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Want to Learn more about – How to manage S-User IDs and Certification!

Hello All,

Thank you for taking the time to read this blogpost!

We hope it will clear up any doubts you have about S-User IDs and SAP Certification.

SAP provides many different types of User IDs, you can find a recent blog post dedicated to this topic  SAP User IDs? What’s the Difference? Find out more here…

Now, we would like to provide you with more information on S-User ID’s that are used for Certification purposes.

Firstly, what is an S-User ID?

It is a unique identifier that allows you to login to your SAP ONE Support Launchpad to report an incident, download software, generate license keys, configure connections, and more. Your S-User ID contains the letter ‘S’ followed by numbers (e.g. S0xxxxxxxxx).

Why has my S-User ID used for my Certification now expired?

S-User ID’s belong to companies, not individuals. Independent S-User ID’s are no longer created.

Certification S-User ID’s that are not associated with any SAP customer or Partner company are no longer active/ valid and cannot be renewed or extended.

Kindly note that any Certification ID (eg: 00xxxxxxxx) will not be deleted. That is permanent.


If you are associated with SAP Customer or Partner you may get an S-User ID from your company, to access SAP Support sites.

Currently, S-User ID’s are created by the Super Administrator of the SAP Customer or Partner company that one is employed with.

With S-User Lifetime, S-User IDs associated with companies now have an “expiry date” which Super Administrators can easily extend.

You can find some useful Notes:

If you are not sure who the Super Administrator is in your company, we can help you. Please contact us at the CIC and provide your customer number, installation number or S-User ID details and we will be able to find your Super Administrator for you.

If you have an active subscription with SAP Training & Adoption or SAP Education, just like SAP Certification, SAP Learning Hub or SAP Live Access, you may follow the below steps:

  1. Create a new SAP Cloud login ID using the same email address as your S-User ID here.
  2. Send an email to containing the relevant email address. The certification team will then reassign your training access to your newly created SAP            Cloud ID.
  3. For questions related to the SAP PartnerEdge Program, including product certifications or access to, please contact your Partner Service Advisor (PSA), or send your enquiry to

To contact your local Education Teams please follow this link

Scroll to the bottom of the page as shown in the below screenshot, click on the country to select your local Education Support Team


Please note that the Customer Interaction Center is always happy to guide you on any of the mentioned processes and assist you with any queries you may have!

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Take care!

Chaitra KB CIC Team

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