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End-of-Use Date for Equipments and Functional Locations

Within equipments and functional locations, you have the possibility to define a start-up date as the date on which the corresponding technical object came into operation. To make planning with technical objects easier, we have implemented a solution which allows you to also define an end-of-use date for equipments and functional locations as the planned date when the corresponding technical object will end its operation.


End-of-Use Date within Equipments


End-of-Use Date within Functional Locations

You will find this new field also in the corresponding list transactions such as IE05, IL05, IH06 and IH08 as selection parameters and in the output list as well as in the output lists of transactions IL07, IE07, IE36 and IE37.

If you use such an equipment or functional location within an order or notification, and the end-of-use date is before the start date of the object, you receive a message. The message type (e.g. warning, info, error) is customizable.

The new functionality is now available with SAP Note 3039736, or with the SAP enhancement package 8 for SAP ERP as well as for SAP S/4HANA 1909 and 2020. You can enable the new functionality by implementing either the SAP Note or the corresponding support packages and switching on the Enterprise Asset Management Part 16 and Simplified Management of EAM Functions 17 business functions for the classical user interface and for the SAP Web UI for Plant Maintenance respectively. To find out more, refer to the linked SAP Note.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the new functionality, so please comment if you have any questions!

To receive updates about future improvements, follow this blog post.

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  • Hello Anika Roeder

    Thank you for the useful glimpse these BlogPosts offer with regards to new innovations in EAM.
    Sadly, I do not always see the SAP-Documentation (SAP-Help) moving along with the same speed.

    For instance, this functionality is not updated in the EhP8 or EAM-related pages on the SAP-Help website yet. This is a bit unfortunate, as I would be enthousiastic to get some more information on the "ins and outs" for a specific Functionality from the moment the Blog is released.

    Now I am left with questions that are left unanswered because the SAP-Notes do not offer much assistance on the functional scope ...

    A question I have for this function, is, whether the "Start-Up" and "End-of-Use" dates can repeatedly be modified (made longer or shorter). Such behaviour would fit with requirements such as offering a "window of availablity" of an Asset that can be altered in a Flexible way. Think of the following : Upon (Re-)Certification of the Asset, the "End-of-Use" Date could be modified repeatedly, I would assume?

    All this aside, it is great to see the continuous innovation in the EAM area. And to me, these Blogs are very useful, so keep'em coming!

    Kind regards

    Nic T.

    • Hi Nic Teunckens ,

      thank you very much for your feedback. The documentation/sap help is in progress and will be shipped with the next SP. Within the notes it is not possible to change the documentation. Sorry for this inconvenience.

      Regarding your question. Yes, it is possible to change these dates several times. This is also one of the reasons why maintenance plans/scheduling of maintenance plans are not touched through this development. These dates are only checked while creating/changing maintenance orders or notifications and can be used in all list transactions for your overview.

      Hope this information helps you.

      Best regards,


      • Thank you for the reply, Anika.

        And yes, your answer to my question is as I expected, yet I appreciate your clarification in the meantime. This can help us by determining whether it is useful to investigate this Function in the future.

        Kind regards

        Nic T.

  • Hi Anika Roeder

    Simple and clear document.

    One question.

    For an equipment you have valid from - valid to date ?

    When start up date vs end of use date is used ? how system shall equate this ? so I will not be able to use the Equipment if it is exceeding the valid to date?

    Vignesh V

    • Hi Vignesh Veerasamy,

      the start-up date was available before this new development. With this development the end-of-use date was introduced for equipments and functional locations. If you use this field within the technical object and enter such a technical object in an order or notification the end-of-use date field is checked against the basic start date of the order or notification. If the end-of-use date is before the start date and so the technical object seems to be unvalid a message (IW448) could be raised. This message type is customizable and you can decide if it should be an error or warning or if you don´t want to have a message at all.

      Hope this information helps you.

      Best regards,