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Author's profile photo Santosh Chachadi

SAP Business ByDesign Backup


The following article provides insights into the backup policy for SAP Business ByDesign customer landscape.


The backup services for SAP Business ByDesign provide regular data and archive log backups. The backups are stored in offsite disk and commercially reasonable efforts to restore productive tenants from backups as soon as practicable in case of a disaster resulting in loss of the production data center. The backup services are included in the subscription and provide the following:

Backup service Nonproductive systems Productive system
Service Description Standard Support – restore from disk Standard Support – restore from disk
Replication to remote datacenter Yes Yes
Data Backup Cycle 14 days 14 days
Recovery option Point in time Point in time
Cost Included in the subscription Included in the subscription

Operational Characteristics

  1. Restoration is not a service available on request for customers. It is only available in an emergency situation to mitigate risks from logical errors such as data corruption and other irreparable situations. We recommend that customers request for tenant restore points before important events like data migration, change projects etc., so that a reset to a last good state can be made available quickly.
  2. Backup is performed with the following frequency:
    1. Every day database backup (Monday-Sunday); twice per week with interval of 3 days we take full backup, on other days of the week, we take a differential backup.
    2. Backup will be retained for 2 weeks in the primary datacenter and for another 2 weeks in the remote datacenter.
    3. Log file backup every 30 minutes
  3. SAP performs daily backup replication to a remote datacenter within the same region.
  4. These data backups can be restored in the primary datacenter.
  5. Appropriate processes and automated tools are in place to validate backup integrity, and backup logs are reviewed daily to detect and correct backup failures.
  6. Backup cycles of the productive and non-productive systems are stored for 28 and 14 days respectively.
  7. We are able to restore data to any point in time within the backup cycle.


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      Author's profile photo Hendrik Neumann
      Hendrik Neumann


      Author's profile photo Lando Reyes
      Lando Reyes

      Thanks Santosh!

      could you please clarify from where is this detailed information coming? Is there any SAP document that describes the backup process? I have been searching in the trust center and I cannot find it.

      Please provide the link to that SAP document because the information is helpful but for the auditors is not enough.

      Author's profile photo Santosh Chachadi
      Santosh Chachadi
      Blog Post Author

      We published this information as an addendum to documents in the Trust Center.

      Author's profile photo Annel Ribay
      Annel Ribay

      Thank you Santosh!


      I cannot find the document that contains what you have discussed, in the Trust Center.

      Can you please provide the link to the SAP document you have mentioned?

      This is helpful for us, as well as to auditors that need SAP documentation.

      Author's profile photo Santosh Chachadi
      Santosh Chachadi
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Annel

      As explained, specific information related to backup and restore policies followed within the SAP Business ByDesign customer landscape would not be available in Trust Center. This was actually the reason, I created this BLOG. Please use the information in this BLOG as our formal explanation of SAP Business ByDesign's backup policy.



      Author's profile photo Gerardo Flores
      Gerardo Flores

      Hi Santosh!

      Do you know what time the daily backups are made?


      Author's profile photo Santosh Chachadi
      Santosh Chachadi
      Blog Post Author

      Hello Gerardo

      The backups are triggered around midnight local time.



      Author's profile photo Rachel Hsu
      Rachel Hsu


      If the data center shuts down unexpectedly, will the data center be converted to a backup data center?

      Customers only need to wait for the conversion time, or do they have to wait for the downtime troubleshooting for the original data center before they can use the system?

      Is the wait time required by the customer still in compliance with the SLA?

      Thank you

      Author's profile photo Santosh Chachadi
      Santosh Chachadi
      Blog Post Author

      The backups are stored at an offsite storage location only - it is not a backup or disaster recovery datacenter. In case of an outage, we will need to troubleshoot and bring up the original datacenter. Generally, SLAs are met, but in case of SLA violations, customers have the option to claim service credits. Historically, we have been able to meet committed availability SLAs consistently.