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Improvements in Stock Transfer Kanban with Warehouse Tasks S/4 HANA 2020. Kanban with Pick HU, Consignment stock and Consignment reversal

From release of 1909, SAP has done a great deal of simplification in area of Manufacturing process related to Kanban which includes a simplified ”Warehouse task-based Integration‘ Kanban functionality. The whole idea of this functionality is to skip lengthy necessity of maintaining the process of outbound warehouse request and warehouse order.

With S/4 HANA 2020, there has been more additions to this simplified feature.

  • Support Automatic Posting of Consignment Stock to Own-( New Setting at Destination storage type level
  • Kanban picking via pick-HU.
  • Kanban picking via Pick HU and transfer to IM-Managed Storage location.
  • Kanban picking via full-HU
  • Kanban Reversal of Fully Picked Handling Unit
  • Kanban Reversal of Picked Serial Numbers
  • Kanban reversal with Consignment Stock

The current blog is written to showcase some the above mentioned business process.


  1. Automatic Posting of Consignment Stock to Own Full HU.

The warehouse stock owner is vendor and hence its a Consignment stock.


Empty the Kanban card, automatic WT is created directly from Consignment stock to PSA .

Warehouse task directly gets created on emptying kanban card.

Detailed information of WT. WT created picking Consignment stock with picking via Full HU.

With S/4 HANA 2020, it is now possible to confirm the WT without EWM RF or with desktop transaction. In fact, directly changing the status from Empty —> Full, WT gets confirmed, stock gets posted automatically from Vendor consignment stock to own stock via 411k.

Material document & Warehouse document posted.

Warehouse & Material document. Auto posting of Consignment stock to own stock.

The PSA destination storage type should be configured for Auto stock posting.


   2. Consignment Kanban Reversal. Moving Full HU back to Original Bin from PSA .

With 2020 S/4 HANA, its possible to reverse than kanban status from Full—> Empty, move back  HU stock from PSA to source bin with creation of new WT.

There is option to reverse the Kanban, move back HU from PSA to Source bin


The moment Kanban is reversed, status changes to empty, cancellation of existing WT, and re-creation of another WT from source to PSA.

HU stock is moved to Warehouse, own stock changes to consignment stock again, and system created a new WT from WHSE to PSA for kanban replenishment.

When kanban is reversed, the stock is posted to ‘‘Own Stock” which is a system flaw. HU should be posted back to consignment stock on reversal. Please implement below SAP note for this behavior.



Limitations of Simplified kanban.

  • Process -oriented storage process control is not supported
  • Layout-oriented storage process process control is not supported either.


  • Reversal is not possible for a Kanban that contains
    1. is empty (i.e. setting it to ‘full’ again is not possible)
    2. has been confirmed via picking including a resource
    3. has been confirmed using a pick-HU
    4. contains consignment stock including serial numbers on an IM-managed PSA

Thanks for reading.

All testing is performed in S/4 HANA 2020 FPS01.


2990262 – Kanban without Stock Transfer: Error using Pick HU or moving full HU

2981713 – Kanban Reversal with Consignment Stock

2973084 – Kanban Reversal for EWM-managed PSA and full HUs


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