Server
  2. Call transaction /N/IWFND/MAINT_SERVICE (Service Catalog)
  3. Select the particular service, which you have a problem with
  4. Click on the Service Implementation button in bottom right corner.
    • If there’s no result of the clicking on that button I suggest to scroll down to the Fiori Apps Library approach, because that’ll be possibly faster, than finding the out the cause here. One possible reason for the pop-up not coming up would be that unlike the screenshot below the assigned System Alias isn’t LOCAL (RFC NONE), but it’s pointing to a backend system, where your user doesn’t have access to do checks.
  5. Double click on the Data Provider ClassService%20Implementation%20-%20Data%20Provider%20class
  6. Click on the “Display object list” buttonSE80%20-%20Display%20object%20list%20button
  7. In the left hand side a new pane came up. Right click on the class name, choose Display, and Classification:SE80%20-%20Display%2C%20Classification
  8. See the Application Component column for the component that you should use for ticket creation. It’s also suggested to check the Software Component column and mention its version in the ticket. Classification%20data%20-%20Application%20Component%2C%20Software%20ComponentNote: the service chosen here is a test service created by the Gateway Framework’s development team, hence the components.

Another approach would be to use the Fiori Apps Library:

  1. Go to Fiori Apps Library
  2. Click on All apps
  3. Paste the OData service in the search field and search (example: APS_EXT_CCV_SRV)
  4. Click the relevant app, choose Implementation Information tab, then Support section
  5. See the Application Component listed

You might not find your service in the Fiori Apps Library, in this case use the first approach.

Technically this is the component responsible for the app not for the OData service, but it’s often the same component.

Note, that with this approach you can find the relevant Software Component under the Configuration section’s OData Service(s) sub-section.

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      Author's profile photo Jelena Perfiljeva
      Jelena Perfiljeva

      Thanks for sharing, Akos!

      I worked in the internal SAP support organization at a customer for a while and we always had challenges with getting the users to pick the right options when opening tickets. For example, someone would just enter a ticket for "general IT" and then it would sit at the bottom of queue while it's actually an SAP issue that Help Desk can't assist with.

      But in the end we all realize that it just needs to be more simple and intuitive for the user. You are SAP, so don't you know what component every object belongs to? Of course you do, it's not like customers are changing this in their system. So why can't there simply be a process where I'm asked what object is giving me trouble, then I'd enter the object name (service in this case) and Support Launchpad just finds the component?

      Also not sure if you're aware but sometimes even after we meticulously pick a component the ticket might be passed around by different SAP teams and the component gets changed. Then as a cherry on top, you get a comment that you should've used a different component and it's the one you actually used originally. True story. 🙂

      TLDR: SAP needs to sort this out on your side, don't make it the quest for the customers. Great opportunity to showcase all those ML/AI capabilities we keep hearing about.

      Thank you!

      Author's profile photo Akos Grabecz
      Akos Grabecz
      Blog Post Author

      Thank you for the feedback Jelena. I've forwarded your comment to the relevant people. Note, that I updated the Blog with a Fiori Apps Library based approach as well.