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SAP S/4HANA 2020 Embedded EWM : Wave Release Simulation

Warehouse task creation is failing frequently for Outbound Delivery Orders? Do you want to identify stock shortages / missing parts in advance of actual execution of the warehouse orders in the warehouse? “Wave Release Simulation” can be used for this. With this new feature in SAP S/4HANA 2020 Embedded EWM, we can simulate Wave Release for a number of Warehouse Requests (Outbound Delivery Request Items), check if there are missing parts, and plan in advance accordingly for uninterrupted and seamless warehouse operations for outbound processes. The functionality is also available in previous SAP S/4HANA versions 1709 / 1809 / 1909 with support packs.

Target Audience – have knowledge on SAP S/4HANA Extended Warehouse Management and are aware of Wave Management Functionality.

Wave Release Simulation Overview : There are two ways of performing wave release simulation : The Wave Nodes of the Warehouse Monitor – “More Methods” –>”Simulate Waves” and “Simulate Waves Single” are available for the Wave Release Simulation of one or more Waves.

The Report /SCWM/R_WAVE_SIMULATE can be used for Wave Simulation
2 Advantages :                 

The Wave Release Simulation feature can be used to get information about upcoming wave releases. With this missing stocks can be identified in advance before the actual warehouse order execution starts. The Wave Release Simulation also provides information about wave release e.g. how many warehouse tasks and warehouse orders can be expected and how they are likely to be distributed across activity areas in the warehouse. This information can be useful for planning or to avoid problems during execution.



Create Sales Orders – Fiori Launchpad App : “Manage Sales orders” – Create Sales Orders for different customers and products. For Testing we have created sales orders :           

Sales%20Order Sales Order – 4001      Sales%20Order%204003 Sales Order – 4003

Create Outbound Delivery :Outbound%20DeliveryOutbound%20Delivery

SAP S/4HANA Outbound Deliveries are distributed to EWM , Warehouse Requests are created.

In this example , the following warehouse requests and corresponding waves have been created (manually).


Waves have been created. In our test example, we are not going to release the Waves at this stage. The idea is to know, before wave release , if there are enough stocks to process the outbound delivery requests for creation of picking warehouse tasks and warehouse orders.

So before you release the waves manually or the system releases it automatically, you can Simulate Wave Release and check if there are any missing parts which could lead to failure of the warehouse task creation on actual release of the Wave and thus once it is identified that the stocks are missing better planning for outbound process can be done.

                  Figure 1 – Quantities removed for ODOs and ODO items                                                                                      grouped together to form a Wave.

Ref :

Release Simulation : We can use the Wave Nodes of the Warehouse Monitor “more methods” –> Simulate Waves” or Simulate Waves Single” . Here we have two waves , so we will use “Simulate Waves” option. The results of Wave Release Simulation are :       Wave Simulation Logs : After the Wave Simulation , we can check the Warehouse Order Creation Information or Wave Creation Log by Selecting “Display Log” button. Wave Simulation: Results Screen : The Results show the information on Warehouse Task Creation and errors if any in creation of Warehouse Tasks due to missing parts.

Thanks for going through, hope you found it informative and useful, your feedback will be highly appreciated. The information provided and the views expressed are solely those of the individual and not those of the individual’s employer or any other group or any other individual.

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      Author's profile photo Nilesh Vandole
      Nilesh Vandole

      Wonderful Information.....

      Author's profile photo Martijn Venne
      Martijn Venne

      Thanks for the information and it would help a lot if it worked.

      When we try the Wave simulation we get an errormessage /SCWM/WAVE 309 saying :

      "Wave <cc> <waveno> has a 2-step release process, simulation not possible.

      Any ideas how to solve this would be greatly appreciated