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SAP S/4HANA migration cockpit, direct transfer, migration object updates


in the following slide you find detailed information on how to handle migration object updates.

Migration object updates can come into your system by:

  • a new release,
  • a feature package (FPS) or support package (SP) or
  • by a so-called TCI note (SAP Note transport-based correction instructions).

The updates are always first available in client 000 only and must be loaded to the current client!

If you experience issues with a migration object, for example issues with transformation rules, the outdated migration object (outdated content) might be a reason.

An object update does not change already existing projects with their assigned objects. In order to use the new content, you can either copy the updated migration object to your existing project (transaction LTMOM, create object from template) or you create a new project.

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  • Thanks for sharing Heike,

    I already experienced such issues after an upgrade... I had to create a new project from scratch.


    Cheers Marco

  • Hello Heike, thanks for this Blog.

    There are a few Migration Cockpit TCIs that explicitly mention that the import has to be done in client 000 (e.g. 2887066, 2934928) but the majority of TCIs do not mention the need to import in client 000 (e.g. 2891712, 2904343).
    My question is, do all TCIs need to be imported into client 000 or only those TCIs where it is explicitly mentioned in the note?

    Thanks for a clarification.

    Kind regards, Tilo

    • Hi Tilo,

      yes, all TCIs have to be implemented into client 000. I will notify the SAP note owners so that they will mention it in their notes. Thanks for your feedback!

      Best regards,


        • Hi Tilo,

          I just realized that the two notes you refer to are File/Staging notes!

          CA-GTF-MIG ( SAP S/4HANA Inhalt des Datenmigrationscockpits (LTMC) )

          They do NOT have to be implemented into client 000. I will give feedback to the colleagues that they mention explicitly the approach in the note.

          Best, Heike