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SAP S/4HANA Cloud: Data Replication Framework (DRF) Key Apps

In continuation to my previous Blog post on Data Replication Framework; lets have a look at some of key DRF Fiori apps in Cloud that can be used for Replication and Monitoring of data in Cloud.


  • Business Role SAP_BR_ADMINISTRATOR_DATA_REPL should be assigned to user
  • Since AIF can also be used for monitoring , role SAP_BR_CONF_EXPERT_BUS_NET_IN should be assigned to user for using Messaging Dashboards.

Keys apps for Replication are listed below:

  1. Replicate by object Selection:

         This app is used for Replicating data and you can define additional filtering criteria for replication. You can execute the Replication in Test Run beforehand as well.

 Generally, we use this app for one-off requests for replication of specific data / in case of failures.  You can schedule Background Job in Communication arrangement set up for Replication Object by  mentioning frequency of intervals.

 2. Replicate by Replication Model

You could use this application to immediately start data replication in case of an urgent one-off request, for example if a scheduled run failed.
The following replication modes are available:

    Initialization: If you choose this mode of replication, and select Replicate All, the application replicates all the existing instances of business objects. To restrict the replication to specific instances of business objects, you can define filters by choosing Display Filter Criteria.

  Changes: If you select this mode of replication, the application replicates all instances of the business objects for which change pointers exist.

 3. Monitor Replication

This app can be used to view and analyze messages in the data replication log. This is the landing page of the app; where you can select the Replication model along with Filters listed on right side to view the replication logs . Click on Continue to see the Detailed list

4. Define Filter Criteria

This app is used to define Filter criteria that can restrict data replication to other systems based on filters. Example you can replicate Sales Pricing condition only having specific Condition Type.

5. Display Replication Status

You use this application to obtain replication status information about a business object. For search we need to enter the Object ID AND ID Value like in this case its Sales Condition Record ID and Condition Record number

AIF: AIF apps can also be used for monitoring of replication status. Once the Namespace is assigned to recipient, you can use AIF apps Message Dashboard/Message Monitoring Overview. Example below screen shot depicts the AIF messages for Pricing Replication

You can drill down the details to check the Error Messages.

So in this Blog post I have covered key apps that you will use while working with DRF in Cloud ; hopefully this will help in your Project Implementation .


Thanks and Regards


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      Author's profile photo Tikeer Guo
      Tikeer Guo

      Great, thanks for your sharing.

      By the way, the screenshot for the Fiori App, seems like SAP Web Gui app, is it correct?

      Best regards

      Author's profile photo Shruti Jain
      Shruti Jain

      Hi Taranamjit Kaur Dhindsa

      I am not able to see Replication by Object and Replication by Model apps in my S/4 starter instance, is there any scope item which needs to be active for this?


      Thanks & Regards


      Author's profile photo Taranam Dhindsa
      Taranam Dhindsa
      Blog Post Author

      hi Shruti


      Do you have the mentioned role assigned to your user ? If you have the above mentioned role assigned check the catalog inside the role to see if it includes the listed apps .

      This is how my catalog looks like


      Author's profile photo Shruti Jain
      Shruti Jain

      thanks, Taranamjit Kaur Dhindsa I am able to access and configure replication. However, when I am running the replication by model app, the jobs are showing the following error and my CPI iflow is not getting triggered as explained in the below blog

      There are no further details to debug the issue, can you help with this?

      Author's profile photo Taranam Dhindsa
      Taranam Dhindsa
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Shruti ,

      Have you maintained Communication arrangement rightly for this scenario ? Since that can be one of the reason since in outbound communication u need to maintain user id and pwd of CPI User




      Author's profile photo Kevin Prasanna
      Kevin Prasanna

      Good one

      Author's profile photo Udaya Kumar Vemula
      Udaya Kumar Vemula

      Hello Taranamjit Kaur Dhindsa,


      Nice blog thanks for sharing

      I could see couple of replication models in the drop down list in S/4 cloud system so I would like to know what is the data source for the replication model drop down list and where i can define this replication models or is it get replicated automatically from any data source

      Thanks ,Uday