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Author's profile photo Divya Rana

Business Partner Creation Approval Process using SAP Workflow Management

This blogpost summarizes about a new accelerator content “Business Partner Creation Approval Process” which enables to automate the approval and creation of business partner for SAP S/4HANA, in a flexible and transparent way. A business partner is the leading object and single point of entry to maintain Business Partner, Customer, and Supplier/Vendors master data.

This content package leverages the SAP Workflow Management capabilities which includes digitizing workflows, automating business decisions and polices, central access to tasks in My Inbox, end to end visibility into the process, and also includes the flexibility in executing a specific variant of the process depending on attributes like business partner category.

Some of the Key Capabilities of this content package are listed below:

  • Plug and play with SAP S/4HANA without any additional development
  • Possible to create business partner of category types Person and Organization
  • Process steps delivered for enrichment and creation of business partner
  • Process Flexibility to create variants using the pre-delivered process steps in a no-code/low-code approach
  • Business Rules to determine process variants, approvers and to set default values
  • Automatic email notification to the involved parties
  • Prebuilt UI5 content for process start and tasks user interfaces
  • Insight to actions using Process Visibility
  • Out-of-the-box visibility into key process performance indicators

Configuring and using the Process Content

The process content can be discovered, imported, and configured via the Process Flexibility Cockpit; a no-code tool meant for business experts. This cockpit also provides a view on all the imported process content packages from SAP API Business Hub.

Process Flexibility Cockpit

Process Flexibility Cockpit enables a business process expert to access the process content artifacts and make required changes to suit the business requirements. It includes:

  • Process Variants
  • Decisions and policies
  • Visibility Scenario and Live Process Insights dashboard

Figure 1: Process Flexibility Cockpit

Manage Process Variants

The process expert can create a process variant based on the business needs using the Process Variant Editor.

Figure 2: Process Variant

Manage Decisions

The business process expert can modify the decisions and polices based on the business needs using the Manage Decision application.

Figure 3: Manage Decisions

Live Process Insights

The business process expert can gain end-to-end visibility on processes using the preconfigured visibility scenario. It provides actionable insights on running processes and identifying bottlenecks.

Figure 4: Visibility Scenario

Use Case:

The process flow starts with an initial request submission to create a business partner with preliminary details. This in turn triggers the configured process variant determined by the SAP Business Rule service, which includes the steps for data enrichment where more information can be shared for the address data and likewise the finance data respectively. Once the enrichment steps are through, the request is sent to the approvers determined by the configured SAP Business Rule service. This is where the approvals can go back and forth if any rework is needed at any given enrichment step. Finally post the approval step, the process ends with the successful business partner creation in the destined backend SAP S/4HANA system. The content package comes with pre-built UI5 applications to fulfil the aforementioned process flow.

Below are the major steps listed as part of this process content.

Submit Business Partner Creation Request:

When a user submits a request to create a new business partner, a pre-configured process variant is triggered in SAP Workflow Management based on configurable business conditions. On approval, a business partner is created in SAP S/4HANA system.

The application to submit a request to onboard or create a new business partner, can be accessed from the application tile in SAP Central Fiori Launchpad.

Figure 5: Create Business Partner Application

The application requires following data to be entered like Requester Information, Basic Data, and the Roles, before the request is sent for next steps of data enrichment, followed by approval.

Figure 6: Submit Business Partner Creation Approval Request

Enrich Address and Finance Data:

Once the request is submitted, the request further needs to be enriched with more details, hence, tasks are created and assigned to determined owners, to enrich the address and finance data respectively.

Figure 7: Address Enrichment

Figure 8: Finance Data Enrichment

Request Approval:

Post the data enrichment, the request goes for approval. During the approval, there is also an option to request for rework for any step of enrichment. Before completing the approval task, user can send the request back for rework. The rework type can be complete rework where the process starts from the first step, or partial rework where the rework can be requested for any given step like address enrichment or finance data enrichment.

Figure 9: Approval Request Task with Rework options

After all the data enrichment and approval tasks are accomplished, a service call is made to create the business partner in the backend SAP S/4HANA system.

Review Business Partner Data:

Once the business partner is successfully created, a new task is created to review the details of the created business partner, which then completes the process flow.

Figure 10: Review Business Partner


This concludes the blogpost which essentially showcased how using the capabilities of SAP Workflow Management, a business partner can be created for SAP S/4HANA with required enrichment and approval steps in a flexible way, allowing complete transparency throughout the process flow.

