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How to remove stale Results from Pipeline Job


Remove Stale Results is an initialization process that runs automatically to truncate credits, measurements, incentives, deposits & Payments records during calculation processing when a certain parameter is defined. Let’s find out more details below to know more about this option

In your day-to-day pipeline jobs, you don’t need to explicitly invoke Remove State Results.

Pointers to be noted before your initiate Remove Stale Results from Pipeline Job

1) Validate from UI for the period you would like to proceed with the process of deleting calculated results for various reasons.

  • Existing rule had calculated results and rule got modified with different output name (Scenario1)
  • Delete a rule which was created for testing purpose or a bad rule having results. (Scenario2)
  • Delete Position which was considered for testing (Scenario3)
  • Wipeout entire month and re-calculate (Not for Finalized Period)

Note: If there are multiple results, please look for the appropriate period & calendar which can be seen from UI by selecting advanced search with filtering period in Decade 2000/2010/2020

2) Validate if the customer has multiple Processing Units, and if so, please ensure you select the proper processing unit name before running the pipeline job

3) Validate that the period is NOT finalized. You cannot run Remove Stale Results for a finalized period.

4) Determine if the customer ran a reset from classify, or validate if the customer has already run reset from classify in preparation for the CDD.

5) Run the Compensate&Pay pipeline job for a period in which you selected Processing Unit with Remove Stale Results option.

How to Initiate Remove Stale Results from Pipeline Job?

Validate the Pipeline run parameters 

Note: If the customer uses multiple Calendar & processing units, you will need to run a pipeline to account for what processing unit and calendar you wanted to remove stale results.

Scenario 1

If you already have results generated for any periods, after renaming the rules, you have to rerun the full CompAndPay with the option of selecting remove stale results to have the changes reflected in the results or wipe out the results.

As you see from below screenshots, selected last two records are prior results after rule is modified with value showing Zero(0) and new results will be recalculated with populating Rule name in column “Rule”

Scenario 2

If you have created a Dummy/Testing rule to test your simulation and later that needs to be deleted, you will have to be running full CompAndPay, with Remove Stale results for the period.

As you see from below screenshots, rule – “PMR_Testing” was created for testing purpose and had to be deleted for all the periods which has results with value Zero (0).

Scenario 3

You run into a problem where you can’t delete a position because there are still measurements and incentives calculated for that position. Warning message will be displayed in UI with pointing out a rule type (as shown in below screenshot)

For the Position you selected (above screenshot) exist Measurement and other results.

Steps to perform to delete position when rules are assigned to Actual plan, that will re-create a results again but in this Scenario you will have to make a change as below

  1. Go to Plan Workspace > Create a new “Dummy Plan
  2. Go to Position workspace > Select a Position which you need to be deleted
  3. Assign Dummy Plan for the selected Position
  4. Run a Pipeline for all the period, PU and Calendar with Comp&Pay selecting Remove Stale Results
  5. After Pipeline is completed, go to position workspace and delete the position you had selected.

Disclaimer :

  • Remove Stale Results cannot be run for periods which are posted and finalized.
  • Remove Stale Results will not delete manual Credits and Deposits records.
  • Just make sure you try this in a lower environment first before doing it in the Production environment.
  • Ensure you validate the results once in UI for all the periods, processing Units, and Calendars.
  • you cannot delete a position if the Plan Document is distributed already even if the position was considered for testing purposes.

since this is a self-service pipeline job that can be done by yourself, so there is no need for an SAP Support ticket for this kind of task performed and saves much time.

Kindly contact me If you have any doubts,clarification to the above process..

Thanks, for reading it till the end. 🙏

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