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Decoding Transports of Fiori Catalogs and Groups

This blog gives you a fair idea on what catalogs and Groups are captured in the transports. To give you a brief about the background  of the details, whenever a SAP Fiori consultant creates/edits a Catalog and Group, the same will be captured in a Customizing request which should be set as pre-requisites.


Post that, if we open the transport request we will be seeing only the GUID ID’s and we will never know which catalog/group is captured in this transport.


As a developer we should know what is in our transports and what we are moving up in the landscape. However, this gives a hard time for us and with the help of our SAP Mentors, we were trying to figure this out and succeeded to extent. Hope this will help others as well.

You could see the transports and some of them were tables as well, but the values you see are combinations of the following tables.

From the Transport Take the GUID ID for example let us take  the below value


I am removing the First Letter ‘A’

I am removing the last two letters ‘07’

I am left with ‘ZE01B441D482B767E0B6FD767A78EC9D’

This is the config id in the table  WDY_CONF_USER


Concatenation of USER_ID CONFIG_ID and CONFIG_TYPE is what you see in the transport request.


To find the Caltalog/ Group name , tables behind the scenes were /UI2/PB_C_PAGE or /UI2/PB_C_PAGEM

Provide the same config id in the above table /UI2/PB_C_PAGE table and you will get the Catalog/ Group name. Please check the respective config type in the table if required.



I believe this blog gives you some insights on how the transport of Fiori Catalog and Groups work.

Please share your thoughts to the community if there is other simpler ways we do have to find the same.

Thank you so much Mr. Aadhavan Raja our SAP Mentor on supporting and guiding us.

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      Author's profile photo Mio Yasutake
      Mio Yasutake

      Thanks for sharing this useful tip!

      Author's profile photo Vivekanandhan Srinivasan
      Vivekanandhan Srinivasan
      Blog Post Author

      Thank you so much Mio. Glad it was helpful to you.

      Author's profile photo Ranjit Daniel
      Ranjit Daniel

      Thanks a lot for this. What do you mean by "Please check the respective config type in the table if required." ?

      Author's profile photo Vivekanandhan Srinivasan
      Vivekanandhan Srinivasan
      Blog Post Author

      In the table usually the config type will be 07. That is what I have mentioned.

      Author's profile photo Satchithanantham Satchithanantham
      Satchithanantham Satchithanantham

      Thank you for this.

      Author's profile photo Syambabu Allu
      Syambabu Allu

      Nice info..Thanks for sharing.

      Author's profile photo Miller Lam
      Miller Lam

      So cool. What a useful tip!



      Miller Lam.

      Author's profile photo Ramzi Abdallah
      Ramzi Abdallah

      Nice Blog, thanks!

      Another question please, do you have any tips to transport all the catalogs groups to another system? Like including all catalog objects in the same transport request in one shot?