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Author's profile photo Iver van de Zand

SAP Analytics Cloud, Analytics Catalog, a new opportunity to centralize and easily access all types of analytical content

Preliminary remark: To simplify reading, SAP Analytics Cloud, Analytics Catalog will be called SAC Analytics Catalog throughout the document.

SAP%20Analytics%20Cloud%20Analytics%20CatalogTo simplify how our customers today use SAP Analytics Cloud and based on the feedback over the years from our users, we continue integrating SAP Analytics Catalog features into the core of SAP Analytics Cloud capabilities. Access to analytics assets is vital and needs to be user friendly and easily accessible for everyone. We are convinced that the addition of a catalog experience in SAP Analytics Cloud is a huge benefit for business users and administrators. This change will bring a new direction and going forward we have decided to focus on SAC Analytics Catalog and discontinue new investments in SAP Analytics Hub. At the same time, we will place SAP Analytics Hub into sunset and remove it from the price list in the summer of 2021.


Customers who are running SAP Analytics Hub can be confident: SAP will respect all existing contracts and support all existing Analytics Hub customers who are not ready yet to migrate until the end of their subscription. However, at the same time we recommend these customers to evaluate and take a closer look at SAC Analytics Catalog. To minimize the impact on existing applications, our customers who wish to do so will have the option of renewing their existing SAP Analytics Hub contracts until the end of 2021.


Analytics Catalog

SAC Analytics Catalog provides a very rich set of features from content management to enriching asset metadata, easy navigation access and a great consumption experience. Inside this blog you can find more details of these capabilities:

We acknowledge that some Hub customers might find certain constraints with the custom theming, URL filtering, custom Catalog template and validation workflows because we don’t plan to target complete parity between the two solutions, but we aim to focus on active SAC Analytics Catalog customer enhancement requests in the future.


For the above use cases we consider building new enhancements in SAP Analytics Cloud. With the workflow functionality, the validation workflow will go in a two step process: Users can start by creating or enriching a story. Next Catalog administrators can take action to publish for business users to access these assets inside the Catalog.

SAP Analytics Hub customers should be informed we do not plan to invest in supporting an automated migration at this time. The layout design and asset creations would be a manual process while all links to the existing content will remain the same in SAP Analytics Cloud.

We have been asked if we plan to provide a standalone version of SAC Analytics Catalog in the future. We have currently no plans for this. Each customer who wishes to benefit from SAC Analytics Catalog innovations can do so since Analytics Catalog is by default part of their existing SAP Analytics Cloud BI, Planning Public or Private Tenant(s).

SAP Analytics Hub customers are recommended considering moving to SAC Analytics Catalog. Both SAP BI and Planning public and private edition include SAC Analytics Catalog functionality as part of the SAP Analytics Cloud core subscription license. SAC Analytics Catalog feature is tightly Integrated with SAP Analytics Cloud content management workflows. Users can connect to any external content residing in different landscapes and establish SAC Analytics Catalog as a discovery experience for all analytical content, whether SAP or not.

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      Author's profile photo Aleksey Salinin
      Aleksey Salinin

      @Iver, thanks for the blog!

      what about publishing content to Analytics Hub in BI43.

      Have plans for a similar scenario with SAC Analytics Catalog?

      Didn't see it in the roadmap.

      Author's profile photo Eric FENOLLOSA
      Eric FENOLLOSA

      Hi Aleksey,

      This is indeed on our backlog, but we don't have a committed delivery date at this stage.

      The best way to track interest from customers is to create an entry in our influence portal ( for SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform).




      Author's profile photo Abhimanyu Sharma
      Abhimanyu Sharma

      Nice Article.

      have one question : if we have around 1000 users who just need to access and view the report, and these users are not heavy users , do we need ti buy 1000 licences for SAP analytics cloud just to access the report via catalog ?

      Author's profile photo Debjit Singha
      Debjit Singha

      Concurrent licenses would be a cost saving option.



      Author's profile photo Abhimanyu Sharma
      Abhimanyu Sharma

      What do you mean by Concurrent licenses ?

      Author's profile photo Debjit Singha
      Debjit Singha

      There are two types of BI license offering available - Named and concurrent
      Say you have users distributed across the globe. Beside due to their time zone they may not require access at the same time.
      Instead of purchasing 1000 named BI licenses you can get away by buying ~10 concurrent BI license and cover entire 1000 users. Provided not more than 10 users wants to login to SAC at the same time.


      Author's profile photo Glen Leslie
      Glen Leslie

      Please check with your SAP Sales rep before planning around this approach.

      Author's profile photo Sayed Zubair D
      Sayed Zubair D

      Hey Iver van de Zand ,

      Nice blog.

      A question, is it required to have admn access to set up Catalogue and the filters there?


      Sayed Zubair

      Author's profile photo Herve KAUFFMANN
      Herve KAUFFMANN


      you need to have Admin rights to enable the Catalogue and to set up the filters. I recommend you to read the blog Deep Dive into Analytics Catalog in SAP Analytics Cloud HERE

      Author's profile photo Issam Yousti
      Issam Yousti



      Thank you for this blog post.

      Little question: Is there any export/import mechanism for the analytics catalog when working with multiple SAC tenants (dev & prod)?


      Kind regards,

      Issam Yousti

      Author's profile photo Mona Walia
      Mona Walia

      Hi Issam:

      Yes, objects published to Catalog can be transported between multiple tenants along with their metadata as per usual lifecycle management process in SAC. Please look at for details.




      Author's profile photo Martijn van Foeken
      Martijn van Foeken

      Dear all,

      Quick question regarding the Catalog: is it possible to export a list of stories which are published in the Catalog? I checked the API to retrieve the stories information but that one is not returning this information. Use case is that one of our customers would like to feed this information into their cloud MDM solution to create lineage starting with a reporting catalog all the way down to the data source elements.

      Any ideas? Eric FENOLLOSA Herve KAUFFMANN Mona Walia

      Kind regards,

      Martijn van Foeken | Interdobs

      Author's profile photo Mona Walia
      Mona Walia

      Hi Martijn:

      You are right. We currently don't have this information available in the API. You can try to reverse engineer it via the audit model we deliver as part of SAP content. Do you mind contacting me at mona.walia@? I can give more details.