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Cost of Quality Inspection



This blog will guide to implement Cost of Quality Inspection in SAP QM. This is integration process of SAP QM with SAP Controlling module. You might need to take help of controlling consultant for some inputs.



Following are the pre-requisites:

  1. Activity type should be available (T-Code: KL01)
  2. Activity rates should be maintained (T-Code: KP26)
  3. QM should be active for the material & Inspection setup is maintained (T-code: MM01/MM02)

Note: For point 1 & 2, one can take help of controlling consultant.




This blog will guide you to implement Cost of Quality Inspection in SAP QM. As a business requirement you might come across capturing cost involve in quality inspection. I’ve tried to give detailed information how the process needs to be implemented. You can take reference of this blog to implement process as per your requirement.


Master Data


Following are the master data required throughout the process:

  • Creating & assigning QM order (QK04): This is very important step in entire process. You need to create QM order before implementing the process & same should be assigned to the material. These both the activities can be performed by T-Code QK04. Take help of your controlling consultant to get required values of Cost Centre / Profit Centre to execute the transaction.

Order Type QN01 is used for the process.

Now select the check box & click on “Assign QM order” button.

Once you do that you will find “Assign” status updated to the record.

Now, click on “Save” button. After Save, order will get created & assigned to the material. The assigned order can be checked in “Inspection Setup” by using T-code MM03.


  • Work Centre (CRQ1): Create a work center with T-Code CRQ1 & assign activity type to it. You can use formula SAP001 for the calculation purpose.


  • Inspection Plan (QP01): Create inspection plan using work center created in previous step. As soon as you enter the work center system fetches the Activity type. Here I’ve used control key ‘QM04′ as I wanted pop-up for activity confirmation on completion of result recording. You can also enter planned time required for the operation completion.

Now assign MIC (Master Inspection Characteristics) to the operations as per your requirement & Save the inspection Plan.


Activity Confirmation


Once the inspection lot is generated, to confirm the Activity, you need to perform result recording in T-Code QE51N.

Once you done with result recording, click on “Save” button & system will give a pop-up to enter the  time taken to perform the operation. Whatever time you enter here will be considered for calculation of the cost.

Provide time you have spent to perform the activity & click on ‘Continue’ button.

Now, repeat this process for all the remaining operations and confirm the activities.


Displaying Cost Report

To get the cost report you can go to transaction QA32 or QA13.Enter inspection lot number and follow below path:

Extras -> Costs -> Activity Confirmation

In this report you will get operation wise cost of the inspection.



  • By implementing this process, one will be able to get cost required for the inspection, considering all the master data are maintained properly and up-to date.
  • For the activities getting used, activity rates should be maintained by costing department timely to get accurate results.


Note: Any suggestions or modifications are always welcome so that I can include them in the post.


Happy Learning!!! 🙂

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      Author's profile photo Ansar Iqbal
      Ansar Iqbal

      This goes into cost collector. How do charge vendor for it now?

      Is there anyway to use same for Source Inspection?

      Author's profile photo Akshay Yerawar
      Akshay Yerawar
      Blog Post Author

      Hello Ansar,

      I haven't explored that part. You may take help of of costing consultant, he might guide you in this.


      Akshay Yerawar

      Author's profile photo Dharma Theja Kavuturu
      Dharma Theja Kavuturu

      Hi Akshay ji,

      You are really good in Sharing knowledge to others. This blog helped us a lot.

      Keep educating us even with a small new topic.



      Author's profile photo Akshay Yerawar
      Akshay Yerawar
      Blog Post Author

      Hello Teja,


      Thank you so much for your words of appreciation.



      Akshay Yerawar

      Author's profile photo JAYANTA KUMAR MAHANTA

      Hello Akshay,

      Nice document...!!



      Jayanta Mahanta

      Author's profile photo Akshay Yerawar
      Akshay Yerawar
      Blog Post Author

      Hello Jayanta,

      Thank you.



      Author's profile photo Sally Xu
      Sally Xu

      Hi Akshay,

      Appreciating your sharing.

      I followed it but there is no confirmation pop up during Result recording.

      1. Contrlo Key QM04- cost, IC and confirmation required.
      2. Inspection lot created after PP order GR
      3. in QE51N, I only can record result but no confirmation allowed

      Please kindly let me know what I am missing.



      Author's profile photo Akshay Yerawar
      Akshay Yerawar
      Blog Post Author

      Hello Sally,

      Can you please check "Control Key" overview screen of your inspection plan & validate the value in the field "Cnf" i.e. "Completion Confirmation" is "2 Confirmation required".



      Author's profile photo Sally Xu
      Sally Xu

      Hi Akshay,

      Thank you for your feedback.

      I checked it is the same and standard QM04 control key.

      1. when used in a different plant, confirmation can be prompted but it looks a bit different from what you showed.

      2. For the current plant, there is no confirmation. I compared the plant setting, copied work center.  Inspection lot is created.

      I can't figure out what I need to check.

      Pls kindly share with me your experience.



      Author's profile photo Annika Stührenberg
      Annika Stührenberg

      Hello Akshay,

      Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us!

      I have successfully implemented the process in the GUI. However, I would like to do the activity recording not via the QE51n or QE11, but via one of the new Fiori apps like "Record inspection results" or others . Unfortunately, I have not yet found a way to go manually to activity confirmation or to automatically receive a pop-up template. Do you know of any possibility?