The content package is already available on SAP API Business Hub along with many other interesting contents for different lines of businesses and the list is ever-growing. The sources can be cloned from SAP Sample GitHub,  and can be enhanced further to meet the business requirements.







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      Author's profile photo Deep Sengupta
      Deep Sengupta

      Hi Divya,

      Is it also available with S/4 1909? Is there a configuration guide available?


      Author's profile photo Divya Rana
      Divya Rana
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Deep,


      Yes the configuration guides are available on SAP API Business Hub.

      Best Regards,


      Author's profile photo Michael Legaspi
      Michael Legaspi

      Can you share what API you used to create the business partner?

      Author's profile photo Divya Rana
      Divya Rana
      Blog Post Author


      The API used is /"sap/opu/odata/sap/API_BUSINESS_PARTNER/A_BusinessPartner"

      Best Regards, Divya

      Author's profile photo Michael Legaspi
      Michael Legaspi

      Thanks !

      Author's profile photo Diaa Salman
      Diaa Salman

      Hi Divya,

      Thank you so much for sharing, is this available for SAP S/4hana on-premise or only for the cloud version?

      Author's profile photo Divya Rana
      Divya Rana
      Blog Post Author

      Hello ,

      This content package is compatible with SAP S/4 HANA on-premise and cloud.

      Best Regards, Divya


      Author's profile photo Balaji Ganapathiraman
      Balaji Ganapathiraman

      Hello Divya,

      Is this content package compatible with SAP S4HANA 1909 FP02 private cloud edition?

      Also does it also work for BP change approval process too?

      Regards.. Balaji

      Author's profile photo Divya Rana
      Divya Rana
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Balaji,

      Thanks for reaching out. Yes it should be compatible with the 1909 OP as well. This content is primarily for creating a BP after enrichment steps, in the S/4 systems.

      For BP change, essentially payment data change approval flow, there is another content we have published last year. You may check it out here.

      Thanks & Regards,


      Author's profile photo Manh Quynh Doan
      Manh Quynh Doan

      Hi Divya

      I tried to implement this workflow in our system but after imported content package using Process Flexibility Process, I didn't find the app "Create Business Partner" in my BTP tenant as descripted in Setup Guide.

      Is it only work with Cloud version? my scenario is to use this workflow in on premise system and end user should start workflow by going to Fiori Launchpad and open BP creation app.Is there any thing else I should do? please advise.

      Thanks and best regards.

      Author's profile photo Mauricio Miao
      Mauricio Miao

      Hi Divya ,

      Thanks for sharing.

      I am really missing the steps to rebuild the CustomUIForBusinessPartnerManagement_1.0.4mtar project in BAS, it is not clear for me what is the folder structure that I need to build manually.

      Thanks and Regards,



      Author's profile photo Sven Hertig
      Sven Hertig

      Hi Divya,

      thx for this useful information. Does SAP have also some SAP Worklow Management functionalities in the area "Create Material Master data"?

      I am looking for a solution without SAP MDG ;-).

      Thank you and

      Best Regards,


      Author's profile photo Miyuki Quiroz
      Miyuki Quiroz

      Hi Sven, nice to meet you... Could you tell me what approach did you use for this requeriment? I mean a solution for workflow during material master data without MDG?

      Thanks in advance.



      Author's profile photo Ignacio Martínez Cal
      Ignacio Martínez Cal

      Hi Divya Rana,


      I'm bit confused with the Business Partner Creation Approval Process. As far as i know, BP is for creating any Organization, Person, etc. with all the roles we want to add to it.

      But in this Process, there's no option to add a new "Available Steps" that would allow us to complete it with Purchasing or Sales data.

      How would be the process to create a new BP with Purchasing and Sales roles?


      Best Regards,


      Author's profile photo Rina Dyall-Nathoo
      Rina Dyall-Nathoo


      did you find a solution for your issue?  I am also looking for how to create BP with all roles.

      Author's profile photo Nabanita Pal
      Nabanita Pal

      Hello Divya,

      This is good article. Is there any standard Flexible workflow for Customer-Material info record in S/4 HANA?

      Author's profile photo Jitendra Kumar Gautam
      Jitendra Kumar Gautam

      Is there a workflow process for sensitive field changes done in business partner

      Author's profile photo Jan Christian Harpøth Stokholm
      Jan Christian Harpøth Stokholm

      Is it possible to do same kind of workflow for changes, we have sensitive fields setup for finance approval, but other data like adresses we have other approvers on?