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Author's profile photo RAJA SEKHARA REDDY BANNURU

Multi Resource Scheduling in S/4 HANA ePPDS

Multi Resource Scheduling Heuristics in S/4 HANA

The purpose of this document is, How to reduce the total lead time of the multiple Orders loaded on the same Resource, with the same Start Date using the most suitable Heuristics in PPDS. You can use this algorithm(FM: /SAPAPO/HEU_MULTIRES_SCHED) to switch modes and sources of supply according to defined time blocks, to keep the receipts as close to the required date as possible.
Configuration Data
Activate the Business function
Using the Transaction: SFW5, Need to activate the below Business function SCM_APO_PPDS_PI Copy the Multi Resource Heuristics Create Master Data
The below scenario is based on the Master data Finished Material: PPDSFIN1 Raw Materials: PPDSR1 & PPDS R2. Create BOM for the Finished material : PPDSFIN1
Work Centres: PPDSWC1, PPDSWC2, PPDSWC3 (Maintained as Modes in PDS) .
Create Routing for the FG Material, with Operation details maintained with Classification.
Create the Production Version Creation Product Data structure
Create Material Master
Material Master for all the required Materials like, FG, & Raw Materials can be created using Transaction Code: MM01. Make sure, for these Materials Advanced Planning Check, activated & necessary filed values maintained in the Advanced Planning.
Create BOM
Follow standard steps for creating BOM for the FG Material using the T Code: CS01
Create the Work Centres using the T Code CR01
Activate the Advanced Planning & also maintain the APO Resource Settings.
Maintain the Classification, for Identifying the Alternate Resources

Maintain the same for all the rest of the alternate Resources like PPDSWC2   & PPDSWC3
Create the Routing using the T Code CA01
Follow the standard stapes to create the Routing for the FG Material
Maintain the Classification at the Operation Level, with Class Type: 19 & assign the Class as shown below, with Priority as the Characteristic

Create Production Version
Follow the standard steps for creating the Production Version
Production Version is nothing but the Combination of BOM & Routing

Create Production Data Structure
Create the Production Data Structure for the Finished Product in the Plant 1710
Once created the Production Data Structure, you can view/display the same using the
T Code: /SAPAPO/CURTO_SIMU (For the Finished Material: PPDSFIN1)*** Make sure, all the Alternate Resources data is visible in the Modes
Execute the below Transaction Steps
Create the Planned Orders in the Product View of the FG Material
Using the T Code: /SAPAPO/RRP3.
Create Multiple Planned orders, with same Start/Completion Date & with the smaller Lot size to get completed within the Day (Each order will take Less than 8H)
Take a look of the below Example, Planned Order with Order Qty : 4 are created with the same Start/Completion Date**Make sure, all the Orders have the smaller Lot sizes
Execute the Heuristics I the Detailed Scheduling Board.
Maintain the Heuristic Profile in the Profile details

Look at this Video, to visualize the Effect of the Multi Resource Scheduling Heuristics

Hope this helps You in understanding the Concept of Multi Resource Scheduling.
Thanks A Lot for all Your kind feedback/comments.
Best Regards : Raja Sekhara Reddy Bannuru

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      Author's profile photo Saritha Rao
      Saritha Rao

      Hi Raja,

      I am working on S/4. Your char has only 1 value ? and you are assigning that Char to a Class with just one value. and you assign that class to say. 5 Resources. and attaching that Class to Recipe in operation. and on the PDS generation, how you able to see all those 5 modes/Resources ? I am not able to reproduce that.

      In My recipe, i have 3 operation with different Resources. I am trying to do this only for the first operation. On PDS generation, even the first operation/Phase, does show only Mode 1. No other modes. I dont know what I am missing. I dont want to make classificaiton for other operations for the reason that those resources may not have alternatives.

      Can you please guide me, what i am missing ?

      Thanks a lot..


      Author's profile photo Ramanand Mittal
      Ramanand Mittal



      If my order having execution time more than 1 day than how it can be distributed to other machines as this is workable in single day.




      Author's profile photo Ivan GZ Li
      Ivan GZ Li

      Hi Raja

      Does  SAP_MULT_SCH apply to the production version selection?

      Author's profile photo Lennard Kampf
      Lennard Kampf

      Dear Raja,

      thank you very much for your description of Multi Resource Scheduling in S/4 HANA ePPDS.

      I rebuild your example in my test system, but for me it's similar as Saritha described:
      Even though I classified my work centers and routing operations with the same class (class type: 019) and same characteristic value after transfering the production version my PDS has only one mode for that operation which is classified. The two alternative modes (for the other two classified work centers are not shown). Therefore the entire Multi Resource Scheduling is not working.

      Could you please advise what is missing?

      Best Regards and thanks in advance!