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Extending HANA Search view and configuring in MDG

In this blog post, we will see the step-by-step details on how to extend the MDG Hana Search view and configuring the view in Search page. The below mentioned steps are relevant for BP data model. There is a similar blog post by Steffen Ulmer on MM data model.

The content of this blog pot is already an answer to the Question  asked by Sven Hertig . But, i write this as a blog post, so it will be helpful for others to look directly in the Blog Posts section, instead of searching in Q&A section.

Custom HANA Search View Generation

In MDGIMG, create a Search View under the below path

Name of the Custom HANA Search View : ZCOMP_CODE_VIEW

Description : BP Search View (HANA)

Business Object Type : 147 (BP)

Hana Package :

This required attributes are selected as part of this Search View as below

Generate the view and save it in a Transport

Enhancement of Search Governance Application

Component Configuration BS_OVP_BP under the Webdynpro Application MDG_BS_GOV_COMMUNICATOR has to enhanced to adopt the Custom Search View created in previous section

Open the configuration and change the value for Inc. Search Help with the Search View name created in previous Section

Addition of Custom Fields in Search UIBB

After Successful generation of Custom Search View, the Corresponding Search UIBB Configuration BS_BP_DQUERY_HA_ADDRESS has be enhanced to include the additional attributes which has been added in the Custom Search Help

Also, Modify the Feeder class Parameter with the Search help name as the name of the Custom Search View created as part of Section 2. This will ensure, the Dynamic query during the Search Criteria is executed correctly and all the additional attributes are added in the selection criteria

Modification of PFCG Role to default the Search Method

The newly created HANA Search can be defaulted for the End Users in Search page, so that they do not have to select the Search Method as BP Search View (HANA) every time.


Open the Role relevant role (Menu role / specialist roles), go the Menu and navigate to the below option Search Business Partner. Open the Details of this application and fill the two Application Parameters with the values as below. This will ensure the Search Method is defaulted as HANA Search for all the users.


USMD_SEARCH_MODE           =          HA

USMD_SEARCH_HELP            =          ZCOMP_CODE_VIEW


After successful configuration using the above steps, the HANA Search view should be displayed with the additional attributes as below


Through this blog post, you have learnt how to extend an Hana Search view and configure it in the Search page.

Please provide your valuable thoughts and feedback in the comments section below. Follow the tag SAP Master Data Governance for more updates on SAP MDG through blog posts and Q&A. You can also follow my profile to get notifications on more exciting blog posts on SAP MDG, next weeks.


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      Author's profile photo Markus Ganser
      Markus Ganser

      Hi Senthilkumar,

      Thanks for posting this valuable information!


      Best, Markus

      Author's profile photo Senthilkumar Moorthy
      Senthilkumar Moorthy
      Blog Post Author

      Thanks Markus.

      Author's profile photo Valmir Donizete Firmino
      Valmir Donizete Firmino

      Hi Senthilkumar,

      About: Modification of PFCG Role to default the Search Method

      We are trying to carry out the configuration that was commented on in the post above, but within the profile role (PFCG) we did not find the part where the search view configuration is made, could you share the profile role in which this configuration was made?


      Author's profile photo Eric Lee
      Eric Lee

      Hi Senthil,


      I have configured same parameter in role still it is not working for me . Could you pls suggest .



      Author's profile photo Sven Hertig
      Sven Hertig

      Hi Senthilkumar,

      I tried the same but it doesn't work. Now I solved it with following code...

      I hope this helps.

      Good luck and

      Best Regards,



      Author's profile photo Eric Lee
      Eric Lee

      hi Sven ,

      Can you pls provide the code which code you has written in the class ?


      Thanks in advance !

      Author's profile photo Sven Hertig
      Sven Hertig

      Hi Eric,

      pls follow the link as I mentioned above ;-).

      Thanks and

      Best regards,