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Author's profile photo Saket Amraotkar

Service Center – New Option to Add New System (Destination) from SAP Business Application Studio

Hi Techies,

SAP Business Application Studio (the next generation of SAP Web IDE) is a powerful and modern development environment.

SAP is adding lot of new features and benefits on this platform to make this as a centric tool for all development.

Today we will talk about Service Center which is recently added as new feature on BAS.

There were few bugs on the platform which were recently fixed by SAP and few are getting fixed in upcoming days, i would like to Thank Raz KornYuval Morad and team for providing very vital and useful information which i am sharing with you all on this platform.

Service Center is new feature available in SAP Business Application Studio to add new systems (Destinations) wihtout login in to SAP BTP Cockpit.

It provides a central entry point to explore services from various service providers.

So what is this option about:

If you remember, We used to add Destination in SAP BTP Cockpit to connect to desired backend system, the same way we can add new system here too.

We can add New System/Destination from Service Center using different system types and these are:

  • ABAP Service Catalog
  • Service Host
  • Service URL

We will try to add All types of system in this post but most of the techies would be interested to add SAP on-prem systems as a destination.


Now lets begin to Add New System.

  • Add system as ABAP Service Catalog:

Landscape for our requirement would be:

Before adding New System/Destinations, lets see if we have any existing destination or not.

For this Go to your SAP BTP Cockpit–> Connectivity->Destinations:

So currently i do not have any destinations as this is new account created recently.

Now Go to Business Application Studio and click on Service Center:

If you hover over your subaccount name you would find + sign to add new system, click on add system as:

snapshot from cloud connector:

Click on Add button and it will get added under your subaccount:

Click on below icon to open system details:


The Service Actions will allow you to create project from this destination/system only, which we will discuss in my next post. I will share the link for this very soon.


We can click drill down the name of newly created system as:

Now same destination can be viewed in SAP BTP Cockpit also:

click on destiantion to view more details:

Click on check connection to test destination:

Wow, the destination is ready to use, there is no need to view cockpit to create destinations now.

  • Add system as Service Host:

Now let’s add new system as Service Host:

Click Add, system will get added and can be views under subaccount:

Now double click on newly added destination to view more details:


In the servcie path we need to provide the URI of OData service, which can be found from /n/IWFND/MAINT_SERVICES or /n/IWFND/GW_CLIENT:


provide uri and click connect:

Scroll down to view Entities and its respective properties:

lets see how this destination looks in cockpit:

  • Add system as Service URL:

Now let’s add New system as Service URL:

Here we will use Northwind OData service which is open to access:

Landscape for this requirement would be as:


Click Add button and view newly added system as:

Now double click on newly added system/destination and view more details:

Scroll down to view Entities and its properties:


Lets view how this destinations looks in cockpit:

Now we know, how we can add destination or new system to SAP BTP Cockpit.

This feature is beneficial to developer who uses SAP Business Application Studio.

Note: Please note, we can only add new system/destination from Service Center but can not delete or edit from service center, for other features like edit/delete/import we need to navigate to Destination on SAP BTP.

I hope this post will help you to understand how to use Service Center and its advantages, which is recently added in SAP BAS.

Next post will share soon on How to create Project from Service using option Service Action which is available on destination/systems in Service Center.

We will cover how to develop and deploy VUE application which is Vuetify framework using on-prem SAP system

Stay Tuned…!!!


Your Suggestions / Comments are welcome.



Saket Amraotkar

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      Author's profile photo Thorsten Klingbeil
      Thorsten Klingbeil

      Excellent Blog Post Saket - thanks!!! 😎

      Do you know, if there is a way to use the destinations names in Ui5 Tooling (UI5.yaml) in gateway (reverse proxy) or appreload configuration,respectively, instead of hard-coded URLs?



      Author's profile photo Saket Amraotkar
      Saket Amraotkar
      Blog Post Author

      Thanks Thorsten Klingbeil for your kind words.

      Can you elaborate more on your requirement?



      Saket Amraotkar

      Author's profile photo Ajinkya Jadhav
      Ajinkya Jadhav

      Great Blog!

      Thank You so much

      Author's profile photo Luca GAUDINO
      Luca GAUDINO

      Hi Saket Amraotkar. Great Article. Do you know if there's a way to add more than one subaccount to the Service Center?


      Thanks for your time

      Author's profile photo Cristiano Marques
      Cristiano Marques

      Hi Saket Amraotkar great tool! Thanks for sharing it! I would like to report an issue, looks like a bug. Is this bug is already listed ? ( Raz Korn , Yuval Morad )


      I have sucessfully created a destination using Service Center. And now I want to create an Adoptation Project. But the newly created destinations does not appears in "Select System" options. I have already run refresh in browser, but the situation persists. Below I am attaching a screenshot .


      Author's profile photo Hristo Tsolev
      Hristo Tsolev

      Hi Cristiano,

      The destinations (systems) that are shown there are filtered only on one condition - if they have the 'WebIDEUsage' additional property in its destination configuration and if it has the values of "odata_abap,dev_abap". So, please make sure to add such additional property to your needed destination configuration and set its value to 'odata_abap,dev_abap'.



      Author's profile photo Cristiano Marques
      Cristiano Marques

      Hi Hristo Tsolev thanks. These destinations were created by Service Center. Is it possible to add this functionality in the service center, so that the configuration is done completely by BAS?

      Author's profile photo Yuval Morad
      Yuval Morad

      We can consider to do it

      for now please add it manually in the cockpit


      Author's profile photo Frank Li
      Frank Li

      great, thanks for sharing